SP Fantasy The Bones of Ragnvald (Version 2.1 released!) (Now Open Source)

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Ser Jon

This looks and sounds so incredible! I'm a sucker for fantasy so I will definitely keep an eye on this project!  :mrgreen:

Also, those screenshots look hella awesome.  :wink:


Coming soonTM


Anyone who wants to be part of a beta test, send me a private message. Will release on a couple weeks.


Two updates:
Zamnayan troop tree, plus new emblem:

The Twitch streamer HitPointInn will be playing the test version of BoR this week, be sure to check him out!


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Now this looks interesting...

Two questions for the start though. Is there any source of extra stat or skill points other than levels or books? I'd like to know in order to plan my character better...

Second, I went into a tavern, there was a guy named wanderer, apparently a mix of traveller and book seller. Okay, but while I was looking around, another guy came in, accused the wanderer of stealing his purse and killed him. So...what was that about? There apparently wasn't anything to do with this, did I lose the access to those books he had forever, was it a start of a quest I missed or was it just flavor event that had no impact?


1) The third possible source of points is legendary items, which sometimes may boost one stat or another. Most significant way to gain stats is leveling up.
2) Random event.

Glad you're enjoying!


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So far, looks wonderful, but the mod seems to be mathematically challenged (2.1 full file from ModDB on WB 1.174). Arena counter starts at random number around 25, causing it to go into negatives if you survive long enough. Books, at least the one you get from that steward in the first castle, don't display proper read %, and it shows 53% read when it is in fact fully read. And sometimes, I get the prompt that battle is won while there is still an enemy left.


Battle won = last enemy is routing.

The other two i know about and am looking into.
Eventually, I had downloaded this mod this morning, I found there is a war mist in the map even can't cancel it by the cheat, maybe it will add more entertainment or mystery to the players? And I'm glad to see there are more special spots on the map, which really can cheer up our players:smile:
The main quest series seem to not end now, maybe there will more version release in future? Like chapter 3, chapter 4?



You can remove the fog of war using the cheat menu in sandbox mode. Yes, there is more to do to complete the main quest. Whether that happens for Warband, Bannerlord, or a standalone game I cannot say yet.
I want to know 5 sons of Iemasior are real gods? or just some of powerful man? Their real figure is really huge or just like mortals tall in ancient time?

And I can't found the fog of war in the cheat menu after I had switched on the cheat mode in the configuration of M&B launch engine?
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Loving this mod. It is utterly polished and self-contained. Clearly, a massive amount of time and effort has gone into its development.
One question, though, and I'm sorry if this has already been addressed somewhere, but is WSE required or only optional to get the full experience? Thanks!
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