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Would you like noble titles displayed in the game?

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I would love to see Titles brought back like in Warband.

Apart from the cool factor there's an beneficial aspect to characters having a title to signify rank. It easily conveys information.
How I would Implement it:
Every Leader of a clan gets a title depending on the Culture of their faction and their Clan Rank.

For example:
Rank Three Clan
Baron, Tribune,Bey ,Cherbi ,Laird, Thane

Rank Four Clan
Count, Comes or Legatus, Emir,Noyan ,Tanist or Earl ,Jarl

Rank Five Clan
Duke, Doukas or Consul or Archon, Caliph,Khan ,Chief,Boyar

Faction Ruler
King, Emperor or Caesar, Sultan, Yekhe Khagan, High King, Grand Prince

Mercenaries Clan Leaders - Dependant on Merc Culture
Captain, Lochagos,Khushdashiya ,Darga, Warlord, Hersir

Other that the cosmetic aspect, this gives you immediately some useful info, without having to open the Encyclopedia, like Clan Rank and if the character leads a clan.
I really hope something like this gets introduced to the game.
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