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    List of ideas

    what i have experienced with the hideouts is that you get the first 10 units in order from top to bottom from the party menu. for example i have all my companiosn at the top of the list and then my different cav units. so when i gon into a hideout i get all my companions but i get more than one type of cav unit even if i have a bunch of the same cav unit that goes right after my last companion in the list. i dont know if im explaning myself hhahahaha

    would love to see that armor crafting and being able to create either your smith mark or decorate your armor, shields and wepons woud be awwwsomeeeeeee! im also getting really tired o fighting recruits. i had one of my best battles yesterday y was a very long one had to use a lot of strategy. and guess what there were baerly any recruits. the battle system in this game is great but its being destroyed by lords having to many recruits. they should be able to imrove relations with village people so that they can get access to the good units the have.
    Thats what i thought too but i tried that but i kept getting units that were near the bottom too.. like recruits or weak archer units that i didnt want in the fight.Lost more then one bandi fight in a hideout cuase of that. and i agree battles with less recruits are amazing to fight, and require more then a spam charge, had one my self where i sent my footmen in close, archers behind, so the infantry could sheild wall and draw the ranged fire, sent my cav behind them and then charged in my horse archers. once the enmy counter charged, in went my cav, lost only 3 troops in a 80 v 140 battle. i was panicing the entire time XD

    I like all of these.
    I heartily agree that the "unique" mercenary/clan units should be more widely recruitable.
    I would also like the "patrol" mechanic.
    Other things that I would like to add:

    *changing troop trees, that a faction could vote on
    --> I feel that this would make the game more replayability. For example, Valandia could switch from having crossbow ranged units to bows

    *"Custom" unique troop line for your clan
    ---> once you reach a high enough clan rank, you could have you own customizable troop line. You get 4 different tiers of troops, and with each tier you get "x" amount of points to spend on that troop's skills/gear. Then those troops are recruitable from a notable in your town, same as regular troops.
    on the changing troop tree part i feel that would make things a mess personaly? but its a good idea . But i LOVe the customizable troops idea . i want that so bad and i want them to not be ****e XD
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    Bug siege: odokh

    Found a bug while sieging odokh. Te siege tower glitched and got stuck on the wall itself.
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    Create your own kindom Units

    +1 This would make me fall in love even more with taleworlds
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    List of ideas

    Im nearing 200 hours in this game on the singleplayer campaign and through playing ive come up with multiple ideas for the game to enhance its replay value, fixing issues ive encountered or annoyances ive encountered. So ill begin listing them in a full post here, some of you might have seen...
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    Suggestion. Make training grounds the new main source of training, especially for recruits. Add recruiters and patrols in the game.

    Make the new main source of training - training fields in fiefs. And add recruiters in the game. AI lords are busy making their job too much.

    Training fields are already in the game, but they should become more effective in general, especially for low tier troops and the best way to gain EXP for recruits. Training fields should be even more effective than fighting for recruits.
    Than the higher the tier, the less EXP the troops gain.

    Mods, which partly realize the ideas of training outside the battles and training fields , and which can be easily implemented in the game.
    Also you can't spam the training (72 hours cooldown between training) and troops even get wounded, but don't die, so it's already very good and will not become an exploit.
    Different. Garrison improvements lets towns and castles recruit their prisoners into their garrisons. It also allows you to set how much bonus xp your garrison will receive from your Training Field building. Garrisoned troops that get upgraded will also send the cost of their upgrade to the clan leader.

    Mod "recruiter", which can be easily implemented in the game too.
    Also a recruiter mod, but a very different one. Not what I was thinking about. But of course an option.

