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Calradia Slave Rebellion is a deep multiplayer modification for Mount & Blade: Warband.

It offers persistent progress through multiple gamemodes like Invasion or WotK, managing your characters in the official website.

The development of the project started on December 2011 and stopped at the end of 2013.


Located in Calradia, peace ruled for years. The slavery in Calradia was an essential part for the sustaining of their society.

However, somebody in the Kingdom of Swadian was planning a rebellion. Not like the old ones, which failed because it didn't have many slaves involved on it, nor enough weapons or good leaders.

One group of slaves was preparing something for months. Finally, they started the rebellion on Praven, Swadia. They were too weak in the beginning, but they succeed in taking the armory. There was a hundred of slaves or so at this moment. Attacking and running away fast, they started to take more and more weapons and armors. The slaves of Swadia saw his opportunity to take part on it and get their freedom, so more groups appeared across Calradia.

Their tactics were good enough to take over entire cities. The rebellion spread throughout Calradia. It was a disaster for the economy of all the kingdoms, they´ll have to do something, and fast. They were forced to put their differences apart. All noble houses met in order to put together a great coalition.

You are a soldier from one of The Kingdoms. Your duty is to restore the old system taking control of all the renegade slaves.


Features (outdated):

At the moment (planning to add more), there are two gamemodes: WotK and Invasion.


What is War of The Kings (WotK)?

WotK is the second gamemode released for Calradia Slave Rebellion including a totally new way of gameplay. Let's explain it, in essence:

At the moment, there are two kings (in the future we'll add much more changes and additions if the people support the mod). When you join a WotK server and the game didn't started, there is a lobby in which all players are waiting to start the game. You need to choose the team and then opt to be or not to be the king. Between the people who opted to be the king one is choosed randomly between all of them, one king for each team is choosed. Then, it's time to get ready: when all the kings are ready for the game, a countdown start and the match get ready. The main objective is to defeat the enemy king, kill him.

Although we'll change lot of things in the future, now as the basic gamemode there is only one map for WotK. Each king have a castle with walls, and the castle itself where he is. Each king have two mines of gold to exploit. Each king earn, by default, 1 gold each second. There are 5 flags around the map, each flag give extra amount of gold to the earn gold rate per second (1-2-3, it depends on the flag position).

The task of the king is like a RTS game, he have to manage the units, technology, buildings and resources in order to have an advantage over the enemy king / players. You press Q to open the control panel, in the panel you can research, build, produce units (and there is a unit viewer where you can see the stats, clothes, class and details of the specific unit, only clicking on his icon in the panel, screenshoot down), decide which units and where spawn, and other things which we'll explain in the upcoming video in October. You have a RTS camera (you con zoom in, zoom out, move around, etc), too, where you can see your HQ properly, like a RTS game, and control the building placement and the global vision of your castle.

The king has also one special ability. By only pressing a key he enter a special mode where he can control his own units that are alive on the battlefield (pressing P). When the unit die, you come back to control the king, you can also press P again to come back as the king control. That allow the king to not be only boring with RTS and participate in the fight dynamically.

Now, about the players. WotK is intended to be for middle-high level players of CSR, that's because the units which the kings can produce are strong and well armored, so we recommend you (at the moment) to level up on the invasion gamemode. There is special things on Invasion and WotK, you can't get everything on one gamemode, and they are totally different. Well, the player task is to support the kings. They'll fight the enemy king units (PvE), and the enemy players who support that king (PvP). The players (and the king if he control an unit) can conquer the flags placed around the map. That will take extra gold rate amount to the king (and extra points for the player who conquer it). The players share everything between Invasion and WotK, it's all the same mod with the same database, and I think that's very very interesting, specially for clanmatchs.

The players can use their mercenaries, equipment, weapons, potions, class, profession, buildings both in WotK and Invasion. Everything is allowed. We are excited to see if people do clans and, therefore, clanmatchs on WotK. I think it would be very interesting to see people playing serious stragegy games between clans. That means, that we'll strongly support clans if we see people support the mod (but we need to see a player base first in order to do it).

The features explained above are already done and ready to play, but we want to do some improvements, new features and the new video before open CSR again. We have many new plans with WotK and Invasion, but we won't talk about it yet. Wait until the video of October to see a graphical explanation of all this (and to play it, of course).

WotK (only) screenshots (those are months old, so it's much more polished at the moment, ignore the debug messages and strings):
Unit Viewer:

Units Panel:

RTS view of a king, one peasant is building:

Unit Management panel:

Choosing spawn location:

General Features:
The features posted here were so outdated that I had to delete it to avoid misunderstanding about what is this mod. I'll update this when CSR come back to life. Please, check the progress of the CSR reopening at our website.


WotK launch trailer:

Concept Art of Highlander Warriors, by Pleijground:

An epic day on CSR:

Acid-NN-9 said:
Does anyone doubt the possibilities of this mod?
we are building a castle to confront the waves of slaves, and our lords have done so far, while our mercenaries arranged and fortified the walls....





is possible that with this beta test, emerge a new gamemode to build??!?!? .... anything is possible
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Random Media of Beta Testing (old as hell, from 2011-2012):
Your own mercenaries with customizable equipment!

First time decapitation on multiplayer ! Improved by Beobart, our 3D Developer:




CSR was developed by CTCCoco. Thanks to every person who contributed in one way or another: 3STRAT3GA, Beobart, Markes, Nobutada, Spartacus, Apsod, Myth, Belendor, YuriTheRed, Mr.Potato, SnRolls and everyone else who I may have forgotten at the moment of writing this.



Interesting. Ill see y'all ingame.

EDIT. Already bumped into a problem.

I made my account, chose Rhodoks, and when Im trying to pick my class, a crossbowman, it says "You can´t become an Archer with your faction."

...What the hell?


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Comrade Temuzu said:
Interesting. Ill see y'all ingame.

EDIT. Already bumped into a problem.

I made my account, chose Rhodoks, and when Im trying to pick my class, a crossbowman, it says "You can´t become an Archer with your faction."

...What the hell?

Little bug, I´ll fix that soon.

EDIT: Fixed.


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I cannot wait to play this after reading Belendor's thread - it looks great!


Please if you noticed some bug or simply want to be part of the new comunity (or want to sell something on your private shop, or something), post it on the official forums:



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I hope to set up the first global shop soon. Featuring some premium quality armour smithed by me! (Once I can buy the basic armorsmith book.)


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Well when the new private trading system comes into effect I will be asking for donations towards starting the shop, it won't be huge amounts. And then depending on how much people donate, they will get discounts off of their orders.

The shop now has a thread -


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Do you have an estimate of when the private trading will be ready? Like is it a far off thing or can we expect it soon?
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