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I have a fully-made Marinan companion, though to be fair I made him more of a religious warrior of Spiritual Enlightment. Since we already have a candidate for that role, I think I'll pass this one and instead fill in the spaces for the Serpent Host and Elephant Guard companions if that's alright with everyone.


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well heck, if you have a fully made Marinian companion i think its more reasonable to use that one then :grin:


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lol looks like i was late for the party by 4 days.... oh well i cant wait for these companions to spice up the battlefield


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Wait, so what's the situation on the Marinian, Elepehant, and Serphant?
edit:didnt chk lore for elephant guard oops


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Name: Kublai Monterivvi, or the “Bastard”
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Fighting style: [Either Marinian or Elephant Guard, not much horses at all]
M: To a certain degree, crossbows and halberds, and definitely the Marinian armor
EG: But enjoys this fighting most, bows, sickle (if you could make his Reckoning  :wink:) and shield

Good fighting
Emphasis on training, leadership, persuasion, and engineering

Personality: Wise and stern and sharp though with a colorful, yet tragic, backstory
He has done many things in his time in Ponavosa. Despite being a mercenary at one time, he would be distrustful of other mercenaries, explaining that the Elephant guards are loyal, and don’t work out of pay, out of land duh.
Other companions:
He wouldn’t enjoy inexperienced companions, claiming they would get everyone killed with recklessness. He would enjoy veterans like Bunduk.
He can relate with the Black Army bastard but wouldn’t understand men like Lezalit.
Aetius the Imperial he believes is a perfectionist, annoying but trustful in some ways.
Zhdan is a poor soul to him (mostly neutral positive).
He takes Glordan the Adenian as a stereotypical unnoble Knight, but yet gets to know him.
He hates Calvic for his for profit stance.
He would trust Krewlod, but dislike Bardok for his war thirst.
He enjoys Cutthroat Boris's hardworking life.
The Villain is very noble, he believes.
Thinks Gelu is a coward.
The Jotnar Clan girl reminds him of Kublai's mother.
Doesn't want Whitney with them.
Drinks with the Conquistador.
Wonders why Kilt the Antarian's childhood is so wretched.
Trusts the Marinian on the part that he is noble and unhappy of his mercenary past.
Remembers the Elephant Guard girl... as well as her past.
Considers Madame La Douche to be a total fool of himself.
Wary of both samurai's intentions.
Hates the Swadian merchant.
Neutral with the Marinian diplomat, more positive.
Dislikes the Shining Eagle but enjoys Gile's company.

Back story:
50 Years ago, a young Condottieri squire named Giorgio Monterivvi, 13 years old at the time, a third son of a prominent Marinian governor, was part of an expedition into Ubum-Izwe, on the order of current leader Rotler’s grandfather. The expedition would have been exterminated by the Elephant tribes, had not a beautiful woman (whose name Kublai won’t reveal until death) prevent her father, the clan leader, from killing young Giorgio.
They fell in love (even though it was forbidden by the father to marry such barbarians, and so the father viewed Giorgio with distrust). The condottieri stayed in the village, which would grow in to the city of Malabi under his watch, and watched his expedition safely go back to the homeland of Marina. A son was also born, whom he would name Kublai, after six years of the scandalous affair. Yet the couple was not married, so Kublai was considered illegitimate, a bastard. The father was furious, and then the unexpected came, as Giorgio challenged the tribal leader (not yet the Elephant Guard) for the leadership, and came victorious.
Soon the couple would marry, and for tradition, a married couple could then legitimize the child. However another son was born, making him heir, yet Kublai did not care for the spot of heir. Children his age still spat on him, calling him “Bastard”, or “Scourge”. He loved his powerful family much so he did not care, even as plots against them slowly rose into much unrest during his life at Ubum-Izwe. This was before the elephant’s coming, and as story dictates, the tribes followed the elephant, and once it died, into Khergit territory. 
A small tale is that unfortunately one tribe ended up going to the Sarranids, and that was the tribe of his mother, when Kublai was 13.
His father and mother were still going strong into their 30’s, when they separated from the tribes heading for the mountains. The worse part was that Giorgio was the head of the confederation of tribes, yet his son, Kublai’s brother, helped rally the confused Elephant guard tribesman into the hands of Sanjar Khan. The Elephant-Sarranid war, as it was called, lasted a week, and resulted in tremendous defeats for a certain Sultan Hakim. It did not last years (and a conquest of the desert people), as Sanjar Khan quickly managed to rescue the Elephants at war with the Sarranids. Sanjar at the time was a boy monarch at 11 (for his father died in battle against the Swadians), and was luckily interested in Ubum-Izwe.
Sanjar, becoming good friends with Kublai, who was older by 2 years, sent him to scout out Ponavosa along with Kublai’s family, a hundred lances, twenty archers, and two hundred shaman-warriors. This was 26 years before SOD: W, when Kublai was 18. Eight weeks into the expedition they were attacked by the army of Centurio (his rank at the time) Gaius Marius, as the shamans and Khergits were seen as native savages. Kublai’s family and army was killed save for his brother’s son, whom he would raise as a guardian. The battle would haunt Kublai forever, for he failed to hold the vanguard, thus letting his father’s and brother’s ranks get swept by triarii.
Returning to the Khergits a broken man, he reported to the Khan about the situation in Ponavosa and left his nephew to lead the mercenaries. Returning to Ponavosa for new opportunities (as his parents were dead), he also developed a war sickle called Reckoning, while hanging out near present day Kithmow. This was 20 years before SOD: W. Learning about a resistance in all the parts of Ponavosa with a resistance leader (and having a famous meeting with the leader later), he helped lead a band of Villanese tribes with a request from a certain dvor, who is now an archduke.
As it turns out, his nephew and Sanjar would come with the Khergit invasion, being an important general. Kublai turned down an offer of being a vassal, left off into the sunset, enjoying his last days with ale in his hand, or possibly one last journey.

Armor idea- When finding Kublai he'll have a light crossbow with a sickle, as well as armor with about 25 protection (depends on how the companions' usual armor stats are I guess)

Recruiting rough draft:
KM: Hello there fellow.
C:Hi there. Care for a drink?
OR It's Sir or Madam next time old man. Remember your place in the world. Good bye.
KM: Man, I haven't drinken... for what, a year or two? I stopped, getting too expensive.
C:Indeed, sir.
OR Looks like someone couldn't hold their liquor.
KM: The only man to call me sir was a man named Sanjar Khan; we go back. You see, the Elephant Guard was welcomed by him about thirty years ago; they were lead by my father, a Marinian. He also rescued the tribe we traveled in. As you see, my legitamite brother went to Khergit lands, but my parents and I went to Sarranid territory. Gave them a good licking though.
C: Seems like I could use you, you've seen a lot.
KM: Definitely, I can handle Marinian weaprony as you please. The Elephant Guard armor isn't really attractive as this age, not since 26 years ago...
C: What happened?
KM: Nothing, another time... sir.

Helpful mission text:
KM: Kithmow... damn this place.
C:What happened?
KM: I was on an Expeditionary Company with my family, we were attacked by Imperials lead by this man named Gaius Marius. I would like to know what happened to him. Anyways the battle site should be over those hills.
C: What is at the battle site?
KM: Dead Imperials, Khergits, and Elephant Guards. I couldn't hold the vanguard. I was only 18, Father. (Kublai looks sullen)
C:How about we visit the area. We can recover anything your family owned.
KM: Perhaps. I can send them to my nephew, he leads the Elephant Guard right now.
C: Well, let's check what is there!
OR Perhaps another time, Kublai.

STR - 9
AGI - 12
INT -15
CHA - 6
Main Quest idea: Track the ruins of the battle between Kublai's army and the Imperials, and find the skeletons of Kublai's family. Upon finding the battlesite there will be an ambush by Native Rebels wanting the hidden loot there.
Additional stuff

Does this guy work?


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i will read your backstory tomorow since its late but about the age: aint it a bit to old? I cant imagine a 68 year old man being fit enough to march and battle with the rest of the world of ponavosa.


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Read a bit too much game of thrones  :smile: old wrinkly men with great swords. Will do!

Edit: i noticed a lot of the new characters are young, so is it ok to make Kublai a little older? Older soldiers tend to be still fit(EDIT: in fictional realms anyways), but its your say on the matter... if its ok i didnt really plan for him to make him a fighter type, more like a leadership and possible recruit for vassleship, like with high persuasion and leadership
But its you say of course
Finally thx for responding


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Thanks a lot  :smile:, gonna edit him asap (EDIT: 12:18 p.m. check)
I will work on the Serphant host dude, if that is ok, but hes gonna be evil (snakes are evil lol)

although i have like science fair stuff (middle school sucks)
Edit: lol i am like obsessed with this project, got nothing better to do, anyways did the serphant host guy. he isnt evil, but he his character can be changed.
One more note... ever considered a samurai npc? i noticed there are the minor ronin mercs


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Serpent host,

Name: Aureolus
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Fighting style:
Cataphract, heavily armored horses and armor. Heavy sabers and lances, basically Serphant Host Cataphract armor.
Is dumb as a rock, strong as a bull
Can be easily influenced, but can tell if someone does not like him. He would like leader types to protect him, or at least charismatic characters. Would not like characters with lacking battle skills. He acts like he is 6. He is the perfect candidate for the main player to influence positively or negatively. Even as he looks normal and scarred still he goes into childish fits. 
Back story:
Aureolus was born to a Rhodok peasant and a Serpent Host Khergit who served under King Graveth. When he was a baby his family was killed by mountain bandits near Veluca. Little did he know he would not be alive save for a man/woman with horns (some survivors claim to be BOSS). The person on the horse said, His father was a cataphract, no? So he shall be called Aureolus (a famed cataphract commander back in the day).
At 7 he took a mace to the face by a Mamluke while running bolts for the Rhodok sharpshooters. Despite his apparent sudden lack of intelligence, Aureolus recovered and grew into a beast of a warrior, having nearly a thousand kills against any foes of the Rhodoks. His strange, childish demeanor still unsettled his employer Lord Kastor. He ended his enlistment after illustrious duty with Kastor of the Rhodoks, which could help him get any job he wanted. Alas, he lacked the intelligence for anything other than jester or janitor. Arriving in Ponovasa, he finds a land rich with warfare, which he relishes. Going from tavern to tavern on his warhorse looking for an employer, Aureolus has found home.

main quest idea:
Well, this determines whether Aureolus will have a bad or good personality in the future. It is discovered an evil split personality is envoloping Aureolus. A mercenary captain offers you to loot a village (selected randomly) to attack, but that mercenary captain was a bandit who killed Aureolus's family. Killing the bandit will free Aureolus of his small mental capacity, but attacking the village will make Aureolus an evildoer, but also you possibly with the large money reward. Attacking the village may leave it permamently damaged if it can be coded.


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haha nice :grin: kinda reminds me of an orge :p

you can always work out the samurai character, we can see what we do with it.


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Well I am sick yes and today.... so i can probably work on another character considering i have nothing to do.


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If you permit me I'll post my own Marinan and Elephant Guard inspired companions here... I spent too much time working on them just to trash them out. Manekemaan will decide who to pick, or whether he wants all of them  :???:

#npc19 = Marinan inspired

Name: Kazter de Regor
Age: 42
Gender: male
Skill focus: Weapon Master (one-handed weapons, polearms and crossbows), Shield, Power Strike, Horse Archery, Leadership
Fighting style: as a veteran Landsknecht mercenary, Kazter is flexible in his fighting style but relentless in combat. However, upon coming to Ponavosa he purposefully switched most of his wargear to lighter armament to better suit rough terrain combat situations; hence while he wears classy Marinan chainmail and iron hat, his actual weaponry includes a light crossbow, a one-handed arming sword and a steel round shield. While he prefers close combat, Kazter is also a competent marksman, even while on horseback (though his actual Riding skill is abysmal). In essence, he is a balanced combatant who can manage in most situations and be specialised as he levels up.
Personality: Kazter de Regor is a righteous and courageous warrior of justice, even though he cannot deny his past as a mercenary since he can put up with injustices to a certain degree before flipping out. Given his vast life experience, he possesses much wisdom and likes to share advices or provide mentorship to younger companions. He's, all in all, a local "Paladin", despite the fact that his morality may not be in line with the established laws...
Background: (included in recruiting dialogue)
Recruiting dialogue:

<Kazter de Regor>: Greetings friend. There's a whispering around town that you're looking for some capable brothers-at-arms. Is that true ? I would be delighted to join you in thy quest across Ponavosa.
- (Accept) A kind offer, but I'd prefer to get to know you first.
- (Neglect) You must've misheard something, I don't hire anyone. Good day to you.

(If "Accept" is chosen, dialogue continues)

<Kazter de Regor>: As you wish, <Player name>. Oh, don't be suprised that I know your name - the townsfolk here are suspicious to newcomers, so the town watch has eyes and ears everywhere. And I used to work with them for a while, thus it wasn't long 'till I was informed 'who' stepped through the gates of our humble town. It is an honor to meet you, thy majesty.
<Player>: Well... thank you, but I still don't know your name.
< Kazter de Regor >: Of course, how impolite of me. I am Kazter de Regor, once a mercenary captain of a Landsknecht company in the service of the Republic of Marina, though now I am more of a lone freelancer who wanders this continent, lending my services to those who are most deserving of my aid; this is how I repent for my foolish past misdeeds.
<Player>: What misdeeds ? You look a fine enough fellow to me...
<Kazter de Regor>: As I said, I was a mercenary captain. When Ponavosa was discovered, untold masses of soldiers and would-be settlers decided to set sail towards its shores in hopes of riches, fertile lands and a better life. My company of sell-swords was assigned by a Marinan merchant family to capture land 'round some river, suitable for watery traveling and farming alike. We went through many battles with the natives, particularly the Akcy and the Tuljuze tribes. We treated them in the same manner like we did with the Imperials during the War of Recapture - burnt their villages, looted their properties and slaughtered them, sparing not even women and children. We thrived on our unjustly claimed wealth like ordinary bandits. What's worse, I was enjoying it.
<Player>: But there was something that changed you, right ?
<Kazter de Regor>: Indeed. Suffice to say, our company outperformed itself, and acquired much, much more land than we were supposed to. When we sent report of this, the Marinan government somehow decided that the merchant we worked for has no claim to the extra territories, and instead they were proclaimed state-owned, henceforth belonging to the Republic of Marina as a whole. As a bonus, for our band's "services to the republic", I was promised the title of lieutenant within the Regular Army of Marina. As you can imagine, our employer wasn't quite happy with these developments.
<Player>: I suppose he wasn't. What happened then ?
<Kazter de Regor>: Our employer moved in with his family and personal gathering of servants and household soldiers to start erecting buildings on his new Ponavosan property. He asked us to celebrate the event together with him, but later that day things went horribly wrong. After I went to bed by nightfall, soon some comrades of mine came to my tent - and tried to stab me with their weapons. By some devilish luck I evaded the blows; I yelled at them why they turned on me, but there was no reason to be made with them. I ran, ran as far as my legs could bear me. Not knowing what exactly happened, I had to disguise myself and stalked around our employer's property to see the truth behind the treachery. Somehow I overheard the merchant talking with his guard captain, about how he bribed my own men to kill me, and how he'll have my comrades slaughtered after he exposes the murder which in fact was all arranged by him. All because we worked 'overtime' and thus our employer's business rivals could gain a foothold on the new continent along with him. I tried to warn my comrades, but their answer was a crossbow bolt to my shoulder. They wanted the prize money on my head still. Again, I ran, knowing I would not see my companions ever again.
<Player>: That's terrible !
<Kazter de Regor>: Yes... that was when a thought struck me... were I not their captain, but was it someone else, and me a simple soldier, offered a bribe... I would have killed 'the captain', too. Why ? Out of greed. Greed... the driving force behind all evil. My trials did not end there yet, though. I have been wandering for days without food, and scarce water, until I stumbled upon a hidden Akcy refugee camp in the woods. I was wounded and weak... by then, I spoke a few words of their language, and asked for help. What I received was about a hundred glares, all filled with unconcealed mix of fear and despise. None granted me shelter nor any aid at all; they just glared for a while, then decided to ignore me, leaving me there, as I crawled on the ground, my shoulder wound festering with disease. I cried out, loud and piercing. I was cussing and cursing and begging. It availed to nothing.
<Player>: Still, you stand here, quite healthy and all...
<Kazter de Regor>: Yes. For the very next day, one of the elderly hunters dragged me to his patchwork shelter, gave me some food and medicine. Fortunately for me, he spoke the Calradian common language on a basic level. I thought he helped me only to interrogate me, and I wasn't far from the truth. He asked if I was alone, and if there were others chasing me. After some talking, it turned out he knew me personally: in one of the skirmishes, it was I who murdered his son in battle. And he, the old wreck he was, could not help, and was dragged away from the fighting by a cousin of his. I was half-expecting to end up killed in the next couple of moments, but as you may see, my fate was not to perish that day.
<Player>: That's interesting... continue, please.
<Kazter de Regor>: As I learnt, the Akcy traditionally do not mourn their dead for long. They believe that each person's life is predestined. Each life has a purpose, and once fulfilled, it ends. Their thinking resembles Spiritual Enlightment in some aspects... and was also the reason why I was left alive. The refugees simply thought they had nothing to do with me. But the old man felt he had. Through our conversations, I became familiar with Akcy worldview... I questioned the old man that what could have been the point of so many innocents dying by my hands, and why am I going through my suffering. His answer was... intriguing, to say the least: "Perhaps to make you think. Perhaps to make you reconsider life, and this time choose a different road." From that point onwards, my life changed. As soon as I recovered, I set off on a journey across the continent, ever opposing those who are controlled by their greed, and misuse their influence to oppress and misguide the weak and poor.
<Player>: How come you're here then, and ask to be employed by me ?
<Kazter de Regor>: This town had some rather decadent officials - until a month or two ago I exposed them to have them replaced. The townsfolk were grateful and wished to grant me a titled position, but I neglected their offer - this is not my destiny. However, I began to realize I would be able to help a lot more people were I to acquire a position of greater power. You, <Player name>, are known as an ambitious individual; were you to rise high, I would rise along with you, and thus be able to spread justice across the continent. I know there are untold masses of foes ahead until you achieve your ambition, but I do believe that the end justifies the means... to a certain extent. If you make sure you commit no more honorless acts than necessity requires, I'll get along somehow. So, what do you say ?
- (Accept) Wander lonely no longer, Kaztor; in my band, you will find many kindred spirits !
- (Neglect) I need no goody two-shoes lecturing me while I burn villages. Get lost.

