MP Native [WB] Calradia Slave Rebellion

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hatimkh said:
I really miss this mod, last I heard there's no plans to bring it back but I think Coco said he'd make another CSR for Bannerlord.

Anyone know what the latest is?
Thanks for the comment, man.

Yes, there are plans for CSR in Bannerlord. But there is much to do so don't expect any news any time soon.


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Hey, thanks for the quick update. Looking forward to it.

I know it's way too early to be giving suggestions since the game isn't even out yet but please emphasize the difficulty of the mod. I remember when the mod just released and was in it's earliest stages, it was very challenging.

We all had starter gear and none of us had unlocked our first class yet, we still managed to beat the first boss after 99829052 tries. Good times.
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