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War without battle, by attacking the secondary statistics of a empire.

Every empire is made up of 3 levels the Nation, Clans, Settlement. These each have Resources that when accrued create a more effect piece in the structure, helping the other levels. Relying on the unused Roguery skill, one should be able to deploy special tactics to lower these, breaking the system. The three levels are interacted with using agents, which take three forms Gang Leader, Spy, and Diplomat, each with their own capabilities. Influence is the fuel of Subversion as it is for national scale war, but gifted players should find a balance that is not only effective but provide synergy.

Gang Leaders operate at a city-state level influencing the goings on they can
*Steal money from the local population or specific objects from stores.
*Open the gates of besieged cities
*Sow Unrest within cities lowering it's loyalty

Spies operate between lords in a physical fashion and can
*Assassinate rival lords and governors
*Trick garrisons into exiting the city before a siege
*Interrupting Trade increasing the costs of certain goods

Diplomats operate indirectly and influence lords and rulers on a political level and can
*Convince Lords to want to go to war with a specific faction
*Convince Lords to rebel and join another faction
*Convince Lords to support specific Policies

The Three agents come from three different backgrounds. Gang Leaders are made from Culture appropriate raiders, after conversion you can go to a tab in tavern screen and spend 150 Influence to turn them into a Gang Leader or Regular Power in the city. Spies are made from Wandering Heroes who have 5 focus points in roguery, and when in the tavern screen you can spend 500 influence to turn them into a Spy. Diplomats come from Noble backgrounds and add the most conniving gameplay, costing 1000 influence a member of your family with five focus points in roguery can undergo training in Diplomacy.

While i list three actions each form of agent can preform they should be treated as a guide more than a cage. theres really no where this couldn't add influence, perhaps your roguery score acts as a counter against attempts on you. maybe Gang Leaders can branch out their influence to other nearby towns and cities, extorting wealth from them slowly and siphoning it back to you or destroy city builds during riots. maybe spies are capable of killing Notables aswell, directly attacking a city's recruitment abilities or infiltrating armies and causing sudden drops in cohesion. Perhaps Diplomats are capable of turning whole clans into cadet branches of your own through subtle intrigue bringing them under your direct control, or even having another clan banished from the kingdom entirely. the point is to make a new counter system to war that isn't so over powered and allows you to make moves without having to go through the traditional method of starting or joining a kingdom for control.
i really like this suggestions.
The idea of doing the war without battle is what we need to make this game more strategics.
Maybe some units, like gangs, can be made up of heroes you can recruit and order to form a party.
Obviously that hero must be akin to that type of environment (so if you force him to be a criminal but he doesn't want to be, over time he could get annoyed and complain, ask for a transfer and if this continues maybe even betray you in time of need).


A hidden criminal stat like skyrim could be sufficient to decide a NPC comfort with subversion. requiring so many skillpoints in roguery to overcome, meaning some characters will have to be indoctrinated into it longer if you want them to handle higher level subversive actions.
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