(If "Accept" is chosen:smile:

<Kazter de Regor>: Your words warm my aging heart with new passion, <Player name> ! I shall gather my belongings and prepare to march out within the hour. I shall not fail thee, I swear it !

NOTE: he could develop a friendship with Gab 'Kilit' Norston (the Antarian companion I put up earlier)

#npc30 = Elephant Guard inspired

Name: Twigwhistle
Age: 20
Gender: female
Skill focus: Ironflesh, Athletics, Weapon Master (one-handed weapons, bows and throwing weapons), Tracking, Power Throw
Fighting style: Twigwhistle handles throwing weapons of all sorts with frightening skill and is a somewhat decent archer; while she is lacking in physical strength, she is dexterous enough to hold out in melee combat. A handler of multiple weapons, she carries a set of throwing daggers, a reflex bow and a sickle-like sword (like that of the Battle Shamans), but hardly wears any armor (or any clothing at all for that manner...) when you first meet her. She fights on foot, since she has no Riding skill.
Personality: Twigwhistle may first come across as childish, loving and meek, however she does possess all the bravery and skill of a true amazon of the Elephant Guard, and her insight to others' personalities seems rather uncommonly developed. If someone treats her with care and respect, she will do so in return and be a loyal, if somewhat hardly predictable companion.
Backstory: since Twigwhistle is mentally ill, she cannot re-tell her backstory right at the recruiting dialogue, so I'll do it for her: she and twin sister were part of the Elephant Guard expedition that accompanied the first Khergit settlers on the new continent. However her sister (who was always more dominant) committed dishonorable acts in combat, which led her to being exiled from the Elephant Guard, not to return until she learned her lesson. As additional punishment, a sign was carved into her back to signify her exiled status. This is where Twigwhistle's story got messed up, as she tried to trace down her sister on her journey to accompany her into exilement. However, she eventually found out she became a leader of a gang of rogue sell-swords, and wanted nothing to do with Twigwhistle and the Elephant Guard anymore. To emphasise her opinion, she had Twigwhistle tied and she ordered her men to carve the same sign into Twigwhistle's back like the one she had, and leaving her behind. More determined to stand up to her sister than ever, Twigwhistle traced her sister again, encountering hostility wherever she followed after her (remember, they are twins...), until the time of confrontation came. Her sister proved superior however and cracked her skull, then left her behind again. She was found by the town watch of the nearby town and taken into custody, with everyone believing she was the villain that terrorised the local peasants. The skull injury, however, inflicted her mind, making her into a more childish personality than an average woman of her age, and the judges decided she was free to go, but not to leave the city and a watchman always had to supervise her. Ever since she is trying to find companions to track down her sister and set things right, however so far no-one listened to her childish riddle-speeches...
Recruiting dialogue:

<Twigwhistle>: Is there none in this place of eternal drinks who would attend my plea ?!
<Player>: Hey, calm down girl. What's your problem ?
<Twigwhistle>: A thief ! Damnable, wretched thief had stolen my body, and stop her me must !
- (Accept) I suppose I could listen to her rambling a little... it may be entertaining.
- (Neglect) I should back off from this crazy witch...

(if "Accept" is chosen, dialogue continues:smile:

<Twigwhistle>: (The girl's eyes glitter with some indescribable mix of childish hope and the curiosity of an adult woman as she measures you, as if in anticipation of a reaction.)
<Player>: Umm... your plea intrigues me. I mean... how could your body be stolen ? You seem to possess one, after all...
<Twigwhistle>: This body and look, mine it's not ! It is one of a thief, one treacherous and murderous, and in stead of thief, me is punished !
<Player>: Is it just me or is this developing into an "evil twin sister" story ?
<Twigwhistle>: Twin... twin ? Twine ? No... twin is two things twined by not differing. Sister ? Si-s-ter... sin-is-ter... sin-is-there... nay, no such me have.
<Player>: What makes you think there is someone who has your apparence and is running amok then ?
<Twigwhistle>: Remember, me does... before iron marred my head, I hunted thief, who stole my body ! Between mine fingers neck of thief snap, will ! Thief wears my body like cloak ! Everything taken, mesmer-misery granted in turn ! Thief took even mind of mine... forgetting had I... no, forget I musn't ! Not yet ! Not yet...
<Player>: (Sigh), I tire of this. There is no such thing as a body-thief. You are clearly just ill and need treatment. Nothing was stolen from you.
<Twigwhistle>: EVERYTHING WAS STOLEN ! (Her outcry is so anger-filled and desperate that you feel as if the very earth beneath you shook for a moment. The girl continues while she struggles with tears.) After metal kissed skin of me, I woke up beneath a whistling twig, and all passer-lookers knew me, when they not did ! All the thief hurt-harmed were there, and in the stead of thief, me blamed, accused, hurt... 'till one who knew truth, pity granted... but voices cease not, still me here, hear... hear them. No take it any longer, me cannot ! (At this moment, even as she wipes off a teardrop, the girl appears suprisingly mature and confident.) Yet thief strong, help I must possess.
<Player>: Hm... weeell... (I might regret this, but oh hell.) You do look like a warrior, and I need helpers myself. What do you say ?
<Twigwhistle>: Help in turn of help, deals both just-jolly !
<Player>: Um, yeah I think so myself. One thing, though. What if the thief you seek happens to be dead when you find her... or him ?
<Twigwhistle>: Thief uncanny-cunning certainly is, die the thief is unlikely if not by hands of me. But Sessar a day thief's carcass will gnaw... and sense within senseless world must mine heart find. That anywhere could be... by even your side, if your and mine spirit happen a-like.
<Player>: Sounds reasonably good to me. What skills do you offer ?
<Twigwhistle>: Aim with eyes un-faltering, feet swift and blade that is curved like tusk of mother Elephanis.
<Player>: Well, in that case, welco-
<Twigwhistle>: (Suddenly a town watchman barges into the tavern, gazing around, finally his eyes fix at the girl. "Going 'round town tellin' your stupid story again ?!" - he grunts. Confidently, the young maiden shifts her gaze to the watchman and replies: "When story true is for more than one, stupid no longer is it !" After a few moments of awkward silence, the watchman turns to you. "Hey, you do know this girly here is not allowed to leave town for being accused of murderin' and lootin', righty ?")
<Player>: (Sigh), just when I was hoping for cheap labor... Supposing I 'insist' on bringing her along for whatever reason, what would it cost ?
<Twigwhistle>: (The girl presents a childish smile, staring at the watchman in await of a reply. The watchman scratches his balding head, then answers: "Weeell... two hundred Denars should suffice for a bribe." The maiden's eyes glitter with hope and her smile is that of a triumphant adult.)
- (Accept) Here's your money. Now let's go- ...what was your name again ?
- (Neglect) This whole circus is just not worth that much. I'm off, good day to everyone.

