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My suggestion is as follows:
  1. Only focus points control the learning limit and learning rate of a skill. Earlier focus points give less increases to learning limit and learning rate than later ones. Learning rate does not decrease as you level, or decreases much more slowly than it currently does. Just as an example, not intended to be a final thing:
    • First focus point: learning limit of 25, learning rate 1
    • Second focus point: learning limit of 75, learning rate 2
    • Third focus point: learning limit of 150, learning rate 4
    • Fourth focus point: learning limit 225, learning rate 7.5
    • Fifth focus point: learning limit 330, learning rate 12
  2. Attribute points control the potency of the skill effects. Each attribute point under 5 would give the player a penalty, and each point over 5 would give a bonus. 5 attribute points would make skills have the same potency as they do currently. For example:
    • Each attribute point under 5 would give a 10% penalty to the skill.
    • Attribute points from level 6 and onwards would grant a bonus, though smaller so it doesn't compound to an extremely high number with the level 275 perks, so for example, a 5% bonus per attribute point.
    • Currently, each level in one handed gives 0.07% swing speed and 0.15% damage per level.
    • At level 150 this translates to 10.5% faster swing speed and 22.5% bonus damage. This would be the value for 5 vigor.
    • At vigor 1, you would suffer a 40% penalty, reducing the bonus swing speed to 6.3% and the bonus damage to 13.5% at level 150 one handed.
    • At vigor 10, you would recieve a 25% bonus, increasing the bonus swing speed to 13.125% and the bonus damage to 28.125% at level 150 one handed.
This way, characters can learn more skills but still need to commit a high number of focus points to get high level perks, namely still needing 5 in order to get the max level perks/skill levels.

However, in spite of levels being more easily attainable, characters won't be as proficient in every skill they put 5 focus points on since without investing the appropiate amount of attribute points they'll suffer large penalties. As such, characters will be able to unlock perks more easily but won't have all the advantages of a high level skill without proper character creation.

Taking as an example an end game character, assuming level ~32 because of how slow leveling gets after, you have (I think) 44 focus points and 14 attribute points.
This means you can at most max out 8 skills and have a 9th one with 4 focus points. With only 14 attribute points, you can get at least all attributes to 4 and only two attributes to 5, meaning that being a jack of all trades character would still be sub-optimal.

On the other hand, with the current character creation, at level 32, you can only get 2 attributes to 7 points, which is the minimum required for level 275, meaning that you can at most get the max level perk of 6 skills, and those 6 skills have to be governed by at most 2 different attributes. This isn't bad for attributes like intelligence or maybe social since you're likely to want to max at least 2 skills of those attributes, however, for vigor and control they are extremely redundant because usually you don't care about maxing more than one melee and one ranged skill. This means that using up attribute points in vigor and control reduces your options to max other skills, which hinders every aspect of the game that isn't combat.


That's about it, just an idea to make character creation a lot less awkward and convoluted and more intuitive for the player, with less wasted space, overall providing a more satisfying experience.

Either way, I know this is far from perfect, and that we're probably too late to have any major changes on how the attributes/focus points system works, but just some food for thought. I really feel that the character system needs more work, right now it's not exactly bad but it could be so much better.



I prefer warband because allowed player to do very good skill in all kind easier rather than one skill but many bad area, but I think that lower level is too limited, like one forced should be allow at least 50 skill, not less. higher skill is already too slow, it's take forever to grow 250 at least, but early level, seem reasonable, Some people like to go faster, and not want slow snail leveling due depend on player's idea what fun and what is not fun. Some player like slow, some people like faster.

But I do wish leveling do rework, like one force should allow at least 50 skills, not 25. and higher skill should little bit faster learning as it's already I felt it's take forever to level trade skill 200 to 300 without using those sell horse/mule thing.
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