    It's sensible to add an ability to hire patrols in the game too. Also easy to implement.
    Mod "BuyPatrols"

    Some reasons how it would help and help a lot.
    Automation of the recruiting and training
    processes, which is useful all of the time, but especially in the late stages of the game. Recruiters recruit recruits and take them to the fief where they will be trained on training grounds without player's/lord's help.
    There will be no more naked armies, unless an army is in a hurry to fight with someone. No more wandering around only to recruit some dirty villagers, lords have other important things to do.
    Partly can solve the snowball effect - now both AI lords and human player will have to wait a bit for recruited villagers to become more effective, instead of always attacking with useless recruits.
    If you want, you may risk losing potential nice soldiers by taking them in the fight without armor and skills, but it's better to wait until their training is over.
    Also it's more realistic and logical. Fits into the system.
    Easy to implement in the game.

    UPD. Why it is logical and how it can look like. Training grounds tiers can be like this:
    1. You hire a sergeant, who drills garrison troops. Gives max EXP to recruits and a little to everyone else, like stated above. The higher the tier, the less EXP the troops gain.
    2. You add a major, who adds EXP gain to everyone.
    3. You add a retired general, who can give more EXP even to experienced elite troops.
    Also in a perfect situation all this needs to be paid from the start and maintained in process.
    Suggestion. Building in towns and castles is way too fast and free. Maintenance.
    But at least it can do without more complexity for now.


    UPD. Some of my other threads, which are not exactly connected with this topic, but can make this game better in one way or another:
    Tools to balance food and prosperity. Detailed suggestions for food shortages.
    Build your own fief with future upgrades. Detailed.
    Capitals/all fiefs with unique buildings and additional opportunities.
    Suggestions. Maths and Winter attrition for balance. Detailed explanation
    Hideout difficulty. A possible solution, both if you like or hate them. Detailed.
    I whole heartedly agree on this point, I even suggested making use of hte training grounds and the idea of being able to upgrade them is even better! +1
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    Khuzait are op

    I don't have problems with field battles vs. the AI. Horse archers are OP though.

    My problem with Khuzait is that the prevalence of cavalry in their forces allows them to pick and choose nearly every battle they face and they're good at sieges too. Their economy is extremely strong and theitr start position is also extremely strong. They have an extremely safe to defend territory and are up against weak factions who can't deal with horse archers. Then again I posted this in the first post and apparently some didn't read it.
    it was read, And i do agree on they have a good economy, and a rather safe location, each way to them has a town near it so its easy to bottle neck. They are moddled after the mongol hordes which used cav intensive armies so its themeaticly correct. And good at seiges? defense maybe m they suck attacking,ive taken a 100 strong khuzait army up against a 130 empire castle, while my archers did damage to their numbers, when they ran out of arrows, and my forces tried to take the wall, the lack of decent close quarters weapons and units ment my forces got beaten hard. but in a defence.. those spears, lances, and bows make it hard to take things from them at the same time unless you got crossbows and lost of sheild using units
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    Khuzait are op

    I've seen them lose once in probably 20+ starts. Data collected by others confirms them as one of the strongest factions.

    If you seriously think Khuzait is one of the weakest factions in the game then you're really delusional.
    multiple people here have had easy time with the khuzait. It all depends on how the ai works in YOUR game. in my game the batannians. sturgians, and south empire get brutalized easily. the khuzait some tiems snow balls, and others gets picked on by the aserai. the only two constnat large kingdomes i normaly have by day 700 is vlandia and aserai. but others have diffrent kingdomes . it is allllll RNG. its random
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    Khuzait are op

    Khuzaits and Sturgians are by far the weakest two factions in this game. Both get destroyed early on in every playthrough I did so far, the Sturgians being normally the first to go. Rebalancing those two factions should be the focus of the devs for future patches. Vlandia, the Empire, the Battanians and even the Aserai are pretty much on a completely different level.
    See for me its sturgia and the south empire Every time, they get battered hard. and its normaly vlandia that wipes out sturgia and the khuziat that wipes out the south empire.
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    Khuzait are op

    the aseria ironically are bad in deserts because its mostly open field and archers destroy them before their infantry even reachs you they become easier than looters in deserts...
    but if they reached u in imperial lands ooof ya would be hard to deal with
    agreed, archers can shred them, but if your using a cav heavy army or try to martch your infantry in first, their mass of spear units shreds you like tissue paper on sand paper, its bad XD
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    Khuzait are op