(if "Accept" is chosen, dialogue continues:smile:

<Twigwhistle>: (As the watchman happily leaves with his illegal income, the girl turns back to you.) A name... "girly" they called me, for no such thing have me. Upon thieving mind of mine, name stolen as well...
<Player>: Well, you've got to find a new name then. If you've lost your memory and the thief has to die, you could be considered a 'reborn' person.
<Twigwhistle>: First thing upon waking me felt was... whistling twig... twig whistling... twig-whistle... Twigwhistle. Let me be this new life. Does your life possess name ?
<Player>: Indeed. It's <Player name>, and I shall soon introduce you to my other companions as well. Welcome to the band, Twigwhistle.
<Twigwhistle>: (All of sudden, the girl who now calls herself Twigwhistle embraces you, with her arms tenderly fondling your back and head, her left cheek meeting your right; this is not a hug of passion, but that of a long-lost sibling who is not alone against the madness of a cruel world anymore. She whispers to you some more words, with unexpected, though temporary coherence and intellect, as if a final seal to your newfound alliance.)
<Player>: W- what are you doin-
<Twigwhistle>: You, too, were hurt... betrayed by kindred life. Now you and I, torment's twine intertwines... let us go.
<Player>: ...yes. Let us.

- she could have a quest to track down her twin sister.
- she could have a romantic relationship with Gab 'Kilit' Norston (the Antarian companion I made up a while back)
- I planned her 'true' name to be Femi, and her twin sister's name is Kakra.


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Well I'm sure the mod team wouldn't mind two more faction related companions, as the original companions come from the same places also. Unless it is really minded  :shock:


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With regard to Katzer de Regor, do you reckon he'd only appear/agree to travel with an adventurer with positive honour?


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@darthdj31: I'm part of the modder team, and I know that I don't mind  :lol:  however I gave up working on companions due to my time shortage (I have my hands full with dialogues and quests anyway), thus manekemaan is in the position to decide about the case IMO.

@manekemaan: no problem bro, read them when you have the time.

@DaElf: that depends on how much programming do we want to do. All things considered, companions showing up or joining the Player could be scripted to depend on certain factors, but I don't think that's a necessity - he would leave the Player after a while anyway if he/she acts evil.


