Viking City Builder music trailer looks like to Mount and Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest Soundtrack (Viking Raid)

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Hello, i'm sorry if i'm not in the right thread ? but i didn't find anything for copyrights.

I saw an ad for the game Viking City Builder from Roslagen. The music looks like to one of the soundtrack of Mount and Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest (Viking Raid). I would like to know if somebody have more info about that :unsure:. Do the sountracks of Mount and Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest are free to use ?

Thx have a nice day !
Thank you for being vigilant. The answer is no, the soundtrack of Viking Conquest is not free to use. The source code and binary assets of the DLC are permitted to be used for mods for M&B franchise games (with some limitations). There has been published no permission for commercial titles to use Viking Conquest assets (as far as I know). Unless the item in question (a theme in this case) has been licensed by or obtained from its copyright holders, the appropriation can be considered as theft. It would be helpful if credits for Viking City Builder were published. Then we would know if moral rights were breached as well.
A quick browse through their Steam forum shows that this seems to be a cash grab scheme kind of thing, They recycled a lot of assets from other games (compare the videos with those from Manor Lords). More than likely they will try to hype it as much as possible then release an half assed thing and just cash in from the suckers who buy it right when it comes out. Seems like Steam has nothing in place to prevent such things.

Edit: it does seem like the music itself is being offered on sale for commercial use
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