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I recently upgraded from e1.6.0 to e1.6.2. After editing my worldmap for a week, I noticed that my flora layers, which were present in the editor, weren't appearing in game. This happens whether I load as modded_main_map with Aurelian's MapFix or load as Main_map without it. All five flora layers have the flora layer checked, but I get the same result with it unchecked. Accordingly, I reverted to e1.6.0 and found that any worldmap which I'd edited in e1.6.2's Tools failed to load any heightmap or material maps into e1.6.0's tools. This suggests that some change has been made to SceneEditData formats between these two versions making e.1.6.2's editor backwardly incompatible with e1.6.0. I editied the scene.xscene file of a 1/9/21 version, which had never been loaded in the e1.6.2 scene editor, and copied and pasted all the entity changes that I had been working on between then an now. When I loaded this updated version in game using e1.6.0 all my flora showed. When I loaded the same version in game using e1.6.2 (without ever loading it in e1.6.2 Tools) none of my flora layers showed up. I assume whatever change introduced between e1.6.0 and e1.6.2 that makes SceneEditData files incompatible has also bugged flora layers.

EDIT - flora layer problem is unrelated to the backward incompatibility of SceneEditData files based on @hunharibo 's fix detailed below.
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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!


@Dejan @MArdA TaleWorlds I'm advised by @hunharibo that the Warhammer mod fixed this problem by modifying @Urist McAurelian 's MapFix mod with


As I'm still on e1.6.0 for stability during terrain sculpting, I've not tested it.
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