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Twilight of Chivalry

Twilight of Chivalry is an ambitious Multiplayer mod project for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Built by veteran Multiplayer developers and players, Twilight of Chivalry aims to be the ultimate medieval Multiplayer experience.

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Twilight of Chivalry

Twilight of Chivalry is an ambitious Multiplayer mod project for Mount & Blade: Warband. Built by veteran Multiplayer developers and players, Twilight of Chivalry aims to be the ultimate medieval Multiplayer experience in both large-scale events and a competitive environment, tailored for and by the community and clans. The mod takes place in western and central medieval Europe in the time period 1390-1420. The primary scope of the mod includes an atmospheric depiction of the historical setting, expanded gameplay features, a hybrid of preset and online equipment characters and a big focus on integrating clan-oriented features into the mod ranging from banners, customisation, clan wars to an online seasonal metacampaign.


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An overview of our goals.

  • Western and central medieval Europe during the transitional period of 1390-1420. The first mod release will focus on the Hundred Years War and the factions of Brittany, Burgundy, England and France. With continuous mod updates we will continue introducing various European states, from Iberia and Italy to the Holy Roman Empire and beyond.
  • New architecture and props.
  • New maps for competitive and events.
  • Alternate between weapon modes(piece/blunt/cut) on multipurpose weapons.
  • Carry your clan standard into battle.
  • Taunt your enemies and cheer.
  • Sound your horns and trumpets.
  • Open/close your helmet visors.
  • Introduction of early firearms.
  • (Later) Build and fortify as an engineer.
  • (Later) Man and fire cannons.
Online characters and customization - build your soldier
  • The mod features both customizable online characters and preset classes.
  • Players earn gold by playing the mod and scoring objectives(kills, assists), which they can spend on an online store to equip their characters from a pool of hundreds of items. There are no limitations - only your imagination(and gold).
  • Preset classes exist for organised large-scale events and campaigns.
Visuals & UI
  • Vibrant and colourful environment and flora, outer terrains.
  • Many new UI quality of life improvements.
Clans & Community
  • In-game clan banners
  • Online metagame campaign
    • Online map of the current area of Europe represented by in-game factions, and clans swearing allegiance to factions.
    • Daily large-scale battles contribute to faction strength.
    • Recorded campaign and battle statistics, kills, losses, gains.
    • Seasonal resets with major updates adding new factions to the mod.
  • Clan wars with extensive statistics
    • Clans compete for 'power rankings' on a permanent ladder, as well as in-game rewards.

Early Screenshots(Work in Progress)





A multinational group of experienced Warband modders.
🇭🇷@Marko͘ - Game programming, web programming
🇳🇱@Dekkers - Scening, banners
🇳🇱@BNS Mαrk - 3D art
🇫🇷@Roudrac - 2D art, research

Interested in helping? We're always looking for:
  • Sceners
  • Animators
  • 3D Artists
  • Capable web developers & MBScript programmers

FAQ & Important Links
Forum group

- Deeds of Arms and Chivalry development team for letting us use their assets, and a lot of technical help, this mod wouldn't have been possible without them
- Vengeful for organising a test group
- Taleworlds Forum Modding Discord for answering my questions and being very supportive
- krex for his invaluable advice
- dstn/SupaNinjaMan for his banner wave shader
- Somebody for his enormous patience with answering my silly questions
- Spitfireboy for helping out with textures
- Suspicious_Man, Bing_Razer, Estogamo, Mano, KickingJoub, Tomkin for letting me use their event scenes
- jon01, schubertt, Alyss, Deacon Barry for help with identifying competitive maps

Credits & OSPs
- Gotha's Adimi tools
- Viking Conquest development team for some MP source code
- Crusader: A Way to Expiation development team
- Sclavinia development team
- Sayazn - @Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James
- Persistent Kingdoms development team
- Battle of Europe development team
- Bear Force II development team
- Polished Landscapes
- Cinematic Compilation - Doma_
- Wook’s Warband 2016 (Modern Graphics Overhaul) - Wook
- Nemeruis - Firearm assets
- Somebody for his customisation OSP
- Mount & Blade Modding Contest Scenes - Various Authors (Gokiller, Alpha, Silen, Le Profyteur, Icequatius, Suspicious_Man)
- Wooden Scene Props Pack 1.2 - Adorno
- Highlander OSP - Yamabusi
- The Historic Lords Project - thick1988
- Terrain & Landscaping OSP - Beefbacon
- Warband UI Retexture - Rohzdear
- Map Icons Pack - Slawomir of Aaarrghh
- Tavern Animation Pack - Slawomir of Aaarrghh
- Skyboxes - ShaunRemo
- Narf's Plate Armour Pack - Narf of Picklestink
- Overhaul of weapons2.dds - Leonion
- Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack - Narf of Picklestink
- Medieval armor sets - Maroon/The Full Invasion team
- medieval helmet pack - dejawolf
- Narf's Transitional Armour Pack - Narf of Picklestink
- Face Improvement Project - Iboltax
- Al Mansur packs - Al-Mansūr
- 1429 outer terrain - FantasyWarrior
- The Last Days (some textures and scripts) - The Last Days team
- Lucas's weapons - Lucas_the_Benevolent
- Lucas' OSP Weapons II - Lucas_the_Benevolent
- Medieval and Renaissance weapons - Lucas_the_Benevolent
- Highlanders models - Yamabusi
- Battlefield Priests for Calradia - Yamabusi
- iggorbb LSP - iggorbb
- Pino's armor pack - pino69
- Heraldic knight armor - bogmir
- Shredzorz's OSP stuffs - Shredzorz
- Late Western Medieval Helmets - thick1988
- Sonyer's pack - sonyer
- Open Source Project - Weapons - RR_Raptor65, The Pope, James and Luigi
- 1.3 Yiyang Chen's new faces textures - Yiyang Chen
- 15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armour Pack - LordBaraban
- Grim Age - Furok and Grim Age team
- Swadian Interregnum 1387 - thick1988
- Scabbards - Charles de Tonkin
- Sword Textures - Antonis
- Woelfie - open/close helmet script
- Native competitive mappers - Jeannot, Mia, Noxx, Arch3r, Thunderon, Sphere, Azan, Stubbs, Stuboi, Ryurk, Oliveran, Kern, Mitchell, CmK, Zaffa, Firunien, Reggae, Erminas, schubertt, Black Dead

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