[WoE]: Wars of Europe: AoB Add-On: New Version Released (26/11)(OP Update 01/02)

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Knight at Arms

Hi everyone,

The last few days, I played AoB again and I thought to update the mod. The beta had some flaws and I decided to polish it up with all kinds of changes.

The full version of Wars of Europe (for Mount & Blade version 1.011 on the 26th of November) has been released! More updates (more troops etc.) will be released on other dates in patch forms or in full version downloads.


- The mod will still have the original ideas/ways as Bjorne wanted it to be: fast combat and lots of damage. Deadly combat to be exact!
- Fixed accuracy! Every firearm will have a slight change to represent its use (rifle has faster reload etc.). However, the damage that each weapon inflicts is the same. Why? Well, once you edit damages, the hard-coded M&B system comes in the way and spoils the fun. Better to have balanced accuracy and damage, rather than heavy damage to inflict nothing, because of the screwed up accuracy!
- Factions are balanced out and will have a few new units to recruit. Russians are tempered now!
- Bigger starting party.
- Able to recruit more troops from villages (max. 26 men per village).
- Be the commander over allied troops, even if you're not their leader or marshall. (This is to avoid the allied AI to rush forward or do stupid tactical decisions.)
- A few retextures of items and equipment.
- Few new horses with beautiful textures of saregona!
- New bandits as in more variations in equipment. Rebelling peasants will look more...peasant like for example. :grin:
- New banners add-on integrated and a few other add-ons are put in.
- Integration of sound-fix I made to avoid that Vista users and such don't encounter problems.
- Siege warfare is slightly better with the integration of NICK.ALTMAN's Siege Pack.
- More musket sound variation!
- Vibrant world textures thanks to the Colourful Textures mod of WestNordOst!
- Dozens of new troops and mercenaries! (see list below)

List of new mercenaries and troops (updated 1st of February):
Units included in the current version:
- Spanish Musketeer (Mercenary)
- Spanish Grenadier (Mercenary)
- Brunswicker Infantry (Mercenary)
- Brunswicker Lancer (Mercenary)
- Prussian Musketeer (Mercenary)
- Polish Lancer (Mercenary + French unit)
- Danish Jaeger (Mercenary)
- Austrian Grenzer (Austrian unit)
- Austrian Jaeger (Austrian unit)
- British Rifleman (British unit)
- British Highlander (British unit)
- KGL Cavalry (Dragoons + Officer) (British unit)
- British Heavy Dragoon (British unit)
- Spanish Line Cavalry (Mercenary)
- Prussian Jeager (Mercenary)
- Prussian Bosniak (Mercenary + Austrian unit)
- Hungarian Hussar (Austrian unit)
- Swiss Guard (Mercenary + French unit)
- Norwegian Infantry (Swedish unit)
- Norwegian Dragoon (Swedish unit)
- Norwegian Grenadier (Swedish unit)
- Bavarian Jaeger (Mercenary)
- Westphalian Infantry (Mercenary)
- Austrian Uhlan (Austrian unit)
- Brandenburg Uhlan (Mercenary + Austrian unit)
- Russian Garde à Cheval (Russian unit)
- Russian Pavlograd Hussar (Russian unit)
- Westphalian Hussar (Mercenary)
- Neapolitan Dragoon (Mercenary)
- Milanese Infantry (Mercenary)
- Swedish Life Guards on Foot (Swedish unit)
- Belgian Carabinier (Mercenary unit)

Units that will be included in the next version:
French Loup Infantryman
Russian Elite Cossack Cavalry
Russian Jaeger
Royal Corsican Ranger

All these units are/will be included in the mod!

Upgrade trees:


- Make sure you have Mount & Blade v. 1.011 and NOT Warband.
- Extract the mod to desktop using Winrar/Winzip.
- Place it in your Mount and Blade modules folder. (C/ProgramFiles/Mount&Blade/Modules)
- Download the low quality smoke patch if needed (when playing on low end PC).
- Start the mod!

NOTES: You don't need any other version or the sound fix to start playing. Simply download, follow the installation steps and you can start off right away!!! The smoke patches can be used for slower PC systems.

Suggestions and offering aid can be helpfull!

Planning to do:
- More troops and uniforms. In progress, will grow over time with patch releases.
- Adding more items/equipment to the mod. In progress, will grow with patch releases.
- Less armor rate on uniforms for more casualties and faster deaths. Done.
- More damage by editing module.ini. Done
- Tricornes added! (thanks to bjorne!) Done
- Flags to use in battle! (thank you Venitius!) Done
Screenshots inside the spoiler (updated 21/01):
Riflemen for the British!

New horses (only 3 shown on this picture.)

Brunswickers and Prussians.

