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  1. Pitch

    Monitor for any changes in your code and automatically compile module system.

    Monitor for any changes in your code and automatically compile module system with nodemon. Perfect for development Nodemon is a development dependency that monitors for any changes in your project and automatically re-compiles your code, saving time and tedious work. Nodemon does not require...
  2. Resolved Talking to brother during tutorial breaks tutorial mission

    Summary: Talking to brother during certain point of tutorial, can trigger scene from end of tutorial, which causes party and inventory to reset, leaving you alone to complete last tutorial mission. Quest will not progress from this How to Reproduce: Playing as battarian background (not sure if...
  3. Keimpe

    Resolved Tutorial

    Summary: After leaving the tutorial area, going back in. The game thinks you're still on the map, concerning controls. How to Reproduce: Leave tutorial area, go back in. Try to look around. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Tutorial Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  4. Bannerlord Modding Tutorial | NPC/Warrior Creating XML

    Hi I have created a youtube video on how to create a new NPC, I hope this helps you.
  5. BladeofWar's

    B Tutorial Module System How to add New Tableau Materials

    Hello, I had to add new tableau_materials for my mod because the standard ones didn't work. And now I decided to do a lesson if you need it too. Required files module_scripts.py and module_tableau_materials.py. Let's start. Firstly we'll create own tableau_material. For example...
  6. ch1cken

    Bannerlord Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Kılavuz

    Bannerlord Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Kılavuz 1 Evet, uzun bir süre sonra bannerlord çıktı. Ve warband'a göre çok fazla yenilik var. İlk olarak getirilen yeniliklere bir bakalım. İlk olarak en göze çarpan yenilik, grafikler. Warband'dakinden çok daha güzel ve estetik haritalar-bölgeler var...
  7. Reus

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    Modding Sound Documentation Disclaimer: This post contains documentation on modding sound. Documentation on modding music can be found in the second post in this thread. Table of contents can be found in the spoiler below. 1.1 Adding New Sounds Any new sound files must be added to the...
  8. Tutorial Scenes Kingclone's Mapping Tutorial

    #1 The Basic of Basics I'm not good at teaching anyone, but I'll make it for you because there are people requesting it. #2 Apply a map to Custom Battle 00:00 intro 00:23 Make Terrain 04:40 Spawn Point 06:23 Save the map 07:00 Xml 08:18 Let's test 10:29 Thank you for Watching !
  9. Macbeth of Gondor

    Tutorial Scenes Macbeth's Scene Editor Tutorial Series

    Hello everyone :party: I'm one of the developers for the Kingdoms of Arda mod for Bannerlord (LOTR mod). I'm making a tutorial series on Youtube, so everyone can get into the scene editor and start making scenes for Bannerlord. In the future I will probably show how I make some of the scenes...
  10. Etrepcar

    Resolved The colored target boards during the cav. archer tutorial are named incorrectly when looking at them.

    Version: 1.5.0 (first spotted during beta, most likely present in current version too) Location: Tutorial Training Field The problem: When looking at the colored target boards during the cavalry archer training, their name won't be "Target Board" or something else: instead they will be named...
  11. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Resolved [1.5 Beta +hotfixes] Tutorial Bandit hideout/Radagos game ending/stuck Bug, Bro/Sis killed [.sav] Sceenshots

    I lost the duel to Radagos twice, the third time I attacked hideout, instead of the usual setup, Radagos is roaming as if a bandit. After defeating him I am brought to a mountain bandit boss and informed I cannot interact with him during the tutorial. After shooting him down anyways and...
  12. RebelDog

    Resolved Crash upon leaving tutorial arena

    Dear whoever reads this, So, my game will crash and the crash launcher will pop up whenever I try to start a new campaign and talk to the brother in the tutorial area. Whether I choose to skip or do the tutorial doesn't matter. I've looked around on the forum and sites such as YouTube, but to...
  13. yodakiller

    Resolved Minor: Talking to brother too early in tutorial phase leads to confusion

    At the beginning stages of the game, I went back to the village to recruit more troops before going after the raider camp. While in the village I decided to speak to Nogand. He was talking about splitting up and let me select my family name etc. I found the dialog confusing because he was...
  14. Tutorial Scoring is wrong

    Currently, when you are riding your horse along the track, you get 2 seconds subtracted from your time when you miss a target/pot. This doesn't make sense, and would be an easy fix. When you are fighting against time, you want a low time. So when you subtract time from missing a target/pot...
  15. samdomino

    Tutorial Coding Epic GauntletUI Tutorial (Custom Buttons and UIs)

  16. samdomino

    Rider Debugger and SubModule Setup Tutorial

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u59jx6Nmrf4nY4Go1bQYt5DDQqgNVrbY/view Enjoy!
  17. samdomino

    Tutorial Coding How to Load Scenes from Script

    This guide will show you how to load scenes from scripts and will cover these portions: Needed References How Scenes are Loaded Implementation Needed References TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem; TaleWorlds.Core; How Scenes are Loaded Village scenes appear to loaded by LocationEncounter objects...
  18. Rulin

    [Suggestion] Training Dummy (Strawman)

    After reading another post about how complicated the melee combat is I came up with the idea of a training dummy with dynamic hitzones. Some of these threads describing problems with the combat system sound like it is hard for new players to hit certain body zones accurately. Everybody should...
  19. Bannerlord modding lessons

    Hey guys! This is a bit of a long text but in the end I'm sort of looking for some kind of tutor to show me the ropes of editing xml files and stuff in Bannerlord; paying for it is not out of the picture. I've been in and out of playing M&B since 2009 and I just love the modded experience...
  20. Randomly got 48 charm skill points during tutorial

    I started a new character just now and while going through the tutorial I got 48 charm skill points all at once for seemingly no reason. I has just entered Tevea for the first time and at the end of the conversation with the headman I got the points. This happened the other day too, although it...
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