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No way. I rather remove cutthroat boris and add gelu as old gods inspired. In fact that's what I'm planning to do. I wasn't feeling comfortable with Boris as old gods inspired anyways. Just give me some time to modify things, then they'll be ready. And of course I will gladly rewrite the first topic as well after I finish with gelu and boris. But I'm not going to change Gelu as a non-archer or non-expert trainer in no way.


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:p no problem master ronin, just a suggestion otherwise I would have created both of them and made them duel eachother to the death :grin:

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Okay Boris and Gelu are uploaded.
Gelu :,173283.msg5144873.html#msg5144873
Didn't change anything in his dialog, skills etc. Just made it the old gods inspired, and uploaded new pictures for his arch enemy Kreegan. The story of Gelu and Kreegan will be told by another companion I am working on now.

Boris :,173283.msg5128815.html#msg5128815
I leave the Boris as it is. It won't be used, unless you or someone can find a use for him.

As for the first page:

Ok guys so here is what is what:

Originally I was making 16 new companions based on a game I used to play.

#npc17 = Dart Feld
#npc18 = Shana
#npc19 = Lavitz Slambert 
#npc20 = Rose
#npc21 = Haschel
#npc22 = King Albert
#npc23 = Meru
#npc24 = Kongol
#npc25 = Miranda
#npc26 = Lloyd
#npc27 = Dabas
#npc28 = Drake The Bandit
#npc29 = Commander Puler
#npc30 = Master Tasman
#npc31 = Indora
#npc32 = Zieg Feld

These would all be pretty cool, all would have one skill at lvl 10 and the rest normal. All would start at normal lvl. 7 of these companions would revolve around Dart Feld, the leader before they came to this country. 5 of the 16 are of noble blood. They all have very specific moralities, proficiencies and limited rebuilding space (my goal was to make you follow their chosen path)

But these are for later because you guys wanted faction based companions.

So now we will try to do this:

#npc17 = Antarian inspired
#npc18 = Vilianese inspired
#npc19 = Marinian inspired
#npc20 = Aden inspired
#npc21 = Zerikian inspired
Name: Zhdan (a Kievan Rus name ) ((WIP))
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Background: Born into slavery to one of the noble families of the Zerikian Sultanate he toiled under the merciless whips of his masters in a stone quarry until he was dragged to war to fight for his master against an Antarian noble over some land dispute. He was given an axe and along with hundreds of other slaves was forced to charge the center of the antarian battle line. The battle was a disaster, the zerikinan`s were defeated and the surviving slaves were simply left to die on the battlefield. Being only lightly wounded he managed to stumble away from the battlefield to a nearby village. The villagers nursed him back to health and in return he stayed and worked for them for an entire season. As winter was coming and the village was already very poor and half starved and could not afford another mouth to feed for the winter he gathered the few belongings he had and left for the nearest town. He was free form a life of slavery but had nothing except the clothes on his back and a rusty two handed axe scavanged from the battlefield so he set up to try and make something of his life as a hired worker, a guard, a sellsword, for whomever would hire him.............and that`s when he meets the Player.

Personality: Values freedom for himself and others (naturally) hates the zerikian sultanate and any who use slaves and abuse the weak (like bandits) he would hate the Player if he were to sell prisoners to the slave trader (i forgot his name). He wants to travel and see the world and most of all wishes to be treated humanly ( payment food etc). He likes other low born people (companions). Only hates noble companion that resemble his former masters.

Fighting style: He has received no military training at all but working in a stone quarry (and surviving) for most of his life have made him very strong. He doesn`t know how to fight mounted (or ride for that matter) doesn`t use a longbow or sword and shield combination or polearms like halebards voulges pikes etc.  He favors a two handed weapon a shield on his back and a crossbow (maybe musket later) because they don`t require a lifetime of training to use effectively. His strength allows him to wear heavy armors and fight in them.

so what do u guys think?
Also i`m thinking a scarred face as a portrait, maybe also missing an eye from the battle
#npc22 = Imperial inspired
#npc23 = The one inspired
#npc24 = The old gods inspired
#npc25 = The void inspired
#npc26 = Natural philosphy inspired
#npc27 = Spirituel enlightement inspired
#npc28 = Black army inspired
#npc29 = Jotnar clan inspired
#npc30 = Elephant guard inspired
#npc31 = Serpent host inspired
#npc32 = Conquistador inspired

Now how do I want you guys to help me?

