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These are my last two, if that is ok.
NPC#38 Knight of Ashkelon inspired....

Name: Guillaume Garnisot
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Fighting style: Was a man-at-arms among the Knights of Ashkelon. He used the two hander and lance like a normal knight, but used a spike-laced club and poisoned lance during his time in the Slavers. He has mostly Strength and Agility skills, but is good at tactics. The Knights of Ashkelon used bronze armor, and so does he. He doesn’t have his weapons though, so it is required to customize his equipment.
Personality: He is chivalrous despite being of Ashkelon Knighthood, but during his time under a rather brutal Slaver after a leaving the Knights, he became just as ruthless, becoming a top lieutenant. What he did still haunts him. During his time in a village, he became gentle and good again. He wonders about himself much, what he was meant for in the world. 

Backstory: Giles, as he was called, was raised within the Order of Ashkelon.
Having many children, Giles at a young age was volunteered by his father for ten hundred coins into the scrambled order. He trained extensively, the Elders of the order learning he was very much focused… on any task, from stealing bread (the Knights were poor) to reciting the 5th chapter of the Nordic Wars of Succession. Gilly squired for Sir Boris in Sargoth at the age of 8 as mercenaries.
When the Empire fell, Gilly had just turned 15. Imperial renegades coming from Tihr advanced on Sargoth, with King Ragnar dead. The castellan quickly hired the Ashkelon knights in Sargoth despite their notoriety in the Nordic lands for their cruelty years ago.
The battle violent, the Knights were cornered by Imperial horsemen. The mercenaries were all slaughtered save for Giles and Sir Boris, who was captured and was rescued by Huscarls only twenty weeks later.
Giles escaped, but went into a crazed state before being picked up by Slavers. He nearly killed the leader of the group while his men chuckled. Just like with the order, Gilly rose and became respected within the group of Slave Masters. Not much is known during his time there, except simply said, bad things happened. Gilly abandoned his “friends” after being betrayed when his posse of reavers where ambushed by Cataphract horsemen and Rhodok sergeants in Melaka, a village a mile from Veluca. The battle went guerrilla, and the village was destroyed.
After wandering for about five years, he rediscovered his faith and began preaching as a poor man, to avoid detection from his former Slaver associates. Eventually, he ended up meeting a girl and marrying in a Villanese hamlet. But the Slavers who betrayed him found him after five years of rebuilding his shattered life. Like his time in the Slavers, only bad things happened during a period of four days. His life was gone.
Now Giles dons his knightly armor in hopes for redemption, and sees a possible hope in the stranger in the tavern.

NPC# 39 Shining eagles...
Name: William Serinovich
Age: 40
Personality: Strong willed, Will gets into the fight. He is stubborn and ambitious. He is evil and pitiless. William thinks the means justifies the end. (yes my only evil character…) William will join you purely for profit and self-righteous glory. He is charismatic to the end.
Fighting Style: One handed sabers and board shields
William Serinovich was from the Rus lands beyond Vaegir territory. His father went as a mercenary to the Rhodok lands with William as a young child. There William joined the booming private security sector under a Rhodok nobleman. There he was given good armor under the Shining Eagles. He realized all of the men were greener than grass soon enough. As the tale goes, the Shining Eagles got their butts handed to them by the enemy. William ran off with the equipment. Doing odd, thuggish jobs, William became grizzled… and dangerous. Fit as a bull at 40, Serinovich thinks he can take on the world. And possibly this wroth man can.



type : spanish conquistador

name: alfredo

armor and weapon: he should look like a spanish conquistador with good sword&shield and a pistol to make him unique.


holla! want a cup with me?

-sure, but who you are?
-pass by and go.

I be the almighty adventurer, Alfredo Eberardo. I worked for The Conquistadors untill I realized they are a bunch of merciless,blood-hungry bastards.I'm not of that kind, since I am a gentleman and I do not accept dishonorable actions. I am now free, and in search for a renowned commander to work for.

-I think i would be a suitable commander of yours.
-Ah I see, but I don't need such a person for now.

Thank you! but before we leave, I need to repair my father's rusty sword at the blacksmith. that greedy cow wants 1,000 denars for the service.

- here are 1,000 denars, now fix it and join my army.
-you better earn your own money,Eberardo.

*alfredo has joined your party*

note: from what he says he should be upset when u loot a village :mrgreen:

first time i try such a thing hope it is good  :smile:


background story:

-I am Alfredo Eberardo, I lived with my father and he was a renowned rich noble, untill the great war started. My father lost all of his investments during the war, and had to fight alot of battles by himself to support his nation. but that did not last long, he was severely wounded. the last time i saw him he gave me his sword and battle arms and adviced me to stay strong and never give up. he did not appear any time after that. My life changed, I had to work and train every day and make a living for myself like every other person. I joined the Conquistador clan as a regular soldier untill I found their dishonorable actions and brutal behaviours. I left them and decided to live either as an honorable soldier or as an innocent townsman.

