viking conquest

  1. Reovolom

    More features for Viking Conquest

    Hey guys, what's up? I hope so. Well, I believe the game should allow the player to capture ships when winning a naval battle, in addition, there are some maps missing like the map of Frankia, the map of Iceland, Greenland and North America. One detail, Greenland was green, it was not a frozen...
  2. yasinturhan22


    Oyuna Viking Conquest veya Napoleonic Wars gibi indirilebilir içerikler gelecek mi? (Viking Conquest Harika olmazmıydı? ))
  3. SutlacliMuhallebi

    Bannerlord Mods

    Bannerlord'da, oyunu geliştirmeye yönelik modların yanı sıra, "Viking Conquest" gibi farklı haritalarda farklı etkinliklere sahip modları ne zaman göreceğiz?
  4. Jordan_The_Noble

    Warband Discord Bot

    Warband Discord Bot GitHub: Hello Everyone! For the past week I've been working on my first Javascript project; A Discord bot that fetches the current/max player count and displays them on a Discord server, updating regularly. I feel that...
  5. Fantasy Ugly Vikings - A Model Mashup BRF Resource

    All I did was mashup some armor and weapons together. The edited textures are all amateurishly recolored by me using paintdotnet, but the originals all are made by the Brytenwalda team. Love goes out to them. Ugly Vikings Download To actually see these models in-game, you need to put them in...
  6. Congratulations, Taleworlds!

    I have been a loyal fan of your franchize for about 6 years now and all I have to say is Thank You for the joy I had throughout the years. Warband was a masterpiece and it still is, and the community you have created is amazing and very talented! (I'm looking at all of the modders :) ) I am so...
  7. Rørik

    SP Dark Ages Upcoming Viking Conquest sub-mod (Jutland) (Work on hold - The submod is not scrapped)

    (Edits have been made. Updates made will be shown underneath the main post) Jutland is a overhaul sub-mod with focus on Viking factions. It features: - New timeline - new factions and faction overhauls - new troop trees - NPC's - Cities - New shields, banners, sails - clutter details to scenes...