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150vs150 battle no fps drop or stutter in custom battle but heavy drops in campaign battles.

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My battle size setting is at 300 and the battles in custom battle even with full infantry vs infantry dont drop one point below 60 fps but in campaign battles as soon as the infantry lines clash fps gets a huge hit, especially if im in the close vicinity of the clashing infantry lines (eg Im an infantry in the formation or a cav charging to clashing infantry lines). What could be the reason of this?

Most of my settings are at low medium only textures are high and very high.

My specs are gtx 1060 6gb, i5 8600k OC 4,7 core ghz and 4,2 cache, 8gb DDR4 3200mhz OC ram. Temps are fine.
Open up task manager and check what’s being maxed out. If I had to guess, your cpu probably is probably struggling to keep up with the actions of all 300 dudes stabbing each other at once. Try experimenting with different units, maybe one of them has an issue.


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Horses effectively count twice; this might be the cause. One thing you can do is turn shadows to 'static only' and turn ragdolls down as well. Both of these will help your CPU.

Dynamic grass is also an easy win; as you probably won't notice it anyway and it will save some performance.
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