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Currently the world event logs are ephemeral -- that is, they are lost once they slide out of the pretty short window (the one you access via Enter ).
Having permanent event logs, in contrast, would be very useful -- especially starting from mid-game, when event density goes way up.

Once that permanence is implemented, it would be also very very useful to be able to filter the stored events in the supposed event log UI, e.g.:

- by party, to help the player debug what's going on with a party
- by companion, to help the player debug their progression
- by NPC, to help the player recall the relationship context
- by settlement, to help the player debug settlement progression
- by kingdom or clan
- ..etc.

In addition, it has to be noted, that not all events are retained in the current event log -- many events announced wiith the centered banner are not, for example.
Would be nice to have them retained as well.

Once all that is done, a very easy addition would be to allow control of the filtering for the default displayed log stream -- i.e. what's visible by default, as per the current UI, outside of that grand even log UI viewer described above.
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