Dungeon capacity?

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I'm having a hard time fitting a couple of enemy lords into friendly dungeons, yet the AI manages to cram 29250 billion bums into a single dungeon. What?


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Yeah the AI is allowed to jam everything into the dungeon, including into your dungeon, overflowing it... so if you had special troops in it to recruit later.... now you don't. If you have a clan party in an army with you, you could transfer the lord into their prisoners and re-enter town they can cram them in there too. I not sure if over full prison effect lords escaping though. The normal troops will be deleted each day when over filled though, I think it's just like 30% or over full every day but I'm not sure. Not sure if this benefits the owners at all.... probably not. It's pretty lame.


Another stupid unfair fact : AI can fill dungeons up regardless of their capacity. The player, him, must bear the rules of dungeon capacity, which is a pain to unload even lords….
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