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Your game has been playing for a year. It's like a piece of ****. In the latest update, FPS has dropped again. I don't know how you mean optimization. I can't even think about whether you are working or barbecue in your daily work. We spent so much money to buy a piece of ****. Developers are playing dead. The community has already scolded you, You still pretend to be invisible, and then continue to develop your ****. Last year's online breakthrough block problem, you dragged it from August to Christmas, so most of the multiplayer players gave up the game, but you still haven't learned a lesson
@AVRC 你他妈逼 Last September, we talked about a new duel and battlefield. We started playing dead half a year later. Why don't you just go back to your hometown and play with your mother for a lifetime
Why don't you go back to your mother and ask her to punch you in the face because apparently, she didn't teach you manners


Do any one of the devs making the decisions play the multiplayer aspect of their game? The servers have been crashing almost after every game for close to a month now
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