1. Lornloth00

    SP - General Replace or remove static clan sigils from armor and clothing

    I suggest that no armor has any permanent or static sigils on them and instead they should have either no sigil on them or the sigil of which ever faction is using that armor or item. Some of the armors have a Vlandian Lion symbol even if you are not in that clan or faction which is awkward if...
  2. CrazyElf

    (Beginner Question) Is there a way to customize unit equipment quality in the XML?

    Is there a way in the game to modify the XMLs of individual units to modify the equipment quality of that unit? To give an example, here is the Banner Knight. Is there a way to change the quality of equipment in the XML? To give an example of the equipment quality (from the Wiki), would...
  3. VVL99

    In Progress Commander equipment

    It is impossible to equip the commander of a clan squad. This is a big problem, because for this you need to do a complex manipulation to change the squad leader. There is no dialog to check inventory.
  4. mrj760

    Where is the code which spawns troops and chooses gear from their XML equipment rosters?

    I had this [link] problem a while ago... Since then I have moved my mod to XSL entirely but the issue is still not solved and I'm tired of ignoring it. Rosters on the battlefield are still mixed, which adds unwanted and unbalanced RNG to the fights since soldiers are often either too weak or...
  5. niekdegrijze

    siege equipment set

    Please add a seige equipment set to the character inventory screen. easiest way to implement would be to have the normal screen as default and make the weapons/armor located in the slots in the siege screen overwrite the normal ones in case of a siege battle if there are any. I know this has...
  6. Farticle

    MP Make All Equipment Drop On Death

    Currently when killed players only drop whatever was in their hands at the time. If they have a shield, two-handed weapon, crossbow, etc on their back it disappears. This is dumb in my opinion. Make it so everything drops and is able to be picked up.
  7. Lornloth00

    SP - General Giving up their gear after death and peerage

    When we raise up companion through peerage to lords or when clan members die could the game give back the characters' equipment back to the player? And if the player strips the character of their gear during peerage can they be in their civilian clothing after the player strips them of their...
  8. SP - General Some thoughts on equipment and adjustments

    Greetings! First off, let me say that i am overall very happy and pleased with the armor combinations and choices of weapons for the units throughout the troop trees in Bannerlord. I think they look great, and they make sense most of the time. However i could not avoid noticing that some...
  9. Madijeis

    In Progress [BETA e1.7.2] Lords spawning with low level gear

    Summary: I'm starting to see noble lords spawning with low level sets of their respective cultures. It's possible that it's just their civilian gear. Saw a Vlandian Lord going around with a red shirt, didn't screenshot it because I thought it was an oddity. Screenshot is my second occurence. The...
  10. hoonii

    Need More Info Random equipment swap as archer

    Summary:This really started to get annoying. As archer my equipment sometimes changes on its own e.g from sword to bow. I can't count how many times I died because this stupid bug keeps swapping my equipment(like when I scroll up for my sword I get my bow back again on its own and die. How to...
  11. Need More Info Nobles spawn without weapons

    Summary: not sure if a bug or an oversight, but some nobles from rebel or companion clans spawn without armour and sometimes without weapons, so I've got someone running around the battlefield in a merchant coat, punching people. Is there a way to equip them? Or will you be implementing...
  12. adding costum weapons to multiplayer choose equipment menu

    i want to add my costum items to the choose equipment menu in multiplayer deathmatch. How do I do this? i didn't see any tutorial or post anywhere (if anyone did please post link as it would help greatly).
  13. SP - UI Saving Loadouts

    I recently started a new Sandbox campaign, and my character is basically focusing on two-handed swords. In field battles, I fight with spear and shield, taking the two-handed sword only when the horse dies or when chasing enemies. However, things are different when I'm raiding a bandit hideout...
  14. genrev0914

    SP - General Not Permanent Lords Equipment

    1.The equipment set of lords are permanent at the start of campaign, Only the player equipment changes through out the campaign and it somehow feels lonely, I think it will add more life to NPC if it is not permanent just like how troop equipment roster behaves. This is the advantages I think it...
  15. SP - General Please Put more newly added equipments in use

    in the recent several patches, the developers add a dozen of new helmets and armors sets into the game, but unfortunately, npcs, no matter lords or common soliders, just don't use them, that is a big waste of resource and artist's fruits of labor. so, please, put these fancy new equipments into...
  16. SGT_Night

    In Progress [Beta 1.6.0] New helmets missing lords equipment pool

    The new helmets added in 1.6.0 were intentionally not added to the lords equipment pool or it is a bug?
  17. BulletTrain

    Don't Forget to Strip the Dead

    I was tempted to post this in the technical support section but since it is not technically a bug I am posting here instead. After a year of playing (less since permadeath was added later) I have just realized that losing a companion or family member in your party doesn't mean you have to lose...
  18. Armor, Art suggestion part 4, Accessories

    Hi guys! I am going to continue my small list what visual things would I like to see in the game later. With the latest beta 1.5.10 I am glad to see the new italo norman helmet in the game, I hope the dev team will add more and more iconic armor and etc. stuffs into the game. Now I introduce...
  19. Who would like to have a Siege ''load out'' similar to civilan load out ?

    I've been switching item for siege recently and realised the tech is here for a dedicated load out. Am I de only one who would like that ? I use a much lighter armor when i'm on the field (I'm a footman and speed is key) and i dont carry as many bolt instead i carry a pole weapon to deal with...
  20. Faulty

    Resolved e1.5.9 - Tier 5 Mercenary Cavalry has worse equipment than Tier 4 Mercenary Horseman

    Summary: Tier 4 Mercenary Horseman has a shield, and body armour with 49 points of armour Tier 5 Mercenary Cavalryman loses his shield, and drops to 48 points of armour on his body armour How to Reproduce: Check the Units Encyclopedia Media (Screenshots & Video):
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