Spanish Grenadiers!

Retextured Austrian uniforms and a new trooper: Austrian Grenzers.


British Line firing.

Russian Grenadiers and Cossack Infantry firing back!

Russian Dragoons and Uhlans riding to the battle.

Fighting of British Highlanders and Black Watch.

Austrian Cavalry vs. Cossacks.

Bayerische Grenadiers and Austrian Infantry attacking me!

Russian army revamped with more variation in equipment and textures, facing angry peasants!




Polish Lancers have arrived! Find them in the taverns, or fight against them when you're facing the French army!

Jaegers from Denmark, recruitable as mercenary troops.

Mercenary Brunswickers and Danish firing a volley!

Swedish and Danish troops waiting...

The French Army, this time with quite a lot of Lancers, facing the Austrian invaders!





Spanish Infantry forming a line.

Cavalry of Spain making short work of Sea Raiders!


A Prussian Jaeger.

Austrians, Prussians and Brunswickers fighting off bandits in their villages.



New Austrian and mercenary unit to present: the Bosniaks in service for the Prussian forces!


Hungarian Hussar walking through an Austrian village...

Carry your flag into battle!

Swiss Guardsmen on duty.

Norwegian Infantry, ready for battle, allied with the Swedes.

Norwegian Dragoons who are an optional Swedish cavalry unit.

Cavalrymen, Swedish and Norwegian a like, charging over the plains.

A Pavlograd Hussar and a Garde à Cheval from Russia awaiting orders...

A Brandenburg Uhlan!

A dragoon from Naples...

A Westphalian Hussar taking aim...

Milanese Infantry holding firm...

Caravan Guard outfits have been put in!!!

Retextured the base uniforms of Great Britain! Notice the new animation while holding fire...


Belgian Carabiniers ready to charge...

Infantry of the Loup Brigade!


Elite Cossacks observing the plains...

Made by warpednewt:
Bjorne and his team.
Venitius for retexturing and uniforms.
Luigi, RR_Raptor65, James, The Pope and Bismark for OSP Weapons.
Shredzorz and the AOFI team for unit inspiration and the Charleville musket model!
Nikephoros, for the Dragoon Helmet.
Thorgrim, for BRF Edit.
jordan, for Item Editor.
HokieBT, for Troop Editor.
People in the forge for asking questions I wanted to ask, and so solved my problems,
TML for his thread of tweaks.
Einsenhouwer for Cries of War pack.
Rejenorst for Official Vocals pack.
Checkmaty for More Metal Sounds.
Sibylla for some weapons from Sibylla's weapon pack.
-IYI-O-R-T for the OSP Steampunk pack.
wildhorse and saregona for OSP Horses and textures.
Shadow_AUT for the Settlement Names mod (I edited it slightly)
Flavius Etius for v.0.1 of the new flags. (I accidentally included them without having a back up.)
Highelf for the Unofficial Modeling Tutorials (I used knowledge from after watching them to edit some meshes)
Luigi, Nijekovic, Ursca, Ubberdorc, Mirathei, Raz., The Pope and TRC for OSP Helmets.
Couched for some items from OSP Knights.
Manitas for his Auto-rigger, and Rath0s for the tutorial for that tool.
mtarini, for OpenBRF.
HokieBT, The Happy Stormtrooper, TakiJap and Geroj for OSP Clothing.
Clegane for a bonus item.
JFC, Spanky and the Regalia of Nations Team for the Flags from Empire: Total Flags v.1.3 mod for Empire: Total War.
LtChambers for Empire: Total War Pack File manager.
Yoshiboy and contributors of the Pirates! mod.
Perennial Nuisance team for some bicornes.
People who contributed in TheMageLord's Tweak Thread.
The Lords and Realms Siege Project, NICK.ALTMAN and the team.
Loads of people who I probably forgot.

With the finest regards,



Great to hear that you are trying to revive the mod!

In fact, I've been busy doing the same. I'm having also exams though, so it will tak some time.

Did you make a new module system for the mod or our you working with the text files?


Knight at Arms
Berthout said:
Great to hear that you are trying to revive the mod!

In fact, I've been busy doing the same. I'm having also exams though, so it will take some time.

Did you make a new module system for the mod or our you working with the text files?
I haven't made a new module system for the mod. I've no experience at all with MS. Mostly, I edited the txt. files with Troop Editor, etc.

I planned to revive the mod a few days ago. I enjoy the mod a lot. It's a shame to let it go without a proper update.

Good luck with your exams! If you have free time left, don't hesitate to help. I can need a helping hand! :smile:



Thanks. I'll be a free man again in 2 weeks. But until then I can't offer any help.

