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Please, pretty please with sugar on top, can you bring back the matchmaking from before Ranked.

It's been over a year since I've been able to play a 6 v 6 skirmish with randoms. I decided to go queue today, after not bothering for almost a year, and after 15min I had the luck of the ages and managed to get into a game, twice no less. These were 2v2 games, where my 3k+ hrs a** was teamed with and pitched against some players with no where near as much experience, making it a walk in the garden, not even the park. In the second match, I played MA on one of the rounds with my colleague, and after getting "outted" my colleague left the game, leaving me in a 2v1. This was still a walk in the garden, even with the two trying to play flags against me. I understand there is a dedicated discord for some tryhard skirmishing, but sometimes I just want to play a chilled skirmish without some tryhards ragers crying about their mmr and having 0 patience for new players or players trying to play a class they aren't good at so they can practice.

I don't know if it's because you don't have anyone actively trying to play skirmish, or if for some reason you do and they have some kind of lottery winning RNG where they find 6v6 matches on a regular basis, but it's pretty much impossible for a player like me to find a good old 6v6 skirmish with some randoms.

As a result, I can no longer farm badges, which personally, was a lot more fun than farming for rank spots. I also find it is a big shame for new players, as Skirmishing with randoms when I first bought the game is how I actually got good at it. Yes there is TDM and Siege, but these tend to be projectile simulators with little room to gain any valuable experience, apart from becoming a throwing god.

I know there are multiple topics on this already and apologise for yet another repost of the same topic, but scrolling through them I don't find any information that you have an interest, and don't want to post my essay at the back of a seemingly dead thread.

So I guess what a player like myself is wanting to know, is do you have any intent on addressing this, and if not, why?

Do you find the ranked system to be suitable?

Would you like players to shift from official servers to custom servers?

Do you find that no matter what decision you make there will always be a group complaining, and therefore have opted to leave things as is?

These are all recurring questions that I think many of us would appreciate the answer to.
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Dude, same here. It's so freakin annoying. I loved those skirmish matches more than anything in any game I've ever played. I have over 2300 hours on Bannerlord, and waited for YEARS for it to come out. And now they just ignore. Like wtf? Seriously?! And now there's that stupid discord full of crybabies telling you exactly how you should play and raging, then getting offended and banning you when you say something back. When I played skirmish on my own, there was no one to tell me, a veteran, how I'm supposed to play the game I'm so good at. And it was a lot more fun too tbh, cause there were no restrictions on how many players of each class you can use f.x., and you never knew if you would match with complete noobs or other veterans. I can't believe they ruined the best part of this game, even though it's honestly the easiest one to maintain if we're being honest here. I mean you can f*ck up the modders in single player with new patches, but how do you even ruin a simple skirmish server that is just supposed to take a few players and give them a map? No offense to the devs, but my mom could code that. Their new patches feel like working on bench pressing 200kg, while you can't do a bicep curl with 0.5kg. How about fix what is easy and desired of you before moving on to yet another single player patch? Holy moly... Add me on steam if you want and we can try matching together sometimes. Zedonator the God of Bannerlord. Yes, that is my steam name.
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