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The characters seem to lack.... Character.
I remember personally hating other nobles, and having multiple campaign spanning feudes with certain countries. Which is why I think most people were excited for the increase in notable characters, as it meant more to interact with. But those characters don't exist. All the nations are the same, same troops slightly changed. You can determine character traits by their "last name" and those traits don't change how you interact with anybody.

I think taleworlds could stand to review the moddb downloads pick the top 5 most utilized mods, and have everything else the game needs, QoL, UI, balancing, and feature wise. But the characters at the least need to come from Taleworlds. The *lore* needs to come from Taleworlds. Taleworlds spent a lot of time hyping up the notables world building, and I think subconsciously it's this that people realize as missing. Warband was a foot wide, but a mile deep. Bannerlord is two miles wide, but an inch deep.
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