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Active Team:
- Leader, Coder, Lore, Scenes, World map, Everything

Special thanks to:
Fluorite Orchid
- Chinese translation
Backstay/Reus - Lore, Troops, Minor Spawns
Antonis - Code, Misc
Michadr - Code, Misc
Dark Hamlet - Scenes
Bpopa27 - Scenes
Kesh - 2d art
The Archduke of Hell - World map, Lore, Code
Druidic - Lore, Troops, Minor Spawns, Menu Art
Strelok - Writing
If you're interested in joining, message me.

Feature list:
New feature: Story mode -In development
Old feature: Sandbox mode still available -Finished
New feature: Kingsguard -Finished
New feature: AI upgrade their Kingsguard -Finished
New feature: Customizable Player Kingsguard -Finished
New feature: Alchemist staff member -Finished
New feature: Situational random events -Finished
New feature: New soundtrack, each faction has their own music - Finished
New feature: Spawn close to your enemies in small battles, spawn far away from enemies in large ones - Finished
New feature: Better random battle scenes - Finished
New feature: Permadeath (optional) -Finished
New feature: Catacombs of Jokulsfell -In development
New feature: Animated horses in town centers -Finished
New feature: Troop trees report (courtesy of the Dunde's OSP and Rubik's OSP) -Finished
New feature: Tavern musicians and civilians (courtesy of Slawomir of Aaarrghh's OSP) -Finished
New feature: Companion escort (courtesy of the Cada'Drin's OSP) -Finished
New skill: Lockpicking -Finished
New items: Horses -In development
New items: Armors -In development
New items: Shields -In development
New items: Weapons -In development
New campaign map: Aerune -Finished
New scene: Jokulsfell -Finished
New scene: Blackmyre -Finished
New scene: Seocan -Finished
New scene: Cairnloch -Finished
New scene: Duniadh -Finished
New scene: Akrendos -Finished
New scene: Durovernon -Finished
New scene: Adurni -Finished
New scene: Aginnum -in development
New scene: Teracium -Finished
New scenes courtesy of the Bowman's OSP -Finished
And all Diplomacy features

Aginnum Republic:
The calendar of Aerune begins with the founding of Aginnum; under a king. The Kingdom of Aginnum won a few skirmishes with neighboring towns, expanding slightly. But soon, the king's son declared that all land in Aginnum was his possession alone, and the men of Aginnum rose up against him. The result was at first a patchwork nation of ill-equipped militias; the leaders among the militiamen would become the senators in a new senate. After an improbable victory against an Estmere incursion to the fledgling democracy, the generals and legionnaires returned with great glory and wealth, and soon, the Aginnum Republic was established and territory was captured, wars were won in subsequent conflicts with the Erskine, Estmere, and Sarast.

The Republic built great cities such as Adurni and expanded Aginnum; but soon were faced by a threat in Ragnvald's conquest of Aerune in 203-208. Aginnum lost lands including Adurni, only stopping the northerners in a stalemate siege at Faventia Keep. Those lands were taken back soon after Ragnvald's death, however, and the Republic flourished.

Trade flourished within the empire, especially upon conquering a new dominion. It wasn't uncommon to see Sarastan architecture or goods in Aginnum cities following the defeat of the Desert Kingdom in 600s; and the Republic used alliances opportunistically, one year they would war with the Erskine and the next you may find Erskine mercenaries in Aginnum's war against Estmere.

The Republic comprised of a senate filled with representatives of all the major towns and villages in the realm. These representatives would often bicker and fight relentlessly throughout the early part of our 9th century, leading to minimal change and a weakening republic. However, despite the misfortunes, the Republic was still strong. Her army was considered to be the most disciplined in Aerune, and the governmental system, ineffective as it was during the 800s, was ingenious in design, allowing the princeps, a democratically elected governor of the Republic to govern through an age of dysfunction.

In 891, The Aginnum Republic, already suffering from unrest in the Senate, raids in the southern desert from the legacy of the Sarast Desert Kingdom, and disloyal southern generals, the Senators found themselves taken prisoner in their own hall. The Princeps Titus came newly victorious from suppressing an Estmere incursion, took his most trusted officers to the doors of the Senatorial hall, slipped a silver to each of the guards, and told the senate simply: "You live if you obey. Call for the people of Aginnum to hear of their Princeps' glory."

