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SWUP lite is for  M&B version 1.011. It replaces weapon_meshes1.brf with updated models using the newest native textures to replace the ancient ones.
Get it here:

To install just drop the unzipped file into your CommonRes folder, confirm overwrite, and you're good to go.


The low poly weapons models make the game easily playable for most people. But I have found that my system can handle many more. I also find myself a little disappointed at the look of many of the weapons (Let the A-man not take offense). And we know through the many mods that they can look better.

  I think that we (I include myself in this) should create a mod that replaces the weapons BRF with upgraded models and textures that can easily be used by all modders (or just players) as a standard Upgraded Weapons Package to replace the native models.

  This can be done easily and quickly with enough contributors. So, I propose that we divide the BRF into sections of 5 or 10 models a piece, distribute the responsibility among us, and blow through 'em. I will coordinate if no one else is willing, and I will do my share of models and textures.

Post here if you are among the willing.

This is not designed as a module, but as a direct replacement of BRFs in Mount&Blade/CommonRes. It would be a good idea to back up weapon_meshes1.brf before installing.
Be sure to put DDS files in Mount&Blade/Textures

*=model and fixture finished in game ready to go
*=model finished by modeler and ready for processing
*= in the current release

Section 1 The PopeDONE
Steel Pick*
Iron Hammer*
Rusty Pick*
Mace Pear*

Section 2 Makrond
Winged Mace
Double Head Axe* talon/makrond/james pic
Iron Axe
Indian Axe

Section 3 James
Military Fork
Battle Fork

Section 4 James
Pitch Fork
Pole Axe*
Pole Hammer
Fighting Axe* stoned-dude

Section 5 stoned-dude DONE
Battle Axe*pic
Great Axe*pic
War Axe*pic

Section 6 Talon
Mace Morning Star
Spiked Mace*
Spiked Club*

Section 7 stoned-dude  DONE
Wooden Staff[*pic
Quarter Staff*pic
Iron Staff*pic

Section 8  Talon   DONE
Lance Double Head* pic
Joust of Peace* pic
Jousting Lance* pic
Heavy Lance* pic

Section 9 TalonDONE
Peasant Knife*
Khyber Knife* pic
Dagger* pic
Practice Sword* pic

Section 10 Tuckles
Heavy Practice Sword*
Bastard Sword* pic

Section 11 Deahran
Bastard Sword_b
Long Sword
Long Sword_b*talon
Viking Sword*
Broad Sword*

Special Section 12 Tuckles
Scabbard Dagger*talon
Scabbard Falcion
Scabbard Scimeter
Scabbard Shashqa
Scabbard Bastard Sword*talon/tuckles

Special Section 13 Deahran
Scabbard Bastard Sword_b
Scabbard Long Sword_a
Scabbard Long Sword_b
Scabbard Viking Sword
Scabbard Broad Sword

There would not necassarily need to be a vast increase of faces, but some of the shapes could be represented more accurately, and all of the textures can be improved, with photos when possible.
All textures should include Alpha channels if you know how.



I must say it looks good, and is a very good idea, I don't think many people can help you at the moment so why don't you try and release it yourself.  :smile:


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Well, its a lot of models to do by myself. Plus, different people have different styles, and variety is good.


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As of now, the double-sided lance and great lance you posted are extraordinary. I couldn't possibly turn out stuff of that quality  :oops:

Buxton is right, though... not a whole lot of people can contribute, because they're either working on other mods, creating their own mods, or can't reach the quality level you want. However, if you can continue to crank out things of that level of quality, I'm sure this would become a very popular mini-mod.

Higher quality stuff is sought after by many people :razz: My self included.


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I think it's a great idea (although I can't do that modeling stuff). While the native items had low-end systems in mind, a higher quality "patch" of native weapons for people with high-end PCs is a great idea. I really like your two example lances.


i think this is actually a really good idea, and there are a few weapons packs out there with some amazing weapons that can replace the ones in vanilla with no problem at all!!! specially swords....


I might try and do a few, although I'm not very good with textures, yet...
By the way, what sort of range are you looking for in the polygon count?


I could maybe do modelling, but i have a suggestion. Instead of reworking all of the native weapons, why not make new ones? Yow wouldnt necessarily need to start from scratch, just export a model from brfedit into wings 3d(or milkshape or whatever) and modify it a lot. I like some of the native weapons, so id rather see totally new ones.


If you read the first post, he wants rework them. Thats the point of this mod.

There are plenty of weapons packs out there...(or used to for version .7)


Ok, i understood that, i was jsut making a suggestion. