How to balance cav - roleplay edition (skirmish)

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There is little chance taleworlds would implement these suggestions but maybe a competitive mod in the future will.

1. Spears break after a damage threshold, probably around 150 player damage or 300 horse damage
2. You can only carry one spear at a time

damage values can be adjusted

That way you force inf to drop spear for cav in a safe spot or cav to dismount during a fight to pick up another spear or use their sidearm. Either way it slows down the insane cav dmg snowball that you can get

I don't even know if I would like that change but right now cav is too anime and not enough realistic with their possible max dps with them being the equivalent of a close-range machine gun.
But if you give cavs 110+ length sidearms then I'll probably be happy

these changes could be only valid for skirmish so that we do not interfere with tdm/single player current balance
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you could also think about giving a longer stun to the damage dealer after dealing huge amounts of dmg with a stab to represent the fact that in reality you would need to pull our your weapon from the enemy

maybe that could work for any weapon above a dmg threshold and a longer stun to both the inflictor and the victim

these are just ideas, the most important goal is still for the game and combat to remain fun, some realism is just extra flavor
above all else game definitely needs different sounds for weapon hits that deal low dmg and high dmg and reaction screams, normal current pain scream and agony scream when dealt high dmg. Right now sounds differentiate only between glance and hit, not much sound difference between a 15 dmg hit and a 60 dmg hit

I think it would add even more flavor to the game than the changes above but it is kinda non cav related and off topic
cav is too anime and not enough realistic
I agree, it's entirely unrealistic that a full speed bump will do 10 hp damage max when in reality it can incapacitate a person or even murder them on the spot. Or that a horse can be reared into a full stop by a slight thrust in the chest, or that you can get granted a superpower that allows you to kill any horse in 1-2 hits, even armoured ones.

You won't like how anime cavalry irl was, because for infantry to counter it you needed a significant numbers and/or terrain advantage, while in this game an infantry actually dominates 1v1 on a flat ground, and the only way for cavalry to get kills is to be a big and noisy backstabber, which is countered by awareness and teamwork.

Don't get me wrong, I am 100% for realism here, but let's go all the way, don't stop at the parts that only make cav weaker.
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