Weekly Skirmish | Every Saturday at 4pmBST (PAUSED)

What day and time would suit you the best for the weekly Skirmish? (More than one answer possible)

  • Friday evening / 7pm GMT

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  • Friday evening / 8pm GMT

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  • Saturday evening / 7pm GMT

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  • Saturday evening / 8pm GMT

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Sunday afternoon / 4pm GMT

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • Sunday evening / 6pm GMT

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Sunday evening / 7pm GMT

    Votes: 2 15.4%

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Every Saturday, 4.00pm GMT (London)
Discord Address: https://discord.gg/EckFENX
Víkingr Mod Version: Víkingr Community Release


Artwork by Filip Štorch (Skvor) | Check out his work here !


I have the pleasure to announce that we are hosting a weekly event on Vikingr every Saturday. The event will start at 4.00pm (GMT). During the event, which lasts about one hour, two organised armies will clash on two battle maps for about 40 minutes. It will then be followed by a raid, a siege or a cavalry skirmish for the remaining 20 minutes.

The event is aimed at recreating a skirmish of the 10th century. Factions will vary. Some events will feature cavalry, others will not. For those familiar with historical battles previously hosted on Vikingr, this event will be similar in terms of gameplay, in the sense that it will involve cavalry, infantry and archers but also group formations. However, it will be different in terms of size and the main the aim of the event is to bring people back on the server and have fun together. It is also not the reenactment of a single battle but of a typical skirmish based in a truthful historical context.


Please note, this will be an organised event, therefore some rules apply. It is required for all participants to know these rules, as any failure to observe them will result in a kick from the event, please find them listed below:

• To form a semi-autonomous group of infantry, a clan is required to have at least 8 players. If you don't meet that requirement, you have to join another bigger group.
• Infantry must engage the enemy in formation. When a formation has been broken, one-on-one combat can follow.
• Dismounted cavalrymen should try to join the infantry if they are able to do so.
Archers must stay close to the infantry at all times.
Players cannot flank an enemy formation on their own !
• We strongly recommend players to wear an historical name. You can get one here.


[size=12pt]If you're interested in taking part, no need to sign-up before, simply join the game server at the time of the event. Wether you're on your own or with a group of friends, feel free to use our Discord server during the event, voice channels can be provided.
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Proud to announce that we'll do a testrun for a regular Vikingr event next Thursday. It's the perfect opportunity for players or clans to play the mod again or discover it for the first time so don't hesitate to sign-up (even if with low numbers) !
Can you clarify the 'Each army will be led by a veteran player..' part?

Does this mean all members of the same faction will be commanded by the same person directly in a(presumably) teamspeak channel, or will the army leader give out orders to various clan leaders, and they have to follow them?

Also, thanks for this initiative!
There will be one overall commander on each side yes, supported by a second. For example, on the breton side I'll be leading the cavalry and the team while being supported by the leader of the Bretaigne clan who will lead the infantry. On the norman side, Ragnarr Jarl Jomsborg is leading the infantry and the team and he is supported by the leader of Lothbrok's men who will lead the cavalry. I hope it makes sense :smile:
Not entirely, what if you have 2 clans(although clan in this context implies your organizational structure, let's call it a group/regiment) of 14/15 people to fill that 29 infantry, how will they function?
BNS Marko said:
Not entirely, what if you have 2 clans(although clan in this context implies your organizational structure, let's call it a group/regiment) of 14/15 people to fill that 29 infantry, how will they function?

Well they would normally be fighting side by side with other smaller groups. That's the case of the Jomsborg who are making most of the norman side. The lead is decided between the groups' leaders beforehand.

@Woeski Thanks ! :smile:
Name of the clan: Druzhina Miroslavova
Leader's Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/markalone/
Number of players expected: 11
I have read the rules: Yes.

Miroslav Vladikichi (BNS Marko)
Ostoi Sěnovŭ
Dragŭnŭ Dragunov
Doma Igorevŭ
Borisŭ Svoibogŭ
Dragota Khotakinŭ
Ivorъ Dragotinŭ
Krima Maslavichi
Iliya Dragotinŭ
Nesyta Budĭkovichĭ
Ostrolya Radoichi
Name: Mancom37
Which team would you prefer to fight for: No preference most of the times people tell that I am a good archer
I have read the rules: Yup
Both added to the guest list, if there is some slot left you will be the first to be accepted in. Please join the Vikingr Teamspeak ( 5 minutes before the beginning of the event tonight so I can give you the server details.
Very nice, and enjoyable event. The raid match was very intense, that was great!

Only minor nitpick I might have is that there was a bit of formation breaking and excessive flanking on the first part of the event, in my view at least.

I'll try to increase to 20 men for next week, hopefully more clans catch on.
A little bit late, I was only informed of this today.

Name of the clan: Hird af Hedeby
Leader's Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Demivar/
Number of players expected: 7-10
I have read the rules.
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