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The sands of time have run out,
the cries of war echoes upon the winds,
the remnants of the past scar the lands,
which is besieged once again by conflict,
Heroes arise to challenge fate and lead their brethren into battle,
as mortal armies rush blindly towards their doom,
some names will disappear in the history,
but some shall be carved in the stones of eternity.

This thread is made for those who enjoy the challenge.
Share here your story with one of the most dangerous and difficult mods out there.
I will be keeping a cemetery of characters that are posting here, whenever you guys retire them or they die,
just make sure to post clearly that they did die or you did retire them..

Full Difficulty Settings:
Full damage to player and his troops.
Good AI and Normal (or fast) combat speed.
Realistic Saving with no going back.
No Cheats.

Battle size as you like.

CTRL+PrintScreen saves a screenshot to My Documents.

To make taking screenshots easier, you can use this program - Screen Capture Professional

When you run it, it saves all the pictures that you get with 'PrintScreen' into a folder. So that you don't have to leave the game to save them. Just run the program, run Mount&Blade, take all the screenshots you want with 'PrintScreen', then when you leave the game you can see all the captured shots.



Kazdum, the White Hawk.

Once upon a time there was a Knight named Kazdum, he was once known by his honorable ways of the war, his days of glory ended early for the burden of burring his own men was too heavy for the young man, he was named Knight by his father he was a land owner of a castle and a farm village. He was a very good leader for his people tho times have been difficulty in the land of Europhia the land was devastated by wars and the young Knight kept blaming himself through the years for never picking up his sword and fighting against the Kingdom's Enemies.

Until his 31th birthday Kazdum was a very lonely person, always keeping his nightmares and ghosts for himself never sharing his thought to anyone, but they were getting worse the fear of dying in a bed without really putting himself for a noble cause was consuming him. Finally one afternoon a messager from a Land called Calradia arrived requested to meet with the current Lord. The men brought bad news, that the land of Calradia was once again consumed by conflict and warfare, in the moment Kazdum knew that was his chance, it was now or never, he could continue to live his miserable Lord life or put himself together for something bigger for a noble death, for a Knight's life and death. The messager left and the Knight went to his chambers, he saw his dusty armor and his old sword and shield, for 10 years they haven't been used in combat, he clean them up and calls for his squire to help him wear them, and the squire says: Mylord, why are you doing this? What did the messager say to you? Are we at war again?

The knight finishing with his equipment looked at his squire for a moment and smiled saying: The time for this Knight has come, the land of Calradia is consumed by war, I will ride to war and bring peace to those lands, that will be the deed of my life, then I can die in peace and know that I will have a seat in the halls of eternity, get your equipment, we are leaving in the Morning, The Knight right in the middle of the night go to the village's center and summoned the peasants, that was quite of a view for them, seeing their beloved lord wearing his majestic armor once again mounted on his steed with the sword in his hand he said: My people, I am leaving this land and I am quite sure there will be no return for me, I will leave the ownership of my lands to the village elder he will take good care of you, those who wants to follow me to war in Calradia, are welcome, we will leave in two hours.

The sun was shinning high, the Knight and his companions traveled for long days to the land of Calradia, he never did look back but he heard the cheering of his people he could feel their desire for Victory, once again his blood was pumping in his veins like never before, the path to immortality lies just ahead... or to death...

Day 1: We arrived in Calradia, me and 14 of my men, they were exhausted from the travels for we dint had horses for everyone, the sun was getting down by the time we crossed the Nords border, following the ocean to the west we headed. But in our way a group of brigands was in the road, there was 7 of them, they were completely hostile and no room for a little argument, my men... they were barely trained yet I knew I would have some serious losses but there was nothing we could do about it. 3 of them had horses it was pretty much me against 3 of them and the other 4 were footmen, my men took those out and I managed to kill the mounted brigands but I had some bad injuries and we lost 2 of us, we kept traveling west and we found the Town of Tihr, we went to the tavern to spend the night.

Day 2: after a good night of sleep, in the morning I had a training going on with my men, teaching them basics of fighting some of them were already experienced from the previous battle and were able to get some spoils the others din't had such good luck. We traveled North to the Kingdom of Swardia, we managed to get there without a fight, which surprised me. In the afternoon we were heading towards Praven, the capital city of Swardia. In our way we encountered a barbarian clan, named Bear Clan they were looting dead bodies of traveling farmers and I sounded the Charge for my men.

They followed me, the battle was fierce they were way more skilled than my men if it wasn't for a lucky strike from me to getting their leader down in the very first swing of my sword I think they wold be so disorganized. We left the dead behind us, gave our 3 dead men a few words and picked up the spoils of our enemy, finally we had reach the city of Praven by the night.

Day 3: I left my men in town told them that I would be back in the afternoon and they should be all ready to go, I went to the nearby villages. They are well built villages I guess being in the Capital doorsteps has it advantages, as I entered the village I noticed young men starring at me as they wanted to say something I stopped by the village center and asked if anyone would be willing to join my Company, I managed to get 5 out of this village, and 8 from the next, I had a brief stop to explain to them about our company and how things work in here, they accepted everything and I noticed that they were excited about the change of getting revenge on looters and brigands that have given them so much suffering in the past year. I went back to my men with the new recruits and changed the plans, we would march tot he training grounds so we could get some of them ready, we trained the rest of the day and the following day.

Day 5: After the hard sections of hard working, I equiped the soldiers that show the better weapon training and I gave instructions for those with less prepared to not be in the front line in case of a combat, to try to stick back of the armored soldiers. Now the Band of the Hawk was starting to get on its feet.

