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Good afternoon. I want to say this is my opinion and I don't want to offend anyone. The game for the console was released a long time ago, as well as a bunch of updates. But in the last update, I do not know why to make new updates in advance. Such as the Nords and others. If there aren't even any lords there. And why it was necessary to make a deluxe. For a couple of pictures and music. It's not worth that kind of money. Can you make the game so that you would like to play the game? And not to go through the same thing. Without variety, the game is completely boring. My suggestion for the game: 1) Make more mercenaries. 2) Make more Wanderers of girls why not in all states there is a girl example like Battania. There are only male travelers there. 3) Make a state of the Nords. 4) Do as in the incentive to add mods. This way you can attract players for the console versions to play more. Since there is a lot more variety. And since there is every time to go in and play without a new update and features, the game will get bored quickly. Thx
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