1. REUSE Specification: Time to Replace OSP?

    Back in the day when I made Warband mods, I often copied content from other people's open source resource packages to use them in my projects. I also created packages for other people to use in their own mods to help them implement things like decapitation and shield bashing. Most of these...
  2. Live Mount&blade: Warband, do you need official authorization?

    When live broadcasting brings benefits, does it need official authorization? Or is it necessary to give the official copyright revenue?
  3. Viking City Builder music trailer looks like to Mount and Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest Soundtrack (Viking Raid)

    Hello, i'm sorry if i'm not in the right thread ? but i didn't find anything for copyrights. I saw an ad for the game Viking City Builder from Roslagen. The music looks like to one of the soundtrack of Mount and Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest (Viking Raid). I would like to know if somebody...
  4. KoKoUnlucky

    Copyright Issues

    This thread is to solve my doubts about my mod. So we are working on a total conversion mod, bringing the universe of Warcraft into M&B. Obviously, all Warcraft universe belongs to Blizzard. my question is: How can I use the universe of Warcraft in my mod without breaking any law? We are...
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