1. NPC99

    In Progress Scene Editor Worldmap Flora layers bugged in e1.6.2

    I recently upgraded from e1.6.0 to e1.6.2. After editing my worldmap for a week, I noticed that my flora layers, which were present in the editor, weren't appearing in game. This happens whether I load as modded_main_map with Aurelian's MapFix or load as Main_map without it. All five flora...
  2. reame

    Resolved How about trees? BUG?

    Summary: Hello. So i have this problem, when i try to google it, it shows me family trees not trees so its difficult to find it. I try post there. Thank you for reading. -so, check image bellow to see how trees look like. If i need to describe it it's like very low resolution tree is showing in...
  3. Need More Info World Map looks like a checker board ?

    Summary: How to Reproduce: I just tryed reinstalling game and i look at world map and it has black lines that make up squares across whole map Have you used cheats and if so which: None Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:Windows 10 Pro Verison 21H1 OS build...
  4. Seek n Destroy

    SP Medieval [WB][Submod][LSP] Iberia Map for Hispania 1200

    Iberia Map Replacement for Hispania 1200 Hello gents, this here is a submod for the base version of Hispania 1200 that replaces the base map of the mod with one made by rgcotl, some additional changes include repositioning the parties, tweaking some scripts so the sea travel system from the mod...
  5. JA55

    Bannerlord world map Pacman hunt

    Hey folks. I've noticed that the big problem in the game is with hunting enemies on the world map. It feels like playing a Pacman and it looks too darn silly. There is a simple solution to this craziness. This is the view from me playing on "Realistic" settings. Bandits or enemies don't...
  6. MinhTien

    In Progress Battle marker persists on World map after reload

    Summary: Finished a battle, Saved game without moving, then reload, the battle marker still in place. I tried reload that save multiple times, the marker always appear. Starting and finishing another battle appears to remove this particular marker. How to Reproduce: Quest/Settlement Name (if...
  7. SP - UI [Suggestion] Cursor sensitive Encyclopedia

    Sorry if "cursor sensitive" is the wrong game dev term. Suggestion: On the worldmap, if the player hovers with the cursor over Settlements or Units and then presses 'N' this could bring up the Encyclopedia site of the target. As a keyboard junkie this would be even faster than a right click menu.
  8. GG Cannon

    Resolved Found a weird rock on the worldmap that probably shouldn't be there.

    You can see through it, so either there should be more land there, or it was supposed to have been deleted during development and someone forgot it there. There is some steam coming out of it.
  9. Ychop

    SP - World Map Acompany/follow option

    Hey guys, i hope there wasn't a Post prior to this topic if so, sorry ^^ So i think we need the Option warband had on the World map, where we can right click on any Group on the map to automaticly follow them. I thinkt it would improve the QOL gameplay. What Do you guys think about this, let...
  10. Purelogic

    Going out of world in Poros (Glitch)

    In you enter to this specific room in tavern. You will end up being out of game world. Link below, Insert Image functionality is not working for some reason...
  11. World Map Re-texturing

    Finding it hard to get concise and relevant information on re-texturing the world map. Can a kind soul point me in the right direction? I'm currently using Cartographer/Blender. I aim to give the 'plains' grassland and 'snow forest' a complete retexture (thus changing their appearance in game)...
  12. SP - World Map Suggestion: Spies mechanic

    Greetings, Bannerlords! War is proclaimed, you gather your forces and try to predict which of 3 your settlements the enemy is going to raid. After some waiting you decide to make a preventive strike and siege some castle. During the siege you see a pop up "Your city is under attack" which means...
  13. Need More Info Glitched out World Map

    Summary:The world map randomly glitches out for seemingly no reason when I return to the map How to Reproduce:Returning to the map from being in-game; I.E: Taking a walk around town and leaving Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.0.0 onward Computer...
  14. Pancakelord333

    Do you think the world map needs more features - like roads?

    Title. I've played bannerlord for a sold 60 hours now, and one thing has stood out to me in this time about the world map: Where are all the roads? The Empire fractured into 3 parts, how long did it exist for? (I don't think this is mentioned anywhere in game?) One thing all empires do (not...
  15. Resolved Crash after last Castle/City of Player Kingdom is taken by AI

    Summary: After I founded my own kingdom the southern empire declared war on me and attacked and took my only castle. I got caught in battle and some time after I've paid the ransom, the game will crash on the world map. The time span is between 10 seconds and one hour (see attached savegame)...
  16. SP - General World map Fiefdoms, Camps and Clans

    Hi all, I will be brief this time, the world map is big but it lacks things, Each village produces things, and we can see its production nearby, like fields or animals. But what about having actual little fields, mines, woodcutters, hunters that are interatable, to either buy products directly...
  17. Koiashi

    SP Native <Currently Closed> Mount&BladeII:Warband Remaster (A Warband Remaster in Bannerlord)

    This single-player mod would do a simple, but very wanted action! See all of Warbands Map, NPCs, items, locations, and more added into the new, and awesome Bannerlord game! Why? Others, and I love Bannerlord, a lot! It’s a great game and has so many awesome improvements and new features, with...
  18. LewdGeek

    Need More Info [World Map] The village Gainseth is floating in the air.

    Summary: The village Gainseth doesn't connect with the world map and floating in the air. Repro rate: 10/10 Severity: 3 Step to Reproduce: Launch the title. Start or load a campaign. Go to the World map. Go to the Gainseth village. Observe. Attachments: Picture 1 Note: N/A Actual Result...
  19. Resolved [SP] Talking to anyone from my party/2nd Army on the world map crashes the game.

    I can talk to my party members in the town but if i speak to them on the world map or if i talk to my 2nd army on the world map after clicking continue to see the next bit it crashes the game.
  20. In Progress [SP/worldmap] double clicking on town/city for immediate *2 speed crashes the game at random

    see title also: uploading a crash report does not work for me
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