Day 6: After a day of traveling with the company a mountain bandit party tried to raid us while camping before nightfall, but they dint expected us to be ready.
Their calvary arrived.
Their calvary being annihilated.
Killing the last survivors.

Day 7: A week has been completed since we arrived, and the Band of the Hawk is finally getting the taste of glory, our journey will continue we have a personal war with bandits, looters, brigands, bear clan and all the plague that pillage and burn these lands, we will fight until the last breath.

(to be continued...)


Wandering Barbarian - Footman polearm/throwingweapons/shield/Heavy-but-light-armour,companion only army(not quite Lone-Wolf). Full damage and AI, fast speed, 120 battle size,realistic saving, no cheating.
Wolf began solo style, drunken fisherman, looters, anything small and weak. Assisted mercs and farmers in trouble. Got a few kills under his belt, bought some chainmail armour, 2 sets of jarid and a shield and hired Rolf. Focused on increasing INT to get first aid(which is so damn awesome) ironflesh/powerstrike/powerthrow, weaponmaster/athletics. Soften up incoming enemies with thrown weapons, used Sprint/Focus/First aid when neccessary.
Early Days.

Had a number of Close calls against the bear clan...

Bought some Vaegir Plate Armour(only 64armour for 42 weight), Crude Great Helm(85armour,2.8weight), Balanced Bardiche(41p,108sp,155reach(ithink). Became the bane of all mountain bandits as there arrows could not cause damage, only their blunt weapons(FEAR those blunt weapons),horses,spears, javelins(they are terrible shots luckily). Hung around a tree near my equipment chest generally, throwing weapons are not accurate and their horse archers take ages to run out of ammo, so I targeted their horses with Jarid.

Got Rolf some vaegir Plate, Hired Katrin(trade). I was in battle against some mountain bandits, Had just took one off his horse and killed him, spun around to see Rolf and Katrin, back to back beside a tree, shields up, with corpses all around them arrows and javelins whizzing passed, It was so Epic I swear I nearly cried. They were both knocked out, but we were victorious in the end.

Continued destroying mountain bandits, had a go at killing different parties with varying levels of success. Got Katrin plate. Hired Ymira. Started taking some video of battles, it really hammers my computer, jumpy frames make my melee skills a little slow. Maybe I will upload some later, 15 kb/s upload sucks. Bought some Thick Vaegir Heavy Plate(70armour,46weight,17000denar.)
Won 2-3 tournaments, lost a few too.

Death via Horsemen of Reyvadin desterters and other random units. Got it on video >.>

End stats.

I was surprised when he actually died, as he had been knocked out a billion times previously. Never fought any lord parties,fallen ones,pilgrims.
Was very fun. Will try a similar Character in a later version.


Kazdum, the White Hawk:

Day 47: We have managed to raise great founds for our cause, I have around 50 men under my command, we have been driving looters, bandits and the bear clan raiders away from the Swardian lands, the gratitude of the villagers towards us is incredible, seems like the lords don't really care about them, all they want is the face other lords in combats. We have been getting free food from them, sometimes even supplies that we can sell in the main towns, those are good people, every day I feel closer with the Swardian Empire, yet I never met their king.

Day 48: We have been traveling in the Nords lands, noticed that some people already heard of us and some of them are not quite happy with the slaughter we have been doing of the Bear Clan, seems like yet they are not accepted in the Nords Empire, some people are still supportive to them, well I guess I can understand them, as the villagers and poor of the Swardian Empire have been calling for our name.

Day 49: We went back to the Swardian Empire borders, fought away two groups of Bear Clan Raiders and Headhunters, we spent most of them day patrolling the borders, I did met with two Lords of the Swardian Empire they both were receptive to me, maybe because they felt like the owe me, for I know I saved their villagers from annihilation. I Asked them how the war is going, apparently they are evenly matched the difference is that the Swardians are in war with the Rhodokius too.

Day 50: Traveling in the Swardian territory, we found a terrible thing. The village of Nameja had been terribly pillaged, looted and destroyed. As we approach the village, we saw the fire still going on in the houses, as we got there death was everywhere, for all ages the few remnants of them were gathering the dead to bury them. I was disgusted with that sight I asked them who did it, they said Lord Reyech of the Nords. I ordered my men to spend the day there, to help the villagers clean everything up and get back in their feet.

In the middle of the knight I went to the village center, raised my sword and said: "Swardian people, listen to me. I am Kazdum, you have known be for fighting a personal war against the pillagers of this land, but now I am about to start a new War, with the Nords. Those of you who want to follow me and avenge your dead friends, husbands, wives, children or friends. Raise your hands and your heads, for in the name of the Hawk, you shall be victorious!" I could hear a great cheering from the survivors, the young had a shine in their eyes that I clearly distinguished as... hope.

Day 51: Within the village and the neighbors villages, we managed to gather 80 volunteers, we would have work to do in the next few days. I sent a few men with a caravan to pick up basic armaments in praven for them, in the mean time I had all of my men training them. So we did for the next 3 days.

Day 54: After the end of the 3rd day, we had our new men ready, we got horses for our venteran warriors, to form up our calvary as we knew it would be necessary to defeat the nords. So we march, the band of the hark was now composed by 130 men ready to fight and avenge the village of Nameja, we tracked Lord Reyech down for the following 2 days...

Day 56: Finally, into the Nord territory we were and we found the bastard and his army, I put my troops in formations and sent him a messager, to put his army in position for he is now facing total anihhilation in the name of the Hawk. So he did, I turned to my men and said: Those of you who are afraid, don't be. I know for many of you its the first battle, and I am sorry for this battle to be your first. Bur raise up your heads, fly above the fear like a Hawk, for today you will have your vengeance, and for those of you who will die today, you will be in a far better place then we, for you will be in the halls of the victorious, we will make sure of that!

Band of the Hawk vs Lord Reych
Its the very first battle.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QNgTZfSjYA (Youtube link, bad res but watchable.)

http://files.filefront.com/EGIII2wmv/;13664991;/fileinfo.html (Good res and quality, 100MB)

After the battle was over, I gather my men around me, I raised my sword and said: Hawks! Thats your first step for immortality! Get drunk in your victory, for tomorrow we might be dead!

Day 58: We had a count of 19 allies killed, 30 wounded but they would survive to fight another day, by the time being we had almost all of them ready to fight again, we were resting by the battlefield area when we saw a new army comming with a Nordic flag, the lord himself showed up to me.

Lord Turya: Are you the.... Band of the Hawk?
Kazdum: Are you comming here to rescue your friend? Because I tell you know, you will face the same swords that anihillated his army and I wont let this bastard go before he kneel before Nameja women who are now widows because of this... barbarian.
Lord Turya: Then, your brief name in this country will be erased from history.

Before the battle started, I lined up my men and said: Hawks! You will now be hunted by the nords, nor did you capture a single lord but you are about to capture another, are you ready for a war?! the cheering consumed them.

Battle of Lord Turya vs Band of the Hawk.
2nd battle in the video.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QNgTZfSjYA (Youtube link, bad res but watchable.)


to be continued...


Character Name: Xansilveare

Old Knight;

died at Day 9, lvl 9, 11000 denars and pretty good equipments.

The most sad thing is, I died while helping King Yarogolek or whatever in an 800 vs 100 battle, and I was on the 800 side.
A stray arrow to the head...


((First off, I love the mod, and I loved EG II as well, although I never finished it.  Normal M&B got way too boring a long time ago for me, and when I played EG 2 and 3 I both times fell in love with it.   That being said, I decided to add my own hardcore character to this gallery.  I play on full everything difficulty-wise, with 172 battle size because that's the maximum my comp can handle without dieing.  This is the story of the brilliant barbarian from the Reaches beyond Calradia, Xyst.  I don't have any video taking software, and haven't taken any screenshots, but I will work on getting some up on here ASAP))


"Fools... They are all fools...." Xyst thought as he crossed the mountains into Vaegir territory.

Xyst had come from a far off tribe in a land called the Reaches.   He grew up accustomed to barbarism and the styles of warfare.   Soon, however, he realized that if the pure brute force of his bretheren could be focused through strategy and tact, they could quickly take over the land that they called the Reaches.   When he set about explaining strategy and plans of conquest to his simple minded tribe, one of them declared Xyst a coward.   According to their custom, when one was called a coward, one must defend one's honor in a duel and win or be banished (that is if they don't die during the duel itself).  And so, Xyst agreed to the challenge, but was quickly and easily defeated by his more powerful brethren.   Cursing his tribe and their land, Xyst soon set out in search of a land that he could control and conquer, to develop a large enough power to one day return home with an army and claim the Reaches for himself.  

Xyst had been traveling for a long time when he crossed the mountains, and was very tired.   So, when he saw a nearby town he was quick to enter it.  What he found was a distasteful sort of people.  Their fighting forces seemed not nearly strong enough to become his army, but despite his distaste for them he respected their prowess with their chosen weapons.   Moving on, he followed the coast until he saw another city.   Upon entering it, he noted the impressive physique and lack of armor of their guards, as well as their various axes.   Intent on fully assessing these people, Xyst entered a contest they were holding in this city (He would later find out that this city's name was Wercheg) that they called a Tournament.   He bet what little goods he had with him on him winning the tournament, and started to pick up various bits of the people's speech.   He did not fully understand what they were saying, but he could understand the fact that if he won this tournament then he would be rewarded with the currency of the region, a worthwhile goal.

Through a bit of luck and a lot of brawn, Xyst triumphed in the tournament.  He had fought many a skilled person in the torney, and had decided that these people would be his chosen army.   He stayed with these people in "Wercheg" for a day, learning what he could about their language before he set off on his quest for dominance and power.

The Early Days (Days 1-14)

Xyst's first two weeks in Calradia were characterized by wide travel, learning about other cultures, testing their power (he was particularly impressed by the Swadian's metal working and style of hair (he cut his own hair there to look more like them before leaving), and winning tournaments for cash to start his efforts.   He basically equipped himself and started recruiting a composite army of Swadian and Nord troops, who worked amazingly well together in melee, with the Swadians taking and blocking most of the hits while the Nords dished out damage.   He set about training himself and his group through fighting the imbeciles known as the Bear Clan.  They reminded Xyst of his own tribe, and so he made sure to take out as many as possible.