    Please nerf this stupid faction. Horse archers are insanely OP in battle and there's no way to reliably catch them on the campaign map or outrun them. They are all kinds of dumb, and the fact that you kill them and they respawn with horse archers and just merge right up into another freight train army is just plain stupid. Every playthrough means I need to rush to the Northern Empire as a merc and help them to stop Khuzait from snowballing. I should've written this playthrough off when Khuzait stealth-sieged Myzea right before Northern Empire peaced out. I knew it was doomed.

    Their start location and geography are 100% safe, their economy is possibly the strongest, their units are the strongest, their abilities are the strongest, etc. etc. etc. Tired of playing whack-a-mole against these guys. Just had Monchug declare war and be on my doorstep sieging with a 1300-man army in less than two days (oh, and horse archers are OP in sieges too). C'mon.

    Originally I wanted to play as them then I realized it's just EZ-mode so now I have to do everything I can to eradicate them.

    I won't even get into ancillary buffs like not having to worry as much about influence or food because they spend so much less time marching.

    Typical scenario: Khuzait declares war. Rush back to towns and castles and see where the stealth freight train of 1000 horses arrives. Go there and hope you're there in time. They pack up and leave and outrun you unless the AI runs into a corner. Now they are sieging somewhere else on the other side of the map. Well, write that one off. Rinse and repeat.
    While i do have them get op quiet often. the khuzait have 3 big weaknesses that ive seen. Empire archers Rip them apart if you got enough, palatine ( palpatine? ) archers can knock them down easily in number, crossbows work well to for taking out their mounts. Lance/spear cav can hurt them alot to. Spearmen of course is obvious,a line of spearmen would be able to take down a full charge but horse archers dont full charge. Sheild wall and circle formation, This makes horse archers near useless untill you break formation, this has been my go to tactic for dealing with them when i have to fight them. now if you want a faction that is STUPID . The aserai. They have such a heavy number of spear units early that its near impossible to foot battle or seige them even with superior numbers. I was part of a southern empire army, 700 strong, seiging a 300 strength castle.. They destroyed us taking only 200 losses. their spearmen shredded everyone cause they could mass jab. and in a feild battle its even worse cuase they can just jabby jabby. But thats just my opinion. and to each their own.

    I have played them before and i will agree horse archers make the game easy, And if you know how to micro manage them, you can use a group of 40 horse archers to decimate anything they come across
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    What the F happened with this patch?!

    My positive conspiracy theory is that that they want people to go around breaking things, instead of farming money. It's not that hard to make money anyway.
    I mean... its a possiblity
    i mean hell they could want people to test other means of making money. Right now tournaments are agrivating me, at first i got like 1.6k if i bet on all the rounds. now i get liek.. 600 per tourney. which barely covers my expenses
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    What the F happened with this patch?!

    Oops... no, not at all. I mean your content. It's such an honest and kind comment. The smiley isn't unhappy, if that confuses you. It's a pensive smiley, a contemplative or reflective one. I like what you wrote, if more people would be that kind and self-reflective the internet would be a better place...
    To be honest i try to treat people how i wanna be XD some times i come off as .. a bit of a bugger but for the most part i try to be kind to people XD just who i am.
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    What the F happened with this patch?!

    *Sigh* - Why are such comments so rare these days? Probably the best lines of text in the whole forums... 😔
    XD if your referring to my spelling, I'm sorry, I type fast and the keyboard cant keep up some times
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    What the F happened with this patch?!

    My issue is that they're giving us fewer and fewer ways to play the game with each patch. We HAD all these options the day of release, but they take them away one by one for no apparent reason.