Make your own companion:


#npc23 = The one inspired

Gender: XXXXX
Fighting style: XXXXX (must state guideline for armor, horse and weapons)
Backstory: XXXX

EDIT: Forget those first companions, dart etc. They  where the ones I WAS making, but i stoped for now because we are going to make faction companions first!

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c#npc29 = Jotnar clan inspired

Name: Brynhild the Gallant
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Face Code: 0x000000000010001c33a4d4920b4d475300000000001cc95c0000000000000000
Noble: Yes


Ok, the last one was a joke :razz:

Personality: Brynhild is a shieldmaiden and a noble. Yet there is more, she is also a bard. She enjoys, telling and listening stories and composing poems to honour great heroes. Thus, she is a very friendly companion and dislikes evil deeds such as raiding villages. Another thing about her is, as Gelu is one of the heroes she interests; she tells the story of gelu to the player.
Not to mention, he likes Gelu.

Fighting style: As any other shieldmaiden, Brynhild prefers to fight mounted with a shield and sword.

Backstory: Not much is told. Only that, she is raised in a noble court but left for adventures.

Emerald Circlet
Lady Dress (green)
Leather Boots
Northman's short sword
Heavy Round Shield

Here's a picture of the items. Items that are in the right inventory(equipment chest) are not related to Brynhild.

Abilities, Proficiencies and Skill:
Brynhild will not be the most powerful companion in your warband. Her skills are rather, influential. As a lady brought up in a noble court, a skilled bard and an elegant young lady she can seduce any man easily. Yet, she is not all talk. She can also be a strong rider.

Strength - 10
Agility - 18
Intelligence - 17
Charisma - 25

Notable skills
Persuasion - 10
Leadership - 4
Riding - 5
Power strike - 3
Power throw - 1
Power draw - 2

One handed - 130
Polearm - 150
Archery - 60
Throwing - 70

Bry - Brynhild
Adv - Adventurer
*The player starts the conversation by hitting the 'action' button towards Brynhild.
Bry: Greetings. What is your wish?
1- Greetings to you as well. And my wish... is not important, besides yours milady.
2- Oh! aaahm... Umm.... Gulp. I goodbye. (Feels shy)
Bry: (smiles) You are very kind noble sir. Having a nice chat with you is enough for me but if there has to be a wish, I'd like to know you better.
1- Sure, my name is *PLAYER*. I am leading a warband. may I have the honor of knowing you more?
2- I am the owner of this inn, and this city. Actually I own many lands in the Ponavosa. Wanna see my fiefs baby?
Bry: Sure thing. I am Brynhild, a daughter to an impoverished noble of Jotnar. As it has been told to me, my father was a mean ruler and a brave man. During a raid, he has been slain. These are all I know of him. My mother raised me in a court. There is not much to tell actually. All I do was joining feasts, speaking with redundant words and those kind of things.
Bry: Eh. It was not all boring. The thing I liked mostly, was listening to stories. Thus, I left my court to learn of more stories. I became a wandering minstrel. I miss my mother sometimes, but I am confident with my choice.
1- That is very nice. Can you teach me any poems?
2- It was very interesting. But it is time to farewell
Bry: Normally, I would take a payment of 300 denars for that but be my guest. Repeat after me -- Where the wind blows towards the east -- Where the dolphins sing in the desert -- There a green sun rises from the sky -- In the mountains so far -- A dream with clouds launched it's cry -- A journey to beginning has ended  -- The journey of thunderwrath the grey --
Bry: Hurry, there are many stanzas to go -- Storms, clouds and echoes in the high -- As it is like an eagle's fly -- Thunderwrath began his march in the eye of the sky --
1- Pffh what kind of gibberish is that?
2- an eagle's pry... Thunederwrath bribed his mirth in the eye of a spy?
Bry: Haha. I think this kind of storytelling is not for you. Forget it, you can't impress any lady with this whatsoever. Let me tell you a story of our generation, which I like to tell. It is about a ranger known as Gelu. Gelu was a ranger in the Villianese forests.
Bry: Later on he learns that a man corrupted with power begun to pillage and ransack settlements in the southern regions of Ponavosa. This man was a slaver chief known as Kreegan who had more than 500 men in his command. Some even called his the Lucifer for his both acts and appearance.
1- Please go on.
2- This seems like a cliche story. Why should I waste my time with it.
Bry: When Gelu, learned of this man gathered his ranger friends and defeated Kreegan to stop his evil deeds. Not to mention, he done it with only 68 longbowman against Kreegan's slave crushers and wicked army which are more than 500 men. That is all in short. Are there something you may want me to do?
1- Yes there is. How come you join my party. It is good to have a good storyteller always.
2- No. Thanks, for the story. It was inspiring.
Bry: I would gladly accept. Give me a few moments to prepare and I'll be ready to move.

The name, Brynhild, comes from the story of Siegfried.


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#npc23 = The one inspired

Name: Whitney
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Fighting style: She is completely unexperienced. She has been in the care of her family for her entire live and her survival skills are basic. She knows how to cook a basic meal, she became capable of shooting wild prey with her bow and is a capable rider because of her riding classes at home.

For a woman she is pretty strong and athletic, mostly because of her love of sport. Especially this strange sport where you need to get the ball across the net and try to make the other people fail at catching it.

Because of this she is probably able to equip, with a little training, all but the most heavy armors. Tough this might not only be because of her physical strenght, but also because of her stubborness. She refuses to be unable to do something that a man can do.

Personality: Whitney is based on my rl girlfriend :p She is a stubborn, but very passionate woman. She can be very sweet and attentif but when you get on her bad side, its very hard to live with her, tough she is very forgiving and always wants to please everyone. Also she has a very intruiging emotional side she tries to hide from everyone, except those that have stood by her for a long enough time, and by doing so earning her trust.

One of the most importants aspects about whitney is the fact that if she wants something, she really goes for it. She does everything in her power to attain it.

Backstory:  She was raised in a family of the one believers as an only child. Most of the rituals needed to be a full believer where performed on her. Tough she doenst really believe in the one, her ways do seem to be inspired be him. She would never harm an innocent, is always ready to help the people arround her, etc.

She lived with her parents, till the age of 16. Then she had her stubborn mind set upon exploring the world. So one day she took a boat without even knowing the destination. She bribed the captain, because most people tought a woman on board brought bad luck. She dressed up like a man, which was very hard because she had the most admirable female body, and lived amongst the sailors for 2 months. Burping and farting along with them.

On day they finaly arrived on the huge island they called Ponavosa. There she quietly snuck away, took a bath in the nearest river and started traveling.


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Okay, so here's a character with some quick background stuff, tell me what you think. Also if you like it can come up with some dialogue/statline.

#npc28 = Black army inspired

Name: Jonathan Fisher

Age: ~30

Gender: Male

Fighting style: An experienced fighter who has fought almost his entire life, mainly on horseback. He uses Bastard sword and a knightly heather shield. As armour he wears heraldic black armour. He also has a double barreled pistol which he just got and barely knows how to use.

Personality: Jonathan has grown an unhealthy relationship with alcohol due to problems with his past. he is a depressed man growing older, tired of sitting on his ass drinking all day, seeking a way out of this lifestyle. He recently joined the Black army in hope to find an army to fight for, but for some reason he is yet to be hired...

He is a very neutral character who really doesnt care about others. He might cause some bickering among other characters though, due to his drinking habits.

