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  1. Is there any reason as to why clan parties cannot initiate sieges or create armies on the campaign map?

    Exactly as the title says. This single restriction makes the possibility of a one-clan playthrough immensely frustrating as you, the clan leader, must now initiate every single siege instead of letting all of your clan members sort themselves out. I cannot think of a logical reason as to why...
  2. Player Clans Make Armies

    I'm curious why the player clan members can't make their own armies like other clans do, I know other clan leaders and some of the members can but the players clan can't only the player themselves? Just curious why it has not been implemented?
  3. Clan Unique Units / Cultural Shift Units

    Hi all, This somewhat complicated suggestion, sorry. Suggestion Cultural Shift Units: If the cultural shift is implemeted (a way for a fief to change culture after time or x thing), that units change too, but instead of having for example khuzait troops in an Imperial settlement, to have...
  4. BrokenOlive

    Changeable clan lord army composition.

    As the clan leader, wouldn't it make sense to be able to tell you're clans warbands to try and keep a certain ratio of troops? For example, I may want to use only Archers and make a companion get only Infantry while another tries to get Calvary; or any other composition. A simple short...
  5. Management of companion armies - problems and suggestions

    I am far into my playthrough at the moment and can support three companion armies of ~140 soldiers. The problem is that during wartime they join other lords armies at the immediate outset of a war, often get captured and leave my fiefs open to constant raiding. This has the effect of ruining...
  6. Zenci Musa

    Hangi Yoldaşları Yeni Partiye Atamalıyım

    Selamun arkadaşlar şu anda kendi partimin dışında 2 parti daha oluşturabiliyorum hangi yetenekleri yüksek olan bir yoldaş atamalıyım?
  7. (Uncontrollable satellites ) runaway wife

    After marrying Liena, she ran away with the squad and is completely out of control. The game simply does not have game mechanics without creating a way to reason with a rabid spouse. Me one seems that the lack of opportunities to manage the teams of their companions and spouses, this is complete...
  8. Legion of the Betrayed [LB]

    Legion of the Betrayed [LB]

    The Community has been created shortly after the release of Bannerlord. Our Community is made up by 7 Members forming a council, who have been playing the Bannerlord Beta since its launch and also have experience in various other Mount & Blade titles each with an hour count ranging from 100...
  9. 1st Hallowgarde Clan

    1st Hallowgarde Clan

    Come Join us our discord is
  10. [SUGGESTION] Commands and Orders

    Hi all, I been playing and would be nice if we could command people in our clan when they have a party. Simple commands like: Patrol this fief (castle/towns) and it's towns. Raid this fief (chose target) Start recruitment (till he/she fills it's party) Defense this fief (Harrison in castle /...
  11. MrKentaki

    Klan Partisi Sıkıntısı

    Arkadaşlar oyunda krallık kur veya bir krallığa bağlılık yemini dediği görevde ben bir krallığa yemin etmek istemedim klan seviyemi 2 yaptım ve bir klan üyesine parti kurduk ben bu şekilde 3-4 parti kurup şehir ve kale kuşatmak istiyorum fakat kralliklarda olduğu gibi nüfuz gibi bir şey yok...
  12. Resolved (Missing feature) Can't lead clan members in an army when not in a kingdom?

    Good afternoon everyone, So my problem is this. If you want to start your own faction, you need to take over a castle or a town right. But seeing how every castle or town has minimum 150-200 troops guarding it (with few exceptions), you need to be at clan tier 4 minimum (which allows you to...
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