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  1. AureliusValth

    BL Coding Questions before starting a Total Overhaul Mod

    Hi all, I´m the author of one mod for Bannerlord (Warlord mod), and i want to start a total overhaul mod. But i have a few questions before that to know if i´ts possible at this moment. 1.- BL Modding Kit tool is focused on creating/modding scenes. But, it´s possible to mod the map scene or...
  2. NPC99

    In Progress Scene Editor Worldmap Flora layers bugged in e1.6.2

    I recently upgraded from e1.6.0 to e1.6.2. After editing my worldmap for a week, I noticed that my flora layers, which were present in the editor, weren't appearing in game. This happens whether I load as modded_main_map with Aurelian's MapFix or load as Main_map without it. All five flora...
  3. Unresolved Scene Editor Can't properly open scene i was working on

    Hey, whenever i open the scene i was working all the flora, paint texture and terrain elevation are gone as I'm left with a flat map with the base foundation terrain layer. Also in the file for the map besides scene.xscene (which is the only way to open it but it only gives me the flat base...
  4. Bunduk

    BL Scening Atmosphere not applyed to map in custom battle?

    Hello i created an map and in editor i can see my atmosphere. When i click on save to scene button and leave the editor and start the custom battle its not applyed to my map but in editor yes. Is there a way to make custom battle or campaign scenes with the atmosphere editor?
  5. In Progress Scene Editor Blue materials/Water plane bug

    Hi, I've been work on a scene in the editor for a bit now and started getting two strange issues that might be bugs. Am not sure if I am supposed to post separate threads for issues, so I'll post both here. Water Planes: Summary: They only appear at certain heights in my scene and will...
  6. Worlok

    North and South is wrong in SE and game

    Hi TW, Can you please confirm the poles North and South are playing any role in Bannerworld? I discovered that these poles are flipped - North is at South and South is at North. So if I keep the proper poles for my new europe campaign map the map is upside-down in game... Do I need to keep the...
  7. Bannerlords First Motte and Bailey Castle!

  8. Unresolved Scene Editor How does one get the tools back there??

    I accidentally got rid of them and now they wont go back nor do I know how? I am very confused.
  9. Map Editing

    Hello, When playing M&B Warband AWOIAF, Essos was limited villages, Castles and towns compared with Westeros, on conquering Essos, while playing in Westeros, it makes difficult too go Essos within time,..... example to handle bandits, looters, dathraki raiders, exiled knights who ride my...
  10. My first map (Practice - Adaptation)

    Hello! Everyone, I am a user who made many PW maps for the Korean Warband community. This is one of those maps. With the launch of the map editor on Bannerlord, To practice, I made a map to do various experiments! But I don't know how to do "Entry Point" stuff like that. Finally, the...
  11. steffenbk1

    Map editor bug

    Got this bug when i create a scene and test it, and i press tab to exit back to the editor. It makes a new scene as well as getting me out. It works fine again if i open it in the folder then i can freely tab out again without it creating a new scene. Got asked to post it on the forum on the...
  12. genrev0914

    SP Native Towns Mania

    Made on Modding Tool. Contents: Added 2 towns for each non imperial faction Added 1 town to each imperial faction My old mod Supreme Kingdom +4 town for them 17 towns in total Complete siege Icon Collision box on town is applied. Some terrain is reform to insert new town. Make some inaccessible...
  13. Map Editor Texture Hatası

    Map editoru açınca bu hatayı veriyor sanırım bu dosyalar yok diyo ama yazan konuma gidince bu iki dosya da var. Varmı bi çözümü yardımcı olurmusunuz. loadDDSTTextureFile couldn't find, or failed to load"./Textures/ loadDDSTTextureFile couldn't find, or failed to...
  14. CoolyGordor

    In Progress Thorgrim Map Editor Problem

    Thorgrims map editor doesn't show text.
  15. SP Native How can I add more village/town/fortress to my map (e.g. in cartographer)

    Hi, I'm going to make an own map in Cartographer with Blender graphical software. But I can move just the available settlements and these are not enough. I don't know how can be add more element to the map. Is this possible in the cartographer, or must have another map editor for Warband? Thank...
  16. Futui

    SP Other Any interesting projects looking for mapmakers?

    I am looking for interesting projects for cooperation, I offer the services of a mapmaker. My specialization is maps for multiplayer, but I have experience and interest in creating maps for singleplayer mods too. Warband experience: - Napoleonic wars - many popular and not so public servers had...
  17. dijiTurk


    I have some questions about SpeedTree. Any information about the questions' welcomed. Will we able to use SpeedTree Modeler? Will we able to use SpeedTree models free to export?
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