Backstory: Jonathan is a bastard son of a noble family. He did receive combat training of the nobles but not the treatment. At age 16 he caused an accident which killed one of the sons of the noble family, leading to him being kicked out of the family for good, never to be seen there again. This is the time when John first joined a mercenary company, for fighting was the only thing he really knew how to do. Years passed, he somehow continued to survive and was given a small company to lead.

Somewhere around age 25 he and his company took part in a battle against a barbaric tribes, which they lost. This resulted in slaughtering of all the people and cattle in the area and the entire mercenary company and army they (mercenaries) fought for. John, and handful of others were spared, to spread word of what happened there. John blamed the incompetent commander of the army they fought for, and himself.

This lead to a drinking problem which John still has. 6 months ago he wanted to change his life for better again, so he travelled to the land of Ponavosa and joined the black army. This brings us to the present.

Because other characters dont cause any moral impacts on him, i was thinking if it would be possible to link his morale to the ale. What i mean is that if you have ale in your inventory, he would be your best friend, if you dont, hes going to make you suffer. Is this possible to code in to the game? Cuz i have no idea  :roll:.

face_key_1 = 774002191
face_key_2 = 32d24a136a69492c


Hiring dialogue:

Fisher: ...Yes?
Player: Uh, hello there, i was just wondering who a man dressed like you might be?
Fisher: Me? John Fisher, mercenary. You hiring?
Player: 1: As a matter of fact, i am. Care to tell me something about yourself?
            2: No, not a drunk like you atleast... (end conversation)
Fisher: *deep sigh* Very well. Was a commander of a small company, partake in a war. Things didnt go as planned. Men died, like they always do. Now im here, drinking ale and waiting.
Player: ...What is it that you are waiting for?
Fisher: For someone to hire me, isnt that obvious? Damn, it's pretty weird how a skilled warrior like me cant seem to find a job around here...
Player: 1: Well, i am looking for competent companions on my travels, anything you truly excel at?
            2: Yeah, it's pretty weird. Bye. (end conversation)
Fisher: *sigh* well, i am a skilled swordsman, usually fight from horseback when im *cough* sober enough *cough*. I can handle myself in a fight, altough my skills are slightly rusty from all this sitting around...
Player: 1: Well, that sounds good enough for me. I would like to hire you.
            2: You know what? get ouf of my face, smelly bastard. (end conversation)
Fisher: You do? Well then, only a small problem at this moment. I have been drinking here for some time now and i owe some money to the tavern keeper here... just a small amount... x denars (i have no idea how much this should be, considering the equipment he starts with. However in my opinion it should be atleast around 10 000 +-5000.)
Player: 1: x Denars!?! Very well, i hope you know that i will make you work for this. (player hires Fisher)
            2: x Denars?!? Now thats a whole lotta didley! There's no way you are worth that much. (player refuses to hire Fisher)
            3: Say what? I dont have that kind of money on me. (player has not enough money)
Fisher: Great! thanks for this, i really need this. Oh and... this is kinda akward... could you bring some ale on our on the travels? I think that my "efficiency" might drop if i go long without it... you know, just to keep my feet warm out there? Actually... here, take this, bought it earlier. Kinda running low though. Yeah, there, thanks. SO, give me a minute and ill be right with you!

Conversation ends here.

So, this is a rough dialogue i came up with. Decent stuff at best. Fisher has drank buttload of ale these recent years and his speaking is pretty much unaffected by now. Well, he becomes more talkative when drunk, as clearly seen here. More of his personality is to be shown after you have travelled some time with him or, like with the existing companions, when you get near some village/castle/town. Also Fisher will come to ask your name sometime after you have hired him. ill come up with that dialogue later. Sleepy now.

Also, i think that Fisher should give you one barrel of ale when you hire him. However, this barrel should be something like 5-10/50, John consuming one-two unit(s) per day (this could be random if possible, also would be awesome to have him consume 3 on some day (like 5% chance)and him being unable to ride his horse that day).


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really original idea with the ale! i like it :grin: lets see what our coding god says :p (computica)

i like the char as wel. Could you add some pictures?


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:smile:. So, should i make some dialogue for him? Also, if needed i can come up with some more companions, i have couple of ideas still left in me... :idea:

Oh yeah, i once more edited my first post, pics now with entirely black armour.


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#npc32 = Conquistador inspired

Name: Victor Hames

Age: 25~

Gender: Male

Fighting style: Victor fights on foot, first using his pistols to soften up the enemy, then slicing them in half with his greatsword.

Personality: . A man who truly believes in strict disciple, virtue and valor and heroic deeds (this can include heroic sacrifices). Does not like the idea of a woman fighting alonside him. Also hates anyone with some other problems (Im pretty sure John Fisher is on that list). A very problematic guy to have around.

Backstory: Not too much is know about where he came from, mainly because all he talks is his present life. if he does talk about the past, its some military humour story to raise morale or a way to discipline his men with tales of valor, virute, glory and death. He is an equivalent of a sergeant among the Conquistadors. He partake in a fight between Vaegirs and Swadia (on Vaegirs side), which Vaegirs lost. Vaegir's low morale at the time cost them the victory and now Victor travels around, looking for a worthy company to join.

Victor is a a guy who really hates basically any female companion's and/or a female pc (what an ass). There would be character's like Lezalit who's company he would enjoy. A hard character to have around but he has his uses...

Hiring dialogue:

Hames: Hello there!
Player: Well hello! and who might you be?
Hames: Ahem, i am Victor Hames, proud sergeant of the Conquistadors! You might have heard of my exploits, no?
Player: 1: No, i do not think so... But i would like to hear about them.
            2: No i havent and i just realised i dont want to. Goodbye! (End conversation)
Hames:Very well then, i will enlighten you my friend. As a sergeant, it falls to me to keep the men in line. I will do my very best to keep them fighting as long as possible, and to train them to their absolute peak of mind and body. Do not let my calm attitude fool you, i will promise you that your men aint going to like me when i get into action.
Player: 1: Sounds promising, please continue.
            2: Sounds like you might not be what im looking for. Take care! (End conversation)
Hames: This one time we were ordered to defend a small village. Of course there were no other troops nearby, i mean who would attack such a far away village... It was harvest season and the kingdom really needed the food though, so they sent us there. Our scouts reported a sighting of bandit warband, their numbers to be in hundreds. There were only 25 of us... and of course the 5 dozen peasants. Fleeing would mean certain death. The king would make sure of that.
Our men were trembling. Sure, we had the technological advantage. Sure we were better trained. But that didnt warm our hearts at all... It would be 2 days until they reached the village, and it fell to me to train the peasants into an able militia. Our officer and rest of the men build hasty defences around the village, creating a tunnel to funnel the enemy into. I whipped as many peasants into decent fighting shape as is humanly possible in 2 days. I taught them to stab with their "polearms" at command and to hold their ground. To take care of the man besides them. The glory of fighting under good leadership. We prevailed. The bandits had never seen anything like it. Some of them managed to escape, but only because we let them.
Player: 1: That sounds amazing. How come youre standing around in a tavern then?
            2: Quite the story. Too bad i dont believe it. Bye. (End conversation)
Hames: Well, lets just say that we happened to be on the wrong side on our last conflict... Now im looking for a company where i might actually live to see the first paycheck.
Player: 1: I would be interested in hiring you and i can quarantee that death is not my goal.
            2: Well, good luck in your search. Bye. (End conversation)
Hames 1 Great! then my standard hiring fee would be x denars. (no idea how much, slightly more than the cost of his equipment prolly so you cant just strip him and profit)
            2: Haha, is that a joke? A woman leading a company, oh my... (end conversation) (only triggered if pc is female.)
Player: 1: Here's the money. (hire Hames)
            2: That's way too much for you. (end conversation)

Relations dialogue:

Sir, can i talk to you about something? (this is the line Hames approaches the player with, pc can say yes or no or however the dialogue works with vanilla companions, cant remember.)

About Lezalit: Sir, i have to say that Lezalit has proven to be a worthy companion, one of the best i have met infact. He knows how to keep the men in line. I know he can seem almost cruel sometimes, but he gets results.

About John Fisher: Sir, with all due respect, this John Fisher doesnt seem like a trustworthy fellow. I mean he is always drunk and he even dares to ask you to supply him his ale!? I have to admit that he has some guts, but his complete disregard for discipline is outrageous!

About any female companion: I cant understand why companionX is with us, sir. Women are good for many things and fighting is not one of them. Battlefield is a place for men, virtue and valor, not for wenches to dance around in their skirts. Having a woman around with this many men has a bad impact on discipline too.

Other dialogue:

Failed to complete a mission: Sir, i know you must have a reason for doing that, but remember that your inability to complete a task given to you will have consequences. You will lose some of your believability in the eyes of your men, and your honour will be tarnished. I hope you remember that in the future.


face_key_1 = 672003385
face_key_2 = 451a911889492493


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Since I gave up on my own companions project due to lack of free time, I think I'll just post here what I've come up with (either in several posts or just update this one).

EDIT: I have enough sketches to fill out the remaining companion spaces (and even more if necessary), so I think the project can be more or less finished... unless someone else desires the honors of filling in more companion spaces, of course, in which case I'll withdraw my applications  :wink:

#npc17 = Antarian inspired

(Face will be provided... eventually)

Name: Gab 'Kilit' Norston
Age: 21
Gender: male
Skill focus: Weapon Master (one handed and two handed weapons), Athletics, Pathfinding, Power Strike
Fighting style: while Kilit has some very basic Riding skill and starts with a Stumper Horse, he prefers to engage in foot combat where he can put his weapon mastery to the test. He carries no less than 3 weapons at the start, a bastard sword (main weapon), a knobbed mace and a handaxe. In addition, he has a battered yet enduring kite shield and wears a similar armor as Antarian regular infantry (chainmail), along with leather trousers, boots and gloves, but no helmet to speak of. Kilit is a real survivalist who can hastily adapt his style to the environment, and is not picky about where or when is the battle fought. He can't deny his service in the Antarian army however, for his favourite weaponry are his bastard sword and trusty, ever enduring kite shield, both of which are family heirlooms.
Personality: despite his young age, Kilit appears to be world-weary and cynical due to his hard childhood. Cunning and daring, even if at times a bit cowardly, he makes creative use of whatever he can get his hands on, however cooperating as part of a group is not his strong point due to his anger issues and overwhelming honest criticism of other people. As time goes on, however, he will eventually calm down and learn to be a better man - loyal and valorus, living up to his family's legacy.
Backstory: (included in recruiting dialogue)
Recruiting dialogue:

<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Ahoy there, bossy-looking person. Are you, perchance, looking for capable sell-swords ? Cos' you have one right here.
- (Yes) I'm indeed hiring soldiers recently, but speak a little about yourself first.
- (No) I don't need soldiers with an ego that matches mine. Good day to you.

(If "Yes" is choosen, conversation continues:smile:

<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Oh come on, is this really necessary ?! I'm kind of in a hurry you know !
<Player>: All the more reason to speak up. I prefer to know who I'm dealing with.
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Oh fine ! (...why do I always get the pushy employers...) ahem, I'll try to sum things up in short. The name's Gab Norston, but call me just 'Kilit'. I'm from the Kingdom of Antares, leading state of the Empire of Antaria. My family was quite wealthy but saying that I was born with a silver spoon in the hand would be an exaggeration. Cos' I was the fourth-born child. That means almost zero inheritance. So as soon as passed my 12th winter I was simply handed over to a distant relative working at the military. Said it was for the sake of my future. Hah, some future that turned out to be...
<Player>: Why, what happened exactly ?
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: I'll get to that in a minute. That uncle of mine was determined to make me a perfect soldier but I'm not the type who likes to take lectures from old geezers. I guess my stubbornness is my sole heirloom but it is something I decided to hold into throughout all the years of constant training and fighting I was put through. Then finally after over eight freakin' years I was allowed to leave the army. Hear that ?! Not a single medal or promotion, no reward for risking my sorry ass for faceless superiors each and every day, just permission to leave without consequences ! Whoever heard of such crap ?!
<Player>: That sounds cruel but didn't you do something to upset your superiors ?
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Well I can't say I was a role model. I often got into drunken brawlings, cheated in card games, argued with sergeants and gave the finger to my uncle. Nothing worse than any average soldier in the Antarian army. Though the last act I mentioned was probably decisive. I have no evidence but it's quite obvious that the old bastard had arranged for me not to receive any reward for my otherwise fabulous performances on the field. He probably thought it was a fair punishment for my "disobedience". Grr, just the mere thought of it...! Bah. Thinking back, he just couldn't stand me more than I could stand him: not at all. He got what he deserved, though.
<Player>: Which was ?
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: I stabbed his neck.
<Player>: I have a feeling we won't be partners.
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Hey, don't judge so hasty ! Those eight years were a livin' hell for me, hastening my uncle's natural passing was the least I could do to make up for it ! Look, I promise I won't be stabbing you or any of your guys at all, okay ?! Listen, I really need work so can I proceed with the job interview ?
<Player>: ...suuure...
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Glad to hear this. ...aaanyway, after my... desertion, I joyfully embraced my newly-found freedom and embarked on a great journey to discover the world. Being chased through three countries by a punisher squad was quite motivational. Finally I heard rumours spreading of a new continent, so I sneaked up to a ship in an Adenian harbor, feeding off the supplies. As soon as I was found, the captain displayed his disapproval by whipping me several dozen times. Ah well, at least I didn't get thrown overboard, that's how mercy works I guess. As soon as we reached the shore I was kicked off so I began wandering around Ponavosa.
<Player>: And...?
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: And ? What "and" ? I'm just trying to make ends meet, day-by-day. But living on my own is proving to be difficult so now I'm considering a long-term work contract. What more do you expect me to say ?
<Player>: Okay, enough life story then. What skills can you offer ?
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: I don't mean to brag but I'm a fairly good warrior, ain't the type who is picky about weapons and such... even though I prefer using my sword above all. Plus, during my long journey I learned how to find the best marching routes and shortcuts. I'm sure my experience in that field will help to make your warband more mobile. I have some riding skill as well, though I prefer to fight on foot.
<Player>: Anything else I should know of ?
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Well... there's one thing.
<Player>: Fill me in.
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: I... kinda' stole an axe from the local blacksmith so the city guard is searching for me. Don't panic, they can be bribed. Just hand, say, 200 Denars to the watchmen at the gates and we can leave freely, no problem.
<Player>: Ahh, that explains it all. You just want me to bail you out.
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Look, I broke my woodcutter axe last week and I couldn't afford a new one. That sort of thing can happen to anyone once in a while ! Please be considerate ! Pleeaase...?
- (Accept) (Sigh)... Okay. But if you plan to run off the moment we exit town I'll castrate you.
- (Refuse) I don't risk my money and reputation for such a despicable person. Farewell.

(If "Accept" is chosen:smile:

[<Player> loses 200 Denars]

<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Um... (...damn, how did you figure it out...) No worries, I swear I'll be a loyal henchman ! Just give fair payment and food portions, I'll get along. One last thing. What's your name exactly ?
<Player>: I'm <Player name>.
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: So it's <Player name>, hm... (...that royal offspring whom the rumours spoke of ? This may not be so bad after all...) Say, do you mind if I called you simply as "Boss" ?
<Player>: As long as you obey me, I don't.
<Gab 'Kilit' Norston>: Okay, Boss ! I'll just grab my stuff and then let's depart immediately !


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:grin: An interesting character there, i was just about to make an Antarian one too. Well, better this way, mine would have been a plain one. Also, i think that i could make the Marinian based companion, if its okay with everybody here?

Oh yeah, once again updated my first post, John Fisher now has hiring dialogue.