The Beginning of His Plan (Days 14-34)

Xyst now had learned much, and had become proficient in many different skills during his training.  He now had an elite band of Swadians and Nords at his command, and he was ready to start his dominion of Calradia through the Nords.   Watching the troop movements of the Nords' enemies, the Swadians, Xyst started to harass their caravans.   After the second caravan he had destroyed, Xyst noticed a large contingent of Nord troops lead by their king heading off into battle for Ryibelet Castle.   Taking all of their strong forces to strike a poorly defended objective?  What idiocy! They were too much like Xyst's old tribe for him to follow them, but he still wanted to control the Nords.   Quickly, Xyst decided to find the claimant to the Nordic throne, and upon finding him was told that he was not yet well known enough yet to create a successful rebellion.   Unhappy, but undeterred, Xyst set out with his group to chase larger game: bandits, headhunters, bear clan, anythign that he could find.  during this time, he had to pay off many a large bandit party to leave him and his men alone, but for good reason: He did not want to die.  It was during a fight against Swadian deserters that he took a bolt almost to the head while wielding his large axe.  He decided a change was necessary, and picked up a fallen comrade's shield and axe, wielding that in battle instead.   Finding that he got hit much less with a shield than without, Xyst decided to stay away from the frontal charge and support during the rest of his battles in favor of survival over glory.    As luck would have it, while looking through the dead of that battle, Xyst found a crudely made set of plate armor.  Upon donning it, he set out for the nearby Suno and bought a Reinforced Large Swadian Shield and a Balanced Fighting Axe, completing his heavy-weight survival gear.   He returned to Lethwin Far-Seeker once again with his offer, and this time Lethwin accepted.  The rebellion had begun.

The Iron Serpent's Rebellion (Days 34-84)

Xyst waited for most of the enemy's main forces to be caught up in battle before moving.  He had practiced his persuasion for days for this moment.   Quickly, he and his army headed to the Nord's eastern settlements.  Catching many minor lords of castles in their beds, Xyst managed to convince all but one lord in the area to join his cause for "Justice".  The masses needed education to become his perfect army, and that's what he intended to give them.  Rallying the rebel lords to him, Xyst quickly struck the remaining enemy castle in the east (Not including Tihr).  Chalbek Castle fell to him and his lords, Xyst had unified the eastern castles under his cause.  Claiming Chalbek as his own, he made many an enemy, which would eventually come back to haunt him.   This strike earned Xyst the name of "Xyst the Iron Serpent".  Soon, the other factions preyed on the Nord's sudden weakness, the Vaegirs claiming Tehlrog castle and the Swadians claiming Alburq castle.  Quickly, in an attempt to crush all opposition to him in one blow, Xyst rallied all his lords to his elite squad and started the dark battle of Sargoth.   He and all his lords assaulted its walls, but in the end they were expelled.   Extremely heavy losses and the capture of Xyst brought nothing but harm to the rebellion, and soon the rebels entered the "Dark Age" of the rebellion.   Eventually, Xyst was freed, only to find that his rebel castles had come under siege by the regrouped Nord forces.  Barely able to delay the Nord attacks and keep himself alive at the same time, Xyst used his allies as shields against the enemy.  Eventually, the rebels managed to capture Knudarr castle outside of Sargoth for a strike point, but by that time they were almost spent against the enemy.   Lords began to leave the rebellion for other factions, going to the Vaegirs and the Khergits, forsaking their armies and duties to the rebellion in the process.   Considering his options, Xyst decided that he would have to give up on the rebellion and either start a new one up in Swadia or join the Swadians as they were now, the taste of rebellion leaving a bitter taste in his mouth after his various losses and dungeon stays.   The day is darkest just before the dawn, they say.  Just as Xyst was readying to tell Lethwin that he was giving up on the rebellion, an enemy army crossed his path.  Lord Aedin, lord of Tihr.  One of the main problems facing the rebellion was the fact that the lords owning Tihr and Wercheg, stalwart enemy strongholds, were either captured or couldn't be found.   These cities gave the Nords refuge and power for fighting against the rebels, and were the death of many a rebel Nord.   Maneuvering his army to get Lord Aiden away from his friends, so that they could talk, Xyst quickly engaged in the life or death negotiation for the Rebellion: the defection of Lord Aiden.  The Lord was pleased by the rebels' messages of justice, however his rival was among them and he was loath to join.  Luckily, and just by the sheer persuasiveness of Xyst, Lord Aiden joined the rebellion.  Not only did the acquisition of Tihr boost the rebellion, but they now had a fully able 140 man army to fight the Nords with.  Riding against the Nords around Wercheg, Xyst found his other target, the Lord Irya, who owned Wercheg itself.  Xyst quickly went to and talked with the lord about joining his rebellion.  The Lord Irya had found great promise in the message of Justice, and joined without even needing to be persuaded.  Having captured all but Sargoth, Xyst brought all his forces together to fight King Ragnar in one final massive siege battle for the Kingdom of the Nords.

The Closing of The Iron Serpent's Rebellion (Days 85-94)

The Second Battle of Sargoth was fierce.   800 men on the rebels' side and 500 on the Nord's side (as well as the walls) it was an even match.  Xyst held back in cover while watching his troops for a time, but seeing that they were losing he decided to do something very unlike him: Charge straight into Death's path.

Xyst ran up with his troops on top of the siege tower he had built, and upon reaching the hellish carnage that was the Rebels attempting to make it on the walls, Xyst jumped for the ramparts.  Barely making it, Xyst ran forward through arrows and axes hurling into his shield and destroying it.  Jumping down behind enemy lines, Xyst broke into a rage of brilliance, combining strength and intellect together to create a devastating fighter (Rage and Focus together).  Cutting through the enemies' weak side, Xyst opened up a way for his troops to break through onto the wall.  His troops soon pushed the Nordic defenders from the walls, as Xyst healed himself from his attack with his very good first aid skills.  Feeling good as new, he picked up a fallen comrade or enemy's shield and charged down with his men to kill the enemies and take the town.  The Second Battle of Sargoth ended as a victory for the Rebels, and they now owned all of the Nordic Kingdom.  This was on the 90th day of Xyst's time in Calradia, and he spent the next 4 tracking down and killing the remaining Nord forces.  The Rebellion was complete, and he had won.   Xyst's mind turned to his next objective: the subjugation of another faction of the area through his new Nordic Kingdom through his puppet Lethwin Far-Seeker.

victory of a quick bear clan killing
Current Xyst the Iron Serpent

The Nordic Wars (Day ~120-???)