The people gathered in the forum to hear the leader make a rousing speech to deafening applause for a victorious general soon to be emperor; as the senate had crossbows pointed at their heads from just unseen vantage points. The senate looked on helplessly. "People of Aginnum! You suffered as the Senate bickered and fought. When the Hernar invaded Aerune many years ago, the Senate agreed soundly. It was the generals who won you all the war. And what did the Senate give out ancestors in return for their service? More arguing! When the southern Aphillius Dominion became a part of Aginnum, the Senate agreed soundly. But were they the ones who brought that good fortune upon you? No! It was the legion who brought us that. When we had signed truce after truce in this bloody war, each time, how did the Senate reward our ancestors' service? More arguing! Now, as we resume the wars in Aerune, and as the dread warlord Ragnvald rises again, now is not the time for more arguing! Now is the time Aginnum needs a strong ruler! One her people can trust again! My people of this fine land, the day is past when we suffered under the Senate! I will be your Imperator! I will lead our nation to glory! The Aginnum Republic is done. This, my people, is the age of the Aginnum Empire!" The senate was disbanded that very day.

The southern generals and politicians renounced Titus, with the support of the fleeing Senators. They included the Aphillius and Sarast Dominions; but that was no republic. General Kleitos of the Aphillius Dominion took the title of Princeps to please the senators, and sent them to villas to live the rest of their lives in riches as he would rule alone. The Kingdoms of Estmere and Erskine; even though they were in a war with Hernar at that very moment, were in a state of relief at that time because Swangarde was taking the brunt of the Hernar attack. Both kingdoms seized lands to their south. The days of the Republican rule were over, and tyranny would rule the great lands of Aginnum.

Aginnum Empire in battle:
Aphillius Dominion in battle:
Kingdom of Swangarde:
The Kingdom of Swangarde was formed before their scholars began documenting their history, but they hold the plains northwest of Lake Aerune.
Swangarde initially held the snowy north, as well as the swamps and forests where they would later found their capital, Lomrade. However, they were never truly prosperous.
Even the land that wasn't covered in snow couldn't be farmed, and the land that was snow was too barren to gain any trading goods out of. Other nations regarded Swangarde as an equal
kingdom, yet regarded their lands as worthless and unusable. Swangarde used the pre-assumptions to their advantage, using the opportunity to bolster their fortifications, and fielding an
army worthy of respect; though not uniquely powerful.

A village in the swamps of Swangarde, known as Mystmyre for it's fogs which seemed to rejuvenate the soldiers, soon gained repute as a trading port, as boats could travel down the river to the Estmere capital of Valencaden with herbs from the forest and swamp surrounding Mystmyre. Soon, it grew to be the most prosperous town in Swangarde, even attracting a few curious visitors from Aginnum as they sought to gain the benefits of the mist as well. As foreign nobles paid Swangarde ships significant sums to be taken to Mystmyre, and the herbs growing near the town gained notoriety, the city gained a semblance of renown for the kingdom; especially as an Aginnum waterborne invasion from the river was repulsed in one of the first true demonstrations of Swangarde's fighting ability.

That is until the Hernar under Ragnvald invaded Aerune in 203 A.D. Swangarde's northern possessions were quickly lost, and Swangarde called for aid from the other kingdoms in Aerune.
However, each one declined, assuming that the Hernar were simply tribals and that Swangarde could deal with them with their troops. After it became known that a warlord named
Ragnvald led the Hernar army, and that he sought an empire in Aerune, the other kingdoms quickly woke up and sent aid to Swangarde in the form of troops, supplies, and declarations
of war against the Hernar.

However, even as an Estmere force helped Swangarde, the kingdom still suffered heavy losses, eventually retreating to their great town of Mystmyre with what
was left of their army, along with several detachments of Estmere troops. The siege of Mystmyre looked to be a defeat for the Hernar, but the Hernar lord attempted black magic to conquer Mystmyre, poisoning the fog and turning it black. Many civilians died from the poison; but Swangarde still held out until the end of the war, when Ragnvald was finally defeated, and Swangarde regained some of
their lost lands. Mystmyre became forever known as Blackmyre, a shadow of it's former self, with only a few brave enough to live there and pray for the town to return to it's former glory.

The Kingdom of Swangarde never regained what little respect they had from the other kingdoms, and became a troubled kingdom after the first invasion, as Blackmyre had remained poisoned
by the magic for hundreds of years afterwards. Swangarde remained this way, mostly unchanging until 890, when news spread of Ragnvald's resurrection. The Hernar again conquered the snowy
North, as well as Morlanas, from Swangarde.

As of 891, Swangarde prepares again for a hard fight, and this time it may not be one they can survive. They call upon the aid of other Aerunian kingdoms, but time will tell if Ragnvald
can be stopped again. The thought of defeat and the memory of Mystmyre drives Swangarde into battle with determination to defend whatever they have left, and never to lose, for to
lose against Ragnvald, means death.

Kingdom of Swangarde in battle:
Kingdom of Erskine:
The Kingdom of Erskine resides in what the Aginnum Empire labels the Chalcedon Mountains, where the
current residents have thrown off any worry of Aginnum conquest and even unofficially renamed the
highlands "Sléibhte de Erskine" or "Mountains of Erskine" in a cheerfully obscene gesture to their
former Aginnum overlords.

The Erskiner Tribes have a common folk tale about their kingdom's creation: That when demons ruled the
mountains, a pack of wolves fought to reclaim their land. According to this same folk tale, the Erskiners
are descended from these wolves, and so they fight with the ferocity of a wolf, in order to honor their
ancestors before them, and keep their land free from the "demons", who until recently were the Aginnum Empire.

The less superstitious, educated Erskiners claim that their people migrated from lands north of the
lake after the then-recently-formed Kingdom of Swangarde took the lands there from the tribesmen living
there. They also see a greater threat in the Hernar Empire than the threat in the Aginnum Empire. After all,
the ancestors the tribes speak of had to fight in Ragnvald's first invasion of Aerune in 203 A.D., and the
"demons" almost overcame the Kingdom of Erskine again.

This time, however, the Kingdom of Erskine is stronger, but so is the Hernar Empire. With Ragnvald resurrected
and the undead armies of the past rising with him, the demons truly are returning to Aerune, and Erskine is one
of the counties on the frontline against the Hernar. This is enough on its own to unite the tribespeople with
the nobles of the Kingdom of Erskine against the threat, but they also have to worry about the Aginnum Empire
and their newest Southern neighbor, the Aphillius Dominion, both of which although in civil war, are still
strong enough to successfully catch the Erskiners off-guard should an all-out war with the Hernar Empire become
a reality.

The Kingdom of Erskine prides itself in its independence, and its people are hardy mountaineers, but they lack
the proper equipment befitting armies of the period, and the split between 3 fronts is no help when the Hernar
under Ragnvald rapidly approach the lands of Erskine. Perhaps there is room in the Erskiners' scroll rooms for
another legendary hero who will save not only their lands, but all of Aerune.

The Kingdom of Erskine in battle:
Bulhar Gulf tribes:
In what is now regarded to be Aphillius territory, there are still bands of tribesmen that roam the Bulhar Gulf.
These tribals were once an ancient kingdom, if the word "kingdom" was used loosely. The tribals in reality never had an organized kingdom, never had
any castles, and built few settlements.

When the Aginnum Empire expanded into the crater, the tribals responded to their new neighbors with pitchforks
and stones, and in a matter of only a year, the Bulhar natives recieved a crushing defeat in their first battle as a medium-sized army. Aginnum
proceeded to occupy the few areas where the tribals had settlements, and soon the Bulhar were a very small minority. Some assimilated into
republican society, while others remained in the tribes, dedicated to driving out the invaders from their territory. Therefore there was a divide
between the tribal natives and the "civilized" natives, to this day.

The tribal natives never were concerned about such matters as Ragnvald's invasion of Aerune, nor the Aginnum Civil War that erupted this year; Aphillius
governed the territory no differently than Aginnum. The only goal their chieftains had was to regain control of their homelands, each "assault" the chieftains
made on passing villagers or minor caravans was celebrated as a major victory when the tribals returned to the camp.

The tribals are hunter-gatherers, and so do not need money or trade. The weapons and armor they have are from fallen adversaries, and their sources of food
are primarily berry bushes, game hunted from forests and plains, or the haul from the latest robbery or raid.

They pose no overall threat to Aerune or the Aphillius Dominion beyond a few villages; the tensions between tribal natives and civilized natives may erupt into fighting that
can raise concerns and unrest in the crater, potentially threatening the Aphillius Dominion's hold in the region. As of 891 A.D., the only threat they
pose is to village traders, or lone nobles who wander too far while hunting. They are therefore easy prey for any aspiring adventurers who wish some target practice.

Bulhar tribes in battle:
Gletscher Herzanok:
During the unification of what was to become the Hernar Empire in the late 190's A.D., many tribes were conflicted as to whether or not to join the confederation or not. Several blood-related Hernar tribes joined the confederation in honor of their ancestral link to one another. A handful of other tribes refused or delayed when the offer was given, due to ongoing feuds with one-another. Several tribes refused out of blood feud with the Hernar. The unsure Hernar tribes and their rivals were therefore the first target for Ragnvald's army, to show an example to the other tribes for disloyalty.

Many these tribes were crushed and many survivors pressed into service in Ragnvald's army in the years following the formation of the Hernar Empire. One clan, the Gletscher Herzanok, were slightly more fortunate.

The Gletscher Herzanok inhabit the iciest terrain in Aerune, to the far north. This has made them very hardy individuals; however, after the battles between the Gletcher Hernarzok and the newly-formed Hernar Empire, the glories of this tribe are now long-gone. The tribe lost any camps and settlements they had. The Herzanok were forced to become nomadic hunters on the northern glacier; with most times they venture south being for banditry.

The tribe is secluded from other peoples besides the occasional Hernar scout or prospector, and pose little threat to the Hernar Empire currently. However, they remain a fierce, tough people, and pose a real threat to any travellers foolish enough to explore close to the glaciers, let alone venture into Hernar land in the first place. It is unknown if they are willing to reason with other factions due to their isolation, but if they are, they will join only if it means reclaiming their lands from the Hernar Empire.

The blood feud between the Hernar Empire and the Gletscher Herzanok continues; but they are no friends to any outsiders who wander into the northern region of Aerune...

Gletscher Herzanok in battle:

Troop trees:
Aginnum Empire:
Hernar Empire:
Kingdom of Erskine:
Aphillius Dominion:
Kingdom of Estmere:
Kingdom of Swangarde:

Diplomacy Team
TLD Team
CWE Team
Brytenwalda Team
Count of Flanders
Comrade Crimson
Two Steps from Hell
Kevin MacLeod
Ross Bugden
Peter Crowley
Derek Fiechter
Brandon Fiechter
David Chas
Antti Martikainen
BrustwarzenLenny (plus the TES modders listed in his OSP thread)
Gothic Knight
Slawomir of Aaarrghh
Lor Dric
The Bowman
If I missed someone in these credits, please let me know.


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I don't want to play native mod anymore but I hope that this mod will be good enough to change my mind :smile: Good luck

And name suggestions:
-Native Calradian
-Native to Calradia
-More Than Native
-Calradia Conquest
Thank you everyone for the name suggestions, a friend has suggested "Warband Reborn" so that shall be the name for now.

I've been writing some history of Calradia, especially Vaegir history, to go in the Catacombs, here is King Burelek's predecessor:

Still trying to figure how to work in histories of other factions in the catacombs, as well as add stuff about ancient Calradia while still staying true to existing lore. If anyone knows when the Calradian empire dissolved or anything about that generally, it would be appreciated.
Lord Brutus said:
So, is this ready yet, or what? :razz:
When the Catacombs, a few more craftable items, and a few more random events are finished it will be ready; but that may take a while considering the scale of the catacombs.

A note of clarification about random events: They are not the annoying kind of jumping to a menu from the world map; instead, they occur in relation to what the player is doing at the moment (inside a tavern, etc) and are either once-off, situational, or both.

Caba'Drin's bodyguard script has been added.
Helengar: I'll keep that in mind, thanks. I may message you when I get home

BerserkerRezo: Different politics how so? I probably wouldn't do a complete overhaul yet, for the first version at least. But I would be willing to add some things if you specify.

Pitch black: Thanks, I needed that.
I have stumbled upon this "Feature rich" mod http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,324692.msg7664427.html#msg7664427 It has many different things in politics and kingdom managment.
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