The Peloponnesian War - BUG FIXES (up. 28/09/11 - 02)

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This should fix:

1 - All mercenary / tavern units ctds,
2 - Arena masters not showing in some towns
3- Initial quest relative of merchant not appearing for some factions.
4 - Some bandits not showing up
5 - Diplomacy parties not properly changing icons
6 - Weapons damage reduced a little. Added proper weapon reaches.
7 - Removes several spamming diplomacy notification menus due to the high number of factions. Reworked to remove more of them.
8 - Tweaks morale bonus.
9 - Lords renown and marshall bug fix.
10 - Proper tournament gear and participants
11 - Carian mercenary stat fix; adds recruitable thespian hoplites, tarentine cavalry; moves arcadians to heraea and scillus.
12 - Some temples ("castles") interiors not loading properly. (still need to review all scenes, will be done later as I'll be adding new ones for the beta).

Replace the originals under TPW's folder. They must replace them, dont just extract into any folder. A new game is needed for some of the fixes to work properly. You can export your character and reimport him on a new game through character window -> statistics. (28/09/2011 - 02)

The guys that have the rgl error must still download its proper one below. Let me know how this fares in the long run and thanks for the fast feedback, it helpet a lot. As a reminder this is an Open Alpha Test version.

Update for the folks that get the rgl missing texture error:

Unzip and paste into TPW's Resource folder, replacing the originals.

Fix for athenian lod plus additional lods for thespians and other troops. No need to start a new game for this one. Goes into the Resource folder:
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