Soon, Xyst manipulated the Nords into declaring war on the Vaegirs, whom he thought were weak and should not present much of a challenge.   The Rhodoks took this opportunity to attack the newly reforged Nords, but have had no luck gaining any ground against the superior troops of the Nords. 

Xyst's suspicions of the Vaegir's weakness were confirmed in the Battle of Knudarr when, just outside of Knudarr Castle, 360 Nords (Including a newly trained army from Xyst) fought 350 Vaegirs.  The end result of the long (and laggy) battle was 50 Nords killed, with about 40 more wounded, and 250 Vaegirs dead and 100 wounded, the battle ending in victory for the battle-hardened Nords.

The End? (Due to patch)


BocajacoB has perished in battle at Lvl 29 having defeated 1875 enemies in 95 days. BocajacoB had 46,657 Gold, 39 Strength, 33 Agility, 5 Intelligence, 10 Charisma. Some say those fallen in Battle still wander Calradia for some time.

Unfortunately, I have no story, screenshots, or videos. BocajacoB died as a Wandering Barbarian while sieging a Rhodok Castle.


Kurgan son of Horus, Son of Thorgeir, Arrived in Calradia on the late night of March 22nd 1257.  Eventhough he was a Barbarian he knew how to read, write and count the days.
As soon as he was able he walked into the first available tavern in sight.  He awoke the next morning to find himself with just a few remaining dinars, ale on his breath and vomit on his beard, he chuckled and dusted himself off.

Joornal Entree Marcccch 20something... 1257 I think.
"I heard noises and what sounded like a drunken mob, as they approached I knew I was seeing men running towards me with some haste, and zero coordination, I knew they were drunk but didn't realize they were hostile till they threw rocks and sticks at me". 

He threw back his own sticks which were more effective than those thrown at him.  He dispatched the six men with ease, he realized they smelled of fish, and ale.  When he searched their bodies he was disappointed to find no ale but only fish, He liked fish.  He kicked one of the dead men in the head "New Pants! GAH!" when he realized one of the sticks that was thrown at him had hit him in the left leg, he decided to head North dragging all the fish he took from the dead.

He decided to nurse his wounds in the great coastal city of Wercheg where he spent the night.  He looked for work in the morning, after he had a proper game of Drink! "First one to pass out Losses!"
Walking around town he asked the locals for job oppourtunities, he got one from the Wercheg guild master, a kidnapped girl needed to be brought home, he set out for the village of Kedelke, on route to the site of the exchange he decided to recruit some Swadian peasants, they thought "money" while he thought "meat shields".

Returning the Kidnapped girl took him longer than he wanted(3 1/2 days! for a measly 130 coin!), and realized he could have made more money fighting Looters and Drunk fishermen.  He did that for the next week(or till I hit lvl 5).  "I swear Lady you cost me some pretty pennies! You'd better be giving me more than Coin when we arrive! Muahahaha"

March 30th 1257- Dusk.(lvl 6)
After battling countless bands of Looters and drunker fishermen than him, he had enough money and "Fish! I love fish, oh the wonderful recipies I can create!" to feed a small band which is what he had now.  15 soldiers who a week ago were scared and green citizens of the Swadian Empire were now a band of Soldiers he was proud to call his own.

April 2nd 1257- Midnight (lvl 9)
"I developed yet another recipe which involves... fish." A twitch in the left eye "I swear to Odin and my forefathers that I KURGAN will drink the great Ocean DRY so as to not see another FISH!"

Only three words were clearly heard from his men resting in Pravens' tavern below... Kurgan Dry-Fish...  Considering they saved his life when they dragged him from the field of battle three days earlier they were allowed to call him that... but only behind his back.  He hugged his tankard of Honey Ale and drank till the flame of the candle faded away.

This is my on going story so far, I try to update it as much as I can.   


Loaded the game later in the game... and wouldn't you know it I stumbled into a Migrating Bear Tribe... 58 of my men were taken while I was left on the field of Battle for the carrion.  Lvl 15, 151 kills 9k coins.  I don't remember the other stats.


Pekh Verikypärä  (in english = Pekh BloodHelmet)

He is known as wandering barbarian..still undefeated...
..Agile warrior they say.

"Early days, when i wasn´t so sure how to look in front of my men"

"My first meeting with the fallen ones wasn´t succesful"

"I WILL survive this time..."

"...Or so he thought"

To be continued...

And it continues right now with sad news...

Things have never been the same...
...since Pekh´s black robe, scimitar, helmet and ALMOST all companions were taken by the fallen ones..

But Verikypärä will never surrender! He will revenge his losses in battle!...after the great hangover.



So has come to an end.. the Tale of True warrior Pekh Verikypärä.

I´didnt expect this.. but i think he did..

aww.. he´s almost smiling  :smile:

Damn.. so sad  :cry:


How did you react when he died?
I remember in an early version of EG2, if you got knocked out at all, your character died. So it was really fun and a big challenge to try to level one up. My brother had a lvl 10 or something, and was riding through a battle map with lots of mist, couldn't even see any enemies, sudden throwing axe to the face. Dead. I laughed my ass off, he was yelling NOOooooooooooo!!! ahhh nooooo!
Friggin hilarious.


Master Knight
Jaeke said:
How did you react when he died?
I remember in an early version of EG2, if you got knocked out at all, your character died. So it was really fun and a big challenge to try to level one up. My brother had a lvl 10 or something, and was riding through a battle map with lots of mist, couldn't even see any enemies, sudden throwing axe to the face. Dead. I laughed my ass off, he was yelling NOOooooooooooo!!! ahhh nooooo!
Friggin hilarious.

perhaps it is good to have such a one-life mode in EGIII as well.


Jaeke said:
How did you react when he died?
I remember in an early version of EG2, if you got knocked out at all, your character died. So it was really fun and a big challenge to try to level one up. My brother had a lvl 10 or something, and was riding through a battle map with lots of mist, couldn't even see any enemies, sudden throwing axe to the face. Dead. I laughed my ass off, he was yelling NOOooooooooooo!!! ahhh nooooo!
Friggin hilarious.

well i was like  :shock:
and then like  :eek:
and all the sudden i was like  :???:

the very battle was funny :smile: bear clan raiders around me trying to attack me one by one, i had to be very careful to be not attacked behind. I was like a real berserk! killed everyone trying to approach me.. but then suddenly it ended.. i was so focused to the battle that I didnt even remember that I could DIE!  :grin:

and then quit game.

"The Bear clan got him..finally"

(By the way nobody left that battlefield alive... nobody knows what happenen to the rest bear clan raiders)


(I will update this as I go, so remember to check with this post, if interested)

Thy name is Patrius. I have come from an old order. The Knights of the Final Order. I hath come from my own land, far from here. This...Calradia, it seems to be in a Civil War. Pathetic. After years of remaining on a farm, I believe it is time. I am done with farming. I will ride out to meet thy enemies, destroy them, I shall. For all I know, I am the last of my order. So I shall eliminate any enemy that comes in my way of stopping me. I shall try to renew the Order, but tis a false hope, as no one has even heard of it. But that is what I expect. Today, I ride!

Day 2
We rode hard today. But alas, this is a sad day. My "army" of 14 farmers and 1 vaegir recruit, found our first foes. Deserters from the Swadian Armies. 16 of them, 16 of us. We fought and fought, but they had killed 7, and had wounded 8 of my men. After the onslaught, I was appalled. Never have I experienced such losses. In the battle, twas me against 13 of them. It seems, that in the fight, a rage took me. And then I slaughtered them, one by one. I rode past on Dancer, my warhorse, with my sword out. One after the other, a man was beheaded. Until finally, there were three of them left. I get off of Dancer and met them head on. As I suspected, I killed two of them. Though I am embarrassed, as I was almost killed by one of them. He didn't seem well equipped, militia, perhaps? I nearly died in the fight, but as all of my enemies have witnessed, he was beheaded. I was surprised about my performance. I believe I am starting to get too old. Something tells me that this will be my final adventure... 

Day 93
I have been serving my lord, the great Khan, for about a month now. He has taught me much, and, has asked me to do much. He has called for my aid to destroy the enemy at Haringoth Castle. The Swadians were wiped out with barely a casualty to my own army. And now, the time has come. After already taking all of their cities, only one was given to me, I went to wipe out the last of the Swadians at their last stronghold, Vyincourd Castle. When I got their, their numbers were incredible. I couldn't believe how many men they had. After facing such numbers before, I charged in and put siege to the castle. It was the worst mistake of my life. They came out of their castle completely and attacked me at my own encampment. My lieutenant gave me a count of 706 of them, and only 82 of us. I knew it was near the end. They engaged us, and engaged us they did. We fought hard, then they finally retreated. My lieutenant was killed, so I called upon my Captain for reports. 447 of them wounded or dead, 35 of ours wounded or dead. We tried to abandon the camp, but they just caught up to us. We had to fight again, after ridding them of the burden of 200 men, I was the last left. I decided to join my men on the ground to bring up their spirits. But I regretted it as I was surrounded. My shield held firm. But there were too many. I was holding my shield up, trying to stay on my feet. I heard hoofs galloping, then...Nothing...



I wrote a lot about what happened during his adventure in Calradia, but a bit too much to put it all here. :razz: He spent the first 33 days joining and winning tournaments, making a lot of money along the way (although I started out with the 1+ leadership and 30k bonus), then joined the Nords and set out on a campaign with them. He survived the capture of the Malayurg, Uhhun, Asugan and Sungetche castles, and Tulga, but he died from a couched lance to the back in a battle outside of Ichamur.


I have always liked a hardcore challenge (used to be hooked on Diablo ii hardcore), I wanted to try this.  My choice of character was a hunter, because in my previous games I mostly played melee characters and knights.  My character plan was individualism, no companions, but high level troops, little charisma and leadership.  I hope to build party size by renown gained from fighting with odds.  The high path-finding is a key to my choice. 

Settings are full with normal combat speed, 100 battle size (slow pc), realistic savings. 

I didn’t plan to document the progress until I have enjoyed it so much and reached far!  So no screen shots yet, they will come later!  The dates stated are more or less correct, because I write the down to keep tabs on wages, and to know when to sack mercenaries.  So this is the story of my huntress, from day 0. 

Elena Morpheus – The Great Ranger
Elena had been raised in the small village of Pagundur in the Kingdom of Rhodoks.  The villagers lived simply by farming and hunting; it was a quiet but beautiful place.  Until one fateful day when mountain and forest bandits came during night, razed the village to the ground and slaughtered all the villagers.  Luckily for Elena, her had been away from the village hunting that night.  By the time she got back home, all that were left was the smoking ruins of village huts and the stench of burning corpses.  It was through the shock and despair of this fateful day, that Elena decided to leave Pagundur and seek revenge for her village.  She had scores to settle with the bandits, scores to settle with the King of Rhodoks – as it was he who was supposed to be protecting her people.  Gathering whatever provisions she could find, she lead her hunting party of five out of Pagundur into the wilderness, searching for those responsible…

Day 1-9:  Looters and more looters
Having recruited a dozen Rhodok recruits, Elena and her party pursued a few parties of looters and disposed of them with little problems.  Realising life is tough in these parts and combat shows no mercy, Elena was cunning and cautious, only sought to fight battles she can win.  With her masterful path-finding skills, she was able to easily out manoeuvre larger hostile bands of enemies.  As some recruits were killed in fighting, she recruited more to keep her numbers consistent.  By the end of the week, through her experiences she gained more intelligence and learnt to loot more efficiently.  Her usage of the bow improving, and her band of followers also became stronger. 

Day 10-28:  Forest bandits near Praven
As her Rhodok infantry troops grew in strength, they were able to hold a firm battle line against the forest bandits while Elena shoots from range.  Over the days, these hunts became more successful, with victory almost assured always.  However, the leading bandit headhunter did give Elena some problems on a number of occasions, and knocking her unconscious a few times.  She grew in fortunes, fame and confidence.  With her band of forty loyal followers, eventually she decided to leave the forests around Praven to search for other bandits.

Day 29:  Almost captured by the fallen ones
Having just left for the mountains near Vyincourd castle, she came across several infamous fallen ones.  In her high spirits, she thought her party of goliath and infantry will be able to defeat these fallen ones.  She could not have been more wrong!  The battle came to a worst start when Elena herself was almost mortally struck by a throwing stake.  In the melee that followed, her party quickly fell a part without inflicting enough damage to the fallen ones.  Wanting to avoid capture, she order the last survivors to retreat.  It was lucky that their retreat was swift, and the fallen ones could not catch them. 

Day 29-58:  More recruits and bandits
The battle with the fallen ones has taught Elena to be more disciplined and careful about whom she fights.  Disheartened but determined, she raised another party of competent Rhodok infantry.  Within weeks, her party had recovered and more.  Due to her ability to loot well, she became very wealthy and was able to buy some new personal equipments and pay better wages to her followers.  In addition, she travelled more extensively around the Kingdoms, defeated numerous bandits, bear clan raiding parties and deserters.  As her party grew larger and more experienced, the soldiers demanded more wages and upgrades to their equipment.  Elena knew sooner enough she has to find a home for these troops, so she started to wonder where they may go. 

Day 59-84:  Getting ready for a warElena had thought about offering her services to the King of Swadia, but she fear he would not grant her land large enough for her ambitions.  Thus, instead she decided boldly to take a settlement by herself, then perhaps take up vassalage to a Kindom for protection.  Out of all the possible targets for her assault, she finally settled on the lands of the King of Rhodok – Jelkala.  For it was this King who let down her village, and it would only be fitting for her to dispose his rule of Jelkala and take it over.  From a tactical point of view, the walls of Jelkala are not very tall, so she would only need to contruct ladders to assault which is much faster.  After taking Jelkala Elena would swear allegiance to the King of Swadia for protection.  And given the proximity of Jelkala to Swadia, the Swadians should be able to quickly come to her aid if Jelkala were to be attacked later. 
Having set her plans, she began to increase her army and saved more denars to aid the coming campaign against the King of Rhodok.  She lead her army against harder foes in order to gain the experience needed to prepare for the campaign.  These foes included the infamous Bear Clan whose light armour makes easy targets for Elena.  She also had her revenge on the fallen ones when she defeated a couple of fallen parties.  Her army rotated around Swadia looking for bandits of all kind.  During these days of action, Elena developed the strength necessary to wear plate armour and became an excellent two-handed sword fighter.  Finally equipped with a great sword, full plate armour and a great helm, she was ready.  As for her army, she was ready to enlist an additional elite group of forty veteran goliaths to aid her war effort.  These warriors are heavily armoured and armed with long pole-arms which will be very effective when sieging Jelkala.     

Day 85-86:  War!
All was ready, and Elena had saved over two hundred thousand denars to pay for wages, so at the beginning of this week, she upgraded her forty odd goliaths with much experience to veteran status and marched on Jelkala.  To declare war, she first raided a Rhodok Caravan, then headed towards Jelkala.  Elena commanded an army of ninety odd men consisting of around fifty veteran goliaths, eleven veteran Rhodok knights, and forty odd goliaths and Rhodok infantry, she has thus far enough resources to field this army for four weeks.  Unexpectedly, not only King of Rhodok was present at Jelkala but also the armies of two other lords. 
Together with the defenders of Jelkala that’s just over one thousand men.  Elena was expecting around five hundred.  There was only one way, that is to divide their forces.  Elena’s army was small in size, but by no means easy to defeat – something the Rhodok lords failed to realise.  Elena just camped outside Jelkala, within hours, the armies of the King of Rhodok and his two lords attacked Elena’s camp.  So began the first epic battle, one hundred vs five hundred. 

Day 86:  Battle of Sarimish Hills
Despite the huge tactical disadvantage, Elena was confident to inflicting heavy casualty to the enemy.  Due to her excellent path-finding skills, she knew she could always retreat should the battle goes badly.  The battle begins, Elena ordered the eight veteran goliaths with her to retreat to a hilltop near their starting position and waited for the hording enemy.  As the undisciplined enemy knights charged in without infantry support, they were cut down all too easily.  However, soon enough the mass of the enemy army traversed through the hills and arrived at the foot of the hill by Elena’s men.  Many of them had been shoot down by Elena on their way, but many still had arrived at the foot of the hill.  This was it, glory or defeat, Elena told the men if they can hold the enemy here, victory will be theirs, and perhaps the greatest victory of all!  Finally Elena ordered the charge down the hill.  The eight veteran goliaths courageously buried themselves into the enemy masses.  As the enemy fought the goliaths in a their numbers, they made easy targets for Elena to shoot from the hill top.  By now, Elena was an exceptional sharpshooter, and extremely fast.  With each short, one enemy perished, and with her heavy armour, she was able to stand the shots coming from the enemy.  Occasionally, when a few enemy gets to melee range of Elena, they would be mercilessly cut down by her great sword.  The enemy were amazed at how long the goliaths held their grounds, and by the time they had knocked down a few, more of my reinforcements arrived.  At the same time, the enemy were being shot execution style by Elena!  Soon enough, the tide turned, and the enemy quickly crumbled, and routed.  After defeating the first wave of a hundred odd enemies, which included the King of Rhodok, Elena’s men had to fight a couple of more waves of enemies, each wave easier.  By the day’s end, victory was at hand, and the bloody hills of Sarimash was painted red with blood.  Amazinly only seven of Elena’s goliath perished, though many were wounded.  In addition, a huge amount of loot was collected.  Elena took her army to Praven to heal up the wounded and recruited some mercenaries, and after a day, she returned with her army to Jelkala, with almost five hundred defenders inside the city, she laid siege to Jelkala.

Day 87-88:  Siege of Jelkala
Once again, the defenders – blinded by their numerical superiority, sallied out to meet Elena’s forces.  During the first sally attack, due to the huge number of enemies, Elena was forced to retreat but only after killed many enemies.  She laid siege again immediately, dealt with another sally attack in the same way.  It was during the third siege sally attack during that night, when Elena’s men held their ground and slaughtered the sally attack force.  Elena waited with her army until the next morning, then launched the final assault to the town itself.  At the start of the battle, Elena ordered her men to stand their ground, so she could shoot down some defenders and reload arrows.  The foolish defenders tried to shoot down Elena’s men, and stuck their heads out of the battlements, only to be shot down by Elena in rapid fashion.  After many defenders fell, the assault order was given, and the veteran goliaths advanced onto the ladders in their glorious armour.  Elena, after restocking some arrows, followed the men up the rampart.  While the goliaths tried to cut a path through to the courtyard, Elena stood back on the rampart and executed many enemies stuck on the rampart.  Eventually, the enemies fell back to the courtyard and the goliaths in pursuit, while Elena stood on the rampart taking free shots at the enemies coming onto the courtyard.  Soon enough, it turned into a slaughter, the defenders had little chance, as their best troops perished, the recruits were forced to fight with certainty of death.  Finally by noon Elena’s forces dealt with the last defenders, and proclaimed Jelkala for their own!  Upon defeat, hundreds of enemies were captured but released by Elena (she doesn’t take prisoners), but she hired many released prisoners from many Kingdoms – norse huscals, vaegir footmen etc.  Elena went inside the castle, looked around her new home, it was a sweet feeling.  Finally, she has taken revenge on all those who had destroyed her village.  Her mission had been complete, and she wonders what she should do next. 

Day 89-91:  Two more castles to take
Soon after taking Jelkala, Elena realised the two Rhodok castles near Jelkala will be a threat in the future and right now is lightly defended.  With her veteran army she will be able to take them easily, moreover, she doesn’t think she could maintain this army for too long as it is very expensive.  So she decided to take the castles of Almerra and Senuzgda as well.  In this decision she was spot on, indeed the two castles with their a hundred odd defenders each were very easy to take, within two days, both fell.  Fearing reprimands, Elena quickly sought out the King of Swadia and pledged to him her allegiance.  The Swadians will be happy enough knowing the Kingdom of Swadia is expanding and having gained such a competent commander.  Moreover, due to the peace diplomatic relation between Swadia and Rhodok, the kingdom of Rhodok agreed to not attacking Elena!  However, protection does not come without a price, as Swadia was fighting a fierce wall with both the Nords and the Khergits.  Thus ends another chapter in the adventures of Elena Morpheus of Pagundur, with her lands secure, she wondered what she would do next. 

More to come…. 

Currently she is on 140 days played, I will post more details later.  Below are my current stats etc.   

Stats page


Equipment page



Imma start a new game with full difficulty now. (Therefore giving up of waiting for 0.96 to be release and use 0.95b)

Also: First post of potentially epic thread

(can I use the full map view cheat? its so frustrating not being able to use it...)

on a second thought: "no cheats" means no cheats at all so...  :neutral:
Es muy interesante.

I'll try it soon, hopefully I won't suck. I've never cheated before, 'cuz I don't know any cheats, lol. I'll try it laterr.


And second post! :grin:


Started a wondering barbarian, on full difficulty of course, currently lvl 28, this was played on 0.95a patch.  Now I am playing a hunter which I actually enjoy more, currently lvl 18.  Hunter being made more difficult as some Goliath do not have helmets at all!:sad:  By exploiting with heavy armor, my archery is past 500...  Both games I am suffering from a bug where I can't open the chest in the castles I own. 


Sergeant at Arms
Here we go my character at the moment:


Ive only just joined the forums but i have been using this mod for a while and its great! Especially the combat.

Full difficulty, combat speed normal. 100 battlesize :sad:

I have to put it low because otherwise i get strange RGL errors really often. I have a good computer but i still get them.


Oh dear, as of posting this my character has died....

Rhodok Spear to the face!

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