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Here is my idea for a samurai... he kinda got power hungry though.
npc#34 samurai
Name: Asano
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Fighting style: Samurai dragoon  2 handed katana, of course horse-able muskets, and sword. He has been nearly stripped of his ranks so you would have to reclaim his possessions in a quest.
Kobayashi has his: armored horse, special katana, and Miyamoto's musket, unique items i guess.
Personality: Does not talk much, nor complains, unless the other NPC is evil or dishonerable. He only retains his honor and also disregard for the barbarian Imperials who killed 9.91 million of his people. So he hates Imperial companions.
Any other possible Samurai companions he possibly knows (I saw another one in a later post than this one)
He hates himself, but to improve his character you must attack the army of Kobayashi, slay him, and reclaim Asano’s equipment for yourself or him (it is a quest idea anyways).

Backstory: [Note, I invented a story for the Asano's people, but not specifically the RONIN mercs from Xyren, they just also are similar fighters]Samurai were part of a society where the Zerrikians now reside. Their name is lost even to Asano, as it was destroyed literally by the Imperials. Following an isolation policy, they did not contact other natives much, if at all. It is believed more than a thousand years ago a refuge civilization (from the Xyren area) escaping warlords similar to the Khergits arrived in the massive continent and set up a nation there. Any progression was quickly wiped out by the Empire, and since the samurai society was hidden, historians to today put the samurai as a little side note in history during the history of Ponavosa (p. 234 A History of the Empire March 15th, 1357 Edition).
However, during the conquest, the word surrender was not known. Imperials who surrendered met a brutal end in labor camps, and likewise, the samurai fought to the end or suicide. Over 500,000 Imperials died attempting to take the samurai’s culture. About .9% of the civilians plus soldiers lived, and the 90000 evaded enslavement. That included Asano, but not his family. He was taken by his father’s protégé Miyamoto, and trained heavily as a samurai Dragoon. At the same time, several factions arose from ashes in the samurai refuges. Unlike Serpent hosts or the jotnar clan, the samurai did not become mercs, for honorable reasons. 
Back to the story of Asano, when he was 15, 2000 samurai under Miyamoto were camping near a Vaegir caravan (6000 strong) that had sellswords who had served under the Imperials against the samurai. They jeered and laughed at the “cravens”, and encouraged them to “go where they belong”. 
At the same time, a Vaegir nobleman from the caravan conspired with a political rival, named Kobayashi, against Miyamoto, who lead a powerful clan. The rival promised the Vaegir riches to kill Miyamoto. Miyamoto died, but the Vaegir was discovered by Asano. Asano discovered what happened, and he bludgeoned the Vaegir to death with Miyamoto’s musket.
A battle ensued and most of the caravan was killed. The samurai, who suffered only 30 injuries, let everyone else go except the former Imperial soldiers. Their screams can still be heard according to popular old wife rumor. Asano opposed the tortures and executions, but Kobayashi’s new influence had taken hold. A war finally took place when Asano was 20. It pitted the Kobayashi’s samurai, who wanted to modernize the samurai and take away their Code (part of the culture, it was pretty much the only law of the land), fighting the traditional samurai. In the last battle, Asano personally slew the son of Miyamoto’s enemy, Kobayashi. But he went too far, becoming the monster like the Imperials who killed his people’s culture. He did not let the surviving samurai kill themselves. Instead he cut off all their legs and hands and sold them to Slavers.
For 6 years Asano became a tyrant of the people he swore to protect. After killing a boy who dropped a plate, and then the mother of the boy who yelled at him, he went into a deep depression. Not looking for faith, philosophy, or company, he became careless. Out of the blue a thief working for Kobayashi stole all his armor and weaponry. At the same time a Conquistador army working under Vaegir businessmen attacked the base camp of the samurai. The businessmen were in fact the sons of the Vaegir who killed Miyamoto. Yet they gave the option of surrender to the samurai. [The samurai] did not.
A great, final Diaspora ended any hopes for the tragic Nipponese people. You only arrive in the tavern to meet Asano when he asks for you to take his life; he is not worthy himself. Tell him otherwise.