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I am getting back from my vacation in 5 days i will continue working on the mod and as I said the beta will be released within weeks. :smile:
GoldEagleMNE said:
I am getting back from my vacation in 5 days i will continue working on the mod and as I said the beta will be released within weeks. :smile:
Really nice to know that, I can hardly wait!
this mod looks great, since being introduced to the series through the show I can't get enough of this world, I'm wondering though, since it seems theres only 2 active members of the team, are you working with Produno or Cozur, both have mods that are already released and I'm sure would be willing to lend a hand. Really (and to paraphrase from LOTR) I personally want one game of thrones mod to end them all :wink:, so would be nice if everyone working on these mods could get together and make an uber-mod :smile: (I know with at least one of the other names listed it probably won't happen but it's wishful thinking). Anyway, can't wait to play and wish you the best of luck, if you have lore questions, like I said I can't get enough of this world so I'd be more than happy to help you out there, unfortunately that's all I can do as I don't know how to mod :/.
Check out The Forge/Youtube/Google for tutorials if you would like to start modding.
Willas Tyrell is kinda crippled, but I do feel that Garlan Tyrell would make a good lord. He's pretty significant in the lore and it would be a shame to not see them.
From the OP...

GoldEagleMNE said:
House Tyrell
Lords and Settlements
Lord Mace Tyrell  - Highgarden
Lord Paxter Redwyne -  Arbor
Lord Orton Merryweather -  Longtable
Lord Leyton Hightower -  Oldtown
Lord Elwood Meadows  - Grassy Vale
Lord Mathis Rowan -  Goldengrove
Lord Tomas Footly  - Tumbleton 
Lord Branston Cuy -  Sunhouse 
Ser Kevin Oakheart -  Old Oak   
Lord Randyll Tarly  - Horn Hill     
Lord Tommen Costayne  - Three Towers
Lord Martyn Mullendore -  Uplands
Castellan Jory Flowers -  Blackcrown 
Lord Leo Blackbar -  Bandallon   
Ser Garlan Tyrell  - Brightwater Keep
Lord Lorent Caswell  - Bitterbridge 
Ser Tanton Fossoway -  Cider Hall   
Lord Osbert Serry  - Southshield     
Lord Moribald Chester -  Greenshield 
Lord Guthor Grimm  - Greyshield 
Lord Humfrey Hewett  - Oakenshield
Ser Vortimer Crane - Red Lake
Troop tree
Tier 1:
Reach Greenhorn
Reach Militia
Reach Experienced Militia
Reach Skirmisher
Reach Scout

Tier 2:
Reach Footman
Reach Veteran Footman
Reach Swordsman
Reach Man-at-Arms
Reach Horseman
Reach Light Rider
Reach Heavy Rider
Reach Cavalryman
Ranged Cavalry:
Reach Mounted Skirmisher
Reach Mounted Crossbowman

Tier 3:
Arbor Life Guard
Reach Household Cavalryman
Reach Squire
Knight of the Rose
Ranged Cavalry:
Reach Rider of the Marches
When I discovered two days ago, that there was a Game of Thrones Mod for "Mount & Blade Warband" and what a brilliant game it is (in fact the whole series), I immediately bought the Steam-Collection. Unfortunately only by reading the FAQ of the "A Clash of Kings"-Mod, I had to accept what a narcissistic douche was the modder behind it.
Trying to find an alternative Game of Thrones-Mod I came here. I have read throught your old threats and I must say: EACH AND EVERY OF YOU THAT STAYED AND KEPT WORKING ON THIS MOD IS ******** (and I mean ********) INCREDIBLE !!!!
My greatest respect to all of you and thank you for everything :grin:

In my opinion what Shows best how much I appreciate your work is that: When I went on your modb page I watched the Pictures you had uploaded. I am not kidding here !! I had tears coming to my eyes. These armors Settings and everything in Overall was so magnificient. I cannot believe the Detail you have put in this especially having seen the helmets of House Hornwood and House Manderly.

Once more thank you SO ******** MUCH and I´m really looking Forward to this mod  :lol:
You should probably remove the second sentance if you don't want to get muted.
But how is Garlan Lord of Brightwater Keep? I thought this mod was pre blackwater. Did you change it?
Hey, if it is after black water, I can marry Sansa! And Stannis will be a very bad mood!
Oh, and (some one has probably already asked this) are you going to be able to kill lords, either through execution, assassination or a wedding  :twisted:.
Doesn't make any sense that Cersei would let Sansa, their captive/prisoner go marry some random upcomer and be free.
Well... Who said Cersei I would know. I spring Sansa from King's Landing, take her back to her dear brother Robb and being incredibly grateful for my daring rescue of sansa, I am sure he won't mind if I marry her. Of course, as long as the freys don't come to the wedding.

Actually sounds like it could be an in game quest.
Bah, I am a Tyrrell I don't need advice from some bloody dragon! Just kidding. Besides it would be a COOL quest.
The King in the North would approve this quest as Long as every guest of the wedding offers one Frey head as present  :twisted: :mrgreen:
But, seriously has the mod been moved to after blackwater? Because Lumos told me in no uncertain terms that it was before blackwater.
If it'll be after Blackwater Stannis would be totally screwed since most of his army died and many of his remaining bannermen bowed to the Lannisters. Thus I think it would be unlikely that it'll be dates after Blackwater. I suppose they gave it to Garlan because if they'd give it to Alester Florent who is on Stannis' side, he'll be isolated and conquered at once...
If they're keeping to what they first started with, the mod takes place just after Renly's death.
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