"Stop Conspiracy" fixed? Known Issues

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I just saw that "Stop Conspiracy" is no longer listed in the Unsolved Known Issues. Also not in the Solved Fixed Issues & Crashes or in the Patch Notes of the different updates :unsure:

Just found:
e1.0.2 - Fixed a crash that occurred when the player has created their own kingdom and the conspiracy progress quest starts.
e1.0.7 - Fixed a rare bug in the main storyline conspiracy phase.
e1.1.0 beta branch - Fixed a crash in main storyline conspiracy phase.
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okay. So it's still not fixed?

its more like the quest is still not complete, as in, WIP. Right now it works as a world invasion event, forcing the AI to attack you in waves. Similar to Total War games. And you cant stop it or slow it down.

if they will change how it works in the future... is something for future patches to tell us.
So far I use this mod to fix the bug:

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