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**********Disregard. Damage type and UI changes I was unfamiliar with*****************

Just noticed one of the parts in the mace smithing doesn't show swing blunt damage in the stats for the final weapon at the bottom. There is a bar for both swing pierce and swing blunt damage at the same time which I haven't seen before. The part has both thrust and swing damage factor as pierce. It's the Highland Spiked Club as shown in the screenshot.

I am frequently doing crafting orders so I'm pretty sure this changed after the latest hotfix.

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The recent hotfix added the red text at the bottom whenever your item doesn't meet the criteria of the crafting order. I assume the bar for blunt damage is there showing that what you're producing will have 0 blunt damage instead of the 18 requested. If you switch the mace head to something that has blunt damage, I'm assuming that the red text and second damage type bar goes away?


I was already familiar with the warning but that second bar is new for me, I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, I did some testing and noticed that the RBM mod which I was using for a while has different damage types for these weapons so I didn't get used to maces having pierce damage, I guess.

I was used to see the warning before when a polearm didn't have thrust damage.
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