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Any chance we could get a refitting on some items? Some of them don't fit a character's body too well. Some helmets, such as the Sturgian 'Warlord Helmet' (worn by Sturgian Heavy Axeman) and its variants looks 3 sizes too large, to the point where they look like they're floating around a character's head, whereas the 'Closed Warlord Helmet' (a confusing name, since it appears to be a variant of the Mailed Nasal Helmet. Worn by Heroic Line Breakers) looks 1 size too small (or maybe it's the right size, and it's the design that makes it look tight). Some chestpieces (including some Sturgian ones, although I don't have access to them in my current game to double check their names) also have that problem. It's just a niggle of mine. Not exactly a big issue, but it makes me not want to use these items which otherwise look great (and have good stats).

Oh, and Lamellar Pauldrons (worn by Sturgian Heavy Spearman) has what looks to be blue leather around the plates. Is that intentional? The blue doesn't match the rest of the pieces very well (pretty much all of which have brown leather). Makes it hard to get a consistent look with it.

Also, I'd really appreciate if we could get a variant of the aforementioned Warlord Helmet (worn by Sturgian Heavy Axeman,) as well as the Googled Helm over Mail (worn by Sturgian Horse Raider) with mail covering the face, if they aren't in the game already. Both designs look great, so it would be nice to have more variants. Again, assuming they aren't already in the game.
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