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  1. Wardrobe_Fuat

    Resolved Frequent fps drops

    Summary: Fps drops alot on skala landing, baravenos and the dessert map. Though I observed a strange behavior, when I am spectating fps goes up back to 60fps. Then if I spawn, it goes down to 45-50 immediately. How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): kala landing, baravenos and the dessert ma...
  2. CptMuppet

    In Progress Mouse scroll speed depends on screen resolution and fps count.

    Summary: Mouse scroll speed increases if you get higher fps count or when you change resolution screen to some lower one, and it decreases for lower fps and higher resolutions. It happens everywhere in the game where you can use mouse scroll wheel for something, so it migh be zooming camera in...
  3. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    🏅FPS Benchmark Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord 💹 Our configurations

    Let's follow the pattern to track as much data as possible at once. And sorry for my bad english :xf-tongue: Settings The quality preset is maximum, but motion blur and grain are turned off Nvidia DLSS ON Quality 1000 units in battle, maximum sound quality (512). Test conditions OBS Studio...
  4. Need More Info Stuttering Gameplay - Low FPS

    Summary: Posting so that I have a unique URL to upload the requested data too. As many others I have stuttering gameplay during menu transitions and map movement. How to Reproduce: Multiple game points. Noticeable when rotating camera in map view and menu transitions. Have you used cheats and if...
  5. Dear TW

    Your game has been playing for a year. It's like a piece of ****. In the latest update, FPS has dropped again. I don't know how you mean optimization. I can't even think about whether you are working or barbecue in your daily work. We spent so much money to buy a piece of ****. Developers are...
  6. FPS/Frame rate Drop after new patch (again!)

    just played for the first time since new update and frame rate is almost unplayable in multiplayer. A lot of people said they were experiencing the same things on Europe servers. Are you guys seeing FPS drop too? To Talewords people - are you guys aware of this already? Is a fix being worked...
  7. chinux23

    Resolved FPS drop when tooltip is not displayed vs displayed

    Summary: FPS drops when tooltip is not displayed How to Reproduce: Move the mouse to a city and wait until tooltip shows up. After that, FPS increases to the limit 120. Without tooltip, FPS drops to 90. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU...
  8. 150vs150 battle no fps drop or stutter in custom battle but heavy drops in campaign battles.

    My battle size setting is at 300 and the battles in custom battle even with full infantry vs infantry dont drop one point below 60 fps but in campaign battles as soon as the infantry lines clash fps gets a huge hit, especially if im in the close vicinity of the clashing infantry lines (eg Im an...
  9. Bunduk

    Need More Info Native: After 5 min ingame i have fps drops and stutter!

    I just can play 5min smooth with 141fps and then it drops down to 100 fps and the campaign map camera is stuttering and the game is frezzing 1 sec! My specs: Msi Rtx 2070 Super gaming x I9 9900k 4,8ghz 32gb Ram nvme m.2 ssd 2tb any help?
  10. Resolved FPS drops with sturgian infantry

    I was doing some testing with custom battles and noticed that whenever I was commanding or facing an army of sturgian infantry the fps would tank from 50-60 fps to 10-20. This doesn't seems to happen with other armies though I did not test all of them. I play on a Ryzen 5 1600 AF with 16 gb ram...
  11. Vetrogor

    How much FPS players used to play in Pendor?

    Just wonder how much FPS players used to play in Pendor. I usually play with 25. Pendor scripts cause stuttering even at normal fps. But what if it wasn't? What is comfort FPS for players (don't take stuttering into account) ?
  12. Need More Info [1.4.2] FPS drop when rejoinig

    Summary: While playing multiplayer, whenever i join the custom Servers for TDM everything is fine, about 55-60 fps constant even with many people on the screen. After the round ends/closes and i rejoin for the next round, fps is dropped to 10-20. Restarting the whole game fixes the issue for...
  13. BinekveHınçakçı Hayranı

    Bannerlord - FPS Drop

    Merhabalar! "Geforce gtx 1050 ti + intel core i7 7700hq + 16 GB Ram" bir sisteme sahibim ve Bannerlord'da katlanılamayacak kadar fazla fps drop alıyorum. Performans ayarlarında bütün ayarlar orta seviye de (su kalitesi ve bitki kalitesi düşükte) buna rağmen fps drop alıyorum. Birde sadece...
  14. Resolved Last Patch Performance (currently old graphic card)

    So, i'm currently playing with an old graphic card since im bulding a new pc and im relying on mi procesor to play while i wait for my new GPU to arrive. For now, im surviving with some constant and playeable 30fps with everything on low. But last patch just made it unplayeable. Im sure i will...
  15. Need More Info 1050ti Drop and lag problem.

    My pc's specs is Ryzen 5 1400 GTX1050ti 8GB DDR4 Ram and my game is dropping too much. Im playing the 1.41 version. Game is not playable yet. I dont wanna wait after 8 years please fix this on first update. Thanks..
  16. Holy Shift

    I Experience Massive FPS Drop in Some Battles with Army.

    in both sieges and field battles but it doesnt occur at every battle. The only thing i noticed (unclearly) is that enemy armies were much smaller and weaker in that battles.
  17. Edarin

    Resolved Vlandian Köyündeki FPS Sıkıntısı

    Köyün ismi Etirburg, köyümü yağmalayan bir lord ile köyün içinde muharebeye girdim. Ve FPS 20 - 40 civarında seyrediyordu zira normalde 70 - 80 civarı. Çimenlerin fazlalığından mıdır bilinmez ama bu köyde savaş yapmak tam bir işkence. Performans ayarlarım "Çok Yüksek" olarak ayarlı.
  18. Holy Shift

    Heavy FPS Drop in Water

    We were attacking Amitatys. When i entered to water at the foot of the walls, i experienced a heavy fps drop. When i was out it passed. At second time siege there was no fps drop in same situation. There was a difference. Weather was snowy af first one.
  19. TheHangover

    İşlemci konusunda yardım gerekli

    Oyunu 1000 kişilik savaşlarda sıkıntısız oynayabilmek için işlemci almaya korkuyorum. Optimizasyon düzelip aldığım işlemci overkill olursa boşa almış olurum. Sahip olduğum işlemci ryzen 5 1500X'in oyun tamamen optimize olsa bile yetemeyebilme ihtimali de var.(ki pek sanmıyorum yeterli olacağını)...
  20. Sistemim bannerlord 60 fps oynatır mı?

    Alabileceğim ayarların hepsini lowa alsam bu sistemle 60 fps alabilirmiyim ? İntel i-7 4700k GTX 660 16 GB RAM
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