    What if I don't feel like battling lords one day? The game was advertised as having a lot more options than just that. As has already been mentioned, there is something lacking in combat right now and the pacing of the game is so inconsistent that there is a complete lack of continuity between the different parts. And besides, if the shop denar count is as limited as everyone is saying, battling suddenly got a lot less profitable too because there's a limit to how much you can sell. Especially when the armor tends to sell for more than the weapons, but unlike the weapons you can't do anything with them in the smithy.

    So I don't always feel like dealing with the fast-paced conquer game. When it goes that fast nothing you do feels meaningful or impactful, and it's completely at odds with the slow pacing they seem to be trying to push, like the grindy hell that is the also unfinished Smithing system. I had plenty of money but it wasn't fun. The time before when I just went around setting up workshops and trade routes in Khuzait territory without even serving as a mercenary, slowly building up relations with notables to get to better recruits and relations with nobles my character could get along with was far more enjoyable.

    I haven't found anything particularly challenging about the game, even on full Realistic. But I really don't find it all that entertaining when the apparent answer for why changes are being made is for us to do things the same way every single playthrough. No replay value whatsoever in that.

    As for the bit about getting changes by saying things here, I've seen the same things said over and over and over that are huge issues, like perks not working as an example, and they don't get touched because they're too busy making other changes that remove the good things they had in at the start. I have no idea who they're listening to, but they're listening to the wrong people. They're doubling down on shoving an absolutely atrocious 'main quest' down our throats and pushing us to play along that quest line even though they haven't even finished it yet, which makes no sense whatsoever.

    Was even going to start posting a story. Was invested in the game enough to put the time into it. But the changes gutted the entire playstyle.

    The Grumpy Hermit moniker is usually a joke, but TW has certainly made it a reality with their completely thought-free approach to EA.

    The beauty of these games has always been in what one can create from it. Whether it's a kingdom, a legacy, a mod, 'took an arrow to the knee' jokes and memes, doesn't matter.

    Sure, it's EA, but that doesn't mean stories can't be written. So I'm going to throw the main quest out the window, as well as all the ideas of what we SHOULD be doing with the game, to just have some fun with a playthrough.

    I will at least give you my starting choices, for as much as they matter. The last choice became a bit grim, but I really am hoping for some comic relief when I write. It's also not in my typical writing style because I just went with what they used in the character creator and I only wanted to buck against authority so much. You'll see what I mean when you get there.

    These choices give us 2 Vigor, 2 Control, 3 Endurance, 3 Cunning, 5 Social, and 3 Intelligence.

    10 Bow, 10 Riding, 10 Tactics, 30 Charm, 30 Leadership, 10 Trade, 10 Steward, 10 Engineering.

    1 in Generosity, Honesty, and Honor.(which I know the game will quickly lose, but it's there)

    Considering what I have planned for this little story, some of that makes no sense at all, but it's my story to write and Baichar's to tell.

    Culture: Khuzaits

    You were born into a family of Merchants.
    Your family came from one of the merchant clans that dominated the cities in eastern Calradia before the Khuzait conquest.

    As a child you were noted for your leadership skills.
    If the wolf pup gang of your early childhood had an alpha, it was definitely you.

    Growing up, you spent most of your time with your tutor.
    Your family arranged for a private tutor and you took full advantage, because books are more fun than people since you got bored with bossing around the other kids.

    As a youngster growing up in Calradia, war was never too far away. You rode with the scouts.
    You were a good enough rider that your neighbors pitched in to buy you a small pony and a good bow so that you could fulfill their levy obligations. And because they were cheaper than all the books you kept wanting.

    Before you set out for a life of adventure, your biggest achievement was that you treated people well.
    Yours wasn't the kind of reputation that local legends are made of, because books help you understand people but also make you less inclined to DEAL with people. Being polite is often the best way to escape. and your siblings survived the raid because the gods/devs deemed it to be so and I HATE THIS CHOICE BECAUSE MOST OF THE OPTIONS GIVE SKILL POINTS TO SOMETHING I DON'T WANT. So I picked 'you organized the travelers to break out' but I'm using all of them and saving little Jatu and Alte as well to spite said gods/devs.