However, afterwards I would really like to see if we could throw our work together and get this great mod back.

My plan was to give the mod a specific date and place. August 1805, Europe. Napoleon has just crowned himself emperor and England, Russia and Austria are preparing to get rid of this corsican upstart. Historically it's the year of the battle of Austerlitz and Trafalgar as well as the Ulm campain and a serbian uprising against the ottomans. What it would become in game depends on the player of course. Maybe Prussia joins in the fun or Spain decides to change sides again. I had planned on having a large variety of factions. (UK, France, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Spain, the Ottoman Empire, Serbian rebels, Portugal, Batavian Republic, Kingdom of Italy, Kingdom of the two Sicilies, Duchy of Nassau, Bavaria, Sweden, Denmark and a couple more which I forgot about atm). Of course giving all of them the same detail and attention would take ages so the idea is to only give the most important ones a full troop tree. The combat would be the same as in AoB with the difference that formations would become more important. Outside combat I would try to give the player the feeling that he is walking around in Europe in that time.

All of this is open for debate of course.

What I've done up till now:
Some new models (some finished, some in progress): Different kinds of boots and a Hungarian hussar uniform. Next on the list is a French Dragoon helmet. I'm really bad in texturing though.
Got permission from andeg to use his map of Europe and I'm about halfway with implementing the cities, castles and villages for the different factions.
Implemented the form ranks kit (still working on the AI to reflect napoleonic tactics), the duelling kit (but with different weapons: Small swords, dagger and rapier (yes, dual wielding), sabre, pistol and sabre on horseback) and the death cam.
Different historical weapons. Instead of 1 musket there are a dozen of them now, they use the same model though. A couple of different rifles, musketoons, carbines and pistols. Same goes with the swords. Important to note however is that although the stats of the weapons are correct the models aren't always. I used existing (open source) models for now. Might make a model for the more famous weapons at some point though.
At the moment (read: I will continue with this in two weeks from now) i'm working on the melee aspect. I'm trying to figure out how to make new sword animations and changed the original MnB difference between one handed and two handed weapons into "thrusting swords" (rapiers, small swords, etc.) and "slashing swords" (sabres).
Factions and their leaders. For some factions the lords and troop trees are also finished.

It will take some time so if you feel like doing it together you would be most welcome. As I said, it's all open for debate.


Knight at Arms
I'm free as a bird again in 6 days, though I can work in the weekend a bit for the mod.

I really like the idea you have! An AoB - 1805 version would look awesome. I'll help you out once Realm of Revolution is updated and looks the way it should have been...



Knight at Arms
Good news: certain musket sounds didn't work normally in AoB. I've edited them with an audio program, and now, they work as it should be! So there are more variation in sound, without any crashes!



Knight at Arms
Added some new troops to the game. I need to change two mercenary troops, namely Mercenary Lancer and Hired Blade. Any idea's in what to change them in? Horses are coming along too! (OSP horses)

I'll be putting up screenshots soon.



Knight at Arms
Added screenshots of new troops and textures to the first page! More of these will follow...



Hey!  :cry: What about me? I did a lot of them textures. As for uniforms, the Swedes may need to get a redo if you're planning to do 1805.


I was actually about to write you a PM to ask if you would give permission for your textures to be used in 'Europe 1805' (or whatever the final name will be).

How is it going with musket madness btw?


Knight at Arms
Venitius said:
Hey!  :cry: What about me? I did a lot of them textures. As for uniforms, the Swedes may need to get a redo if you're planning to do 1805.
OMG, I forgot to add you in the list! I'm very sorry my friend! Credit list edited.



Knight at Arms
Additional battle screenshots. I'm releasing the mod maybe this afternoon, tonight or in the weekend. Just need to add a few new mercenaries... Done! Polish Lancers and Danish added to the mod!



Knight at Arms
*Sorry for third post*

Age of Blackpowder: Realm of Revolution has been released. Try it out! :wink: Go to the first post to download!



Knight at Arms
Venitius said:
Hey, feel free to use these, if you haven't. You seem to have the credits sorted.  :wink:
Thanks! :smile:
Berthout said:
Venitius said:
Hey, feel free to use these, if you haven't. You seem to have the credits sorted.  :wink:

Thanks a lot!

JDeNef13 said:
Age of Blackpowder: Realm of Revolution has been released.

Can't try it out now, but I will as soon as I have time. :wink:
Please do test it out.

Comments are welcome!



Sergeant at Arms
Found this today, loads of fun. Looking forward to the next release, lots of potential and room for improvement. Keep up the good work.

Edit: I'm wondering if something is fudged with my installation, because I swear the gunpowder weapons aren't calculating damage properly, ie not using the ammunition damage as well. Anyone else?
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