-And then shortly after, I joined up with you.



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#npc25 = The Void inspired (I know there is one but I didn't feel that it fit what the void religion truly is.)

Name: Yazerath (Yaz for short)

Age: Mid 30s

Gender: Male

Fighting Style: Ability to USE just about any weapon but specialized in none, he is passive of most things, and fights only to improve himself  as dictated by the teachings of the void. He is fairly intelligent with a modicum of skill in most categories, and overall very balanced. He comes equipped in a dark robe that obscures a part of his face. He has a distaste for horses as he believes that relying on another entity to guide you to victory is a weakness. I would say that his fighting Skills be average but his proficiency levels be exceptionally high

Personality: Yazerath dislikes being called Yaz as he considers it lazy to not pronounce the full name. He is entirely focused on perfecting himself and sees little reason to join the player and even insults him upon his conduct since entering the tavern. He is calm at almost all times until battle begins, when he forms a hard concentration on killing every enemy who dares approach him. He is truly devout and believes that the void is the only thing that matters, and hopes to become one with the void at the end of his lifetime.

He was a priest of the void until one day, he found his family slaughtered in his home, Mother, father, wife, and baby. Over the next few months, he found that they had been ordered to die by another priest. His blood boiled. He stormed into into the anteroom of the church, where the priests were all standing around in a circle, and the Minister of faith standing at their center. Their eyes were all focused on him quickly, some confused, others knowing. Just as he began to charge the priest who had ordered the vile act, closest on his left, a Night stalker stepped out from the shadows and flattened him out on the cold stone immediately after something flew out of Yaz's hand. He was dazed, and the minister of faith looked down at him asking him what brings him here. When Yaz replied, calmly, telling him what the priest had done, the Minister smiled and helped Yaz up slowly.
"I know I told him to do so." Said the minister. "You had a weakness, and now it is gone. You are destined for great things, and they would have only stopped you from reaching your true potential. You have what it takes to be a Minister yourself, but even that is not enough for you. You have the soul. You found your information by talking to the townspeople you had helped since you were a child and they were willing to risk their lives then to give you information, the Heart is also in you. Nobody can deny your cunning and intelligent mind. You have always performed great things, and aided the doctors with their experiments. However, you lack the ability to protect these talents of yours, and while you train every day, you cannot gain the Strength of the Arm while you are within these walls. That is why I am discharging you. Whether or not you take revenge on that priest is your choice, but understand that it was I that ordered him to do so. Will you kill me? Or will you walk away from who you thought you were and become an Avatar of the Void?"

Yaz left the next day, but will never reveal what his decision was. All that anyone knows, is that he will never go back.

Conversation upon Hire:
Y: So what does the Void bring.. stumbling.. to my table today.
Player: My name is Kinseth, and I lead a Warband. Who might I be.. stumbling.. to today?
Player: Not much apparently, I'm leaving! (Leave)
Y: You lead a warband? I could easily see you falling on your own sword before your enemy does. My name is not important, carry on with you.
Player: Oh really now? How about a duel then...
I don't need this from a person like you! (Leave)

Then the duel determines whether or not he joins and he will regularly duel you (once a week) in order to better himself, but if he ever defeats you then he will leave and you will have to defeat him again to make him rejoin OR he could just be gone for good. Duels would be equal equipment, random choice.


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Computica said:
manekemaan said:
sound pretty good. computica could the duel event be done?
Which duel event? The in-battle or out of battle one? By "done" what do you mean?
The one stated here.,173283.msg5626733.html#msg5626733


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I'd rather not do anything like that until after we get to phase 5 of the mod, for now let's stick with the basic way of recruiting companions as something like that requires special code.


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It wouldn't take much to make him recruit normally, and then add the duels once it is feasible.


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Recently downloaded and am very impressed so far.

Just a quick bit of feedback on this aspect.
I love the really large map with lots of settlements, but I am having difficulty locating companions.
I have come across a few of the 'vanilla' companions.
Are any new companions implemented?
I would like to see lots of them, because I have always found the limited number of them in 'vanilla' & other mods frustrating.

BTW, I particularly like the music you have, not all of it, but most of it is very immersive and well suited.

This mod is really a fine piece of work.
Well done, please continue to develop it.  :grin:

Balla.  :cool: