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GoldEagleMNE said:
I'm back!

Anyways mod takes place just after Renly's death and I am looking for beta testers.

These are the greatest two sentences I've read since I started following this mod back in Shimmler's day.
Congrats to all involved - you've done something amazing and I don't care how premature this congratulations may be, all contributors should be knighted.
*endless clapping*
Plenty of free time at the moment. Happy to give it a test and judging from the anticipation you won't be lacking in them either.
GoldEagleMNE said:
I would like the beta testers to be long time supporters of this mod and people known to me.

Well even though this would exclude me :cry: I can understand this decision and will be looking forward to test a later version for you and your team  :cool:
LegionaireR said:
it has not yet been released?

If I remember GoldEagleMNE's post right, he said that once he'll post another comment in this threat it would only be a matter of weeks anymore.
Made a sign for people who support Tyrell like me :


I can make it for other House.
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