Is there any reason as to why clan parties cannot initiate sieges or create armies on the campaign map?

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Exactly as the title says. This single restriction makes the possibility of a one-clan playthrough immensely frustrating as you, the clan leader, must now initiate every single siege instead of letting all of your clan members sort themselves out. I cannot think of a logical reason as to why this mechanic is locked off to clan parties..

Also, since creating armies among clan members costs zero influence, why can't clan parties do it amongst themselves? Why is this mechanic only restricted to other lords but not the lords within the players clan?

I propose that at least allowing clan parties to siege would be reasonable, because as they are right now they are almost useless to have as all they seem to do is patrol your territory and engage with looters/bandits, and won't initiate any sort of aggressive behaviour against kingdoms you are at war with even if you have set their behaviour to 'aggressive'.

The 'aggressive' behaviour description even implies that clan parties can initiate sieges, but they do not do anything of the sort. Make it make sense please. Considering that clan parties cost a huge amount at the clans expense, they should at the very least be more useful.
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