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Troops upgrade only in settlement with smithy

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Another small thing that I find kind of bothersome in its abstraction.

Why is it possible for troops to upgrade to something with distinctly different equipment outside of facilities that have smithing services to, at worst, fit the armor to the person?

It just doesn't make sense that a bunch of warriors in the middle of nowhere suddenly get spanking new equipment out of the blue, upgrade costs aside. Perhaps it would be helpful to restrict troops upgrades only to settlements with smithies (towns right now, but I'd really like to see them present in castles as well which is yet another post).

At least it doesn't just "make more sense," it prevents battles having the potential to strengthen the participating party instead of limiting their capacity for longer-term operation. You lose some troops, you upgrade some troops, if you did well enough the end result may very well be in your favor (particularly applicable to range-heavy armies).

This might also be implemented for AI handling to prevent their snowballing after a massive victorious battle. Now they have a bunch of troops to upgrade, if enough, they should be more inclined to return to nearest friendly settlement for troop upgrade rather than instantly continue their advance into enemy territory. Party members of an army might use that as a reason to temporarily leave the army, thus forcing the army leader to pace down the ongoing conquest, as well.

Though, frankly, it's mostly the "where'd you get that stuff and how did you fit it on you all the way in the bunnies" part that personally bothers me more than it should :smile:


Yes, this has bugged me since Warband. Upgrading should a bit more involved than "*poof* you are a legionnaire now!".


Yes, this has bugged me since Warband. Upgrading should a bit more involved than "*poof* you are a legionnaire now!".
With increased upgrade costs, it could also be made to address player's late-game money bloat without nerfing elements that also impact early game income, so double-win.

And make economic warfare all that more meaningful on a larger scale.
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