    In the confusion of the attack you shouted that someone had found treasure in the back room. You then made your way toward the undefended entrance with your siblings, motioning for the other travelers to follow while carefully avoiding the pools of blood around the bodies of the first people the raiders had killed. Your parents.

    You grabbed the enormous and still-bloody knife the bandit leader had stabbed into a tabletop to make his point about the futility of resistance. A good thing, too, because the entrance was not quite undefended. Outside you came, literally, face-to-face with a raider sentry. It was not until you rammed your stolen knife into his heart that you realized he was, like you, of the Khuzait.

    The man's eyes widened, but he had no strength left for more than that. The others ran out behind you as you stared into his eyes, and he managed a weak cough. Then he fell. Loudly.

    A shout from inside the building stirred everyone to frenzied action. A couple women screamed. Your elder brother, Nusun, grabbed the sentry's bow and quiver and thrust them against your chest. "Hold them off while we get the horses!" he hissed out, as if out of breath.

    Training from time with the scouts took over. You whirled around with the bow, drew a trio of arrows from the quiver as it fell to the ground, and put the first one in the air in the span of a couple heartbeats. One raider dove behind the inn's counter. The next, barely through the doorway from the backroom, stared with the same wide-eyed shock as the sentry...until the arrow pierced his eye and snapped his head back.

    The next arrow lodged in the wall right behind the counter to keep the first raider down, and with the last you snagged a loose sleeve on another one peeking around the doorway. You knelt to retrieve more arrows, pausing long enough for someone to peek and sending them back to cover with another arrow.

    The tactic would only work for so long and you knew it. Rather than giving them time to plan a counter, you picked up the quiver and ran to the burning stable, where Nusun waited with your sister Alte in the saddle with him. Your youngest brother, Jatu, waited for you on another horse. "Where are the others?" you yelled up at Nusun as you swung up to sit behind Jatu. Your brother was eleven and well capable of handling a horse, even one that could smell blood and smoke.

    "Scattered in a panic. We ca-"

    Whatever he was about to say was lost to you, as you let fly with another arrow toward the first raider to run out of the inn. You recognized him as the one who dove behind the counter, out of the way of your first shot. He dove out of the way of this one too, and came out spitting out curses and dust.

    By that time, dust was all that could be seen of you and your siblings, but the raider's shout chased you. "I'll find you, boy!"

    Your answer was immediate, but only heard in the confines of your own head.
    I look forward to it, you silently swore to those who had murdered your parents.
    I owe you an apology as i came off as a bit of a ****, I enjoy the game.. i know things are bad for it right now cause i made use of the caravans. always ran with atleast 2 before i came a lord. THis run through ? no caravan for me, keeping money was a pain in the ass but i managed till i got a feif. as for making your own story.. thats something i loved about the first game. and while i kinda like the main quest.. i hope when they fully finish it, it lets you make the story go where you want.. like say your sibilings die some how nad you and your brother become bandits to take revenge on the lords that wage non stop wars that forced your family to flee , or you become a mercenary band bent on hunting down and destroying every raiding, marauding peice of bandit filth in the land. IF they pull it off like im sure we all know they are capable of, it will be amazing. I do agree that the caravan nerf was incredibly heavy handed. It could have been handled SO better, make them earn less or maybe slower. but not make it so freaking looters can wipe a caravan out on their own. thats just a shot in the jewels. Personaly i feel they will revert these once they have a better idea what they wanna do with it.

    As for the backstory of your cahracter, I love it XD as a roleplayer and a fan of dnd, I appluade the creativity you had there. and i think i may do soemthing like that my self once i finish my current run, maybe post the story once a day as i go like journal entries for my character... might be alot of fun. Either way im sorry for how i came off in the previous post. i need to learn how to word my **** better XD
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    Training Grounds

    spend money and wait for rank up basic military
    or retrain you troop and change rank up
    or train with your army or your companion
    would be an interesting idea , but the cost to retrain would have to be quite high so people couldnt abuse it
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