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Suggestion: Disable friendly party joining the battle in the tutorial

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Hello, dear players of Bannerlord,

In the current beta version of, engaging tutorial raiders near the village of Tevea will allow the "Militia of Tevea" to join you in the fight:


Here, you face 12 groups of raiders with 51 friendly militia troops from the village.

I would like to suggest Taleworlds fix this, as it appears to be a bug/a break from immersion. Here's why:

1. In the tutorial session, friendly parties could not join the tutorial battle in the past versions.

2. More importantly, it breaks the game's immersion as tutorial suggestions (appear on the screen) suggest players command their troops to win the first engagement. If militia steamrolls over the raiders, players don't have time to issue commands or fight raiders personally.

3. I also cannot find particular reasons to allow the friendly party to join your battle; there is no clue/description whatsoever in the tutorial section. Since it was turned off in previous versions, I believe it is a bug.


With 51 militia support (the tutorial doesn't explain this), it somewhat confuses the new players.

Players' troops can't really fight raiders as militia erases raiders quickly.

I acknowledge this can be trivial, but I think fixing trivial things differentiates a good game from a masterpiece, and we all want Bannerlord to be better! Talewolrds, please disable the militia of Tevea from joining the tutorial battle so that players can begin their campaign journey with authenticity (commanding my own troops and fighting together).

Thank you,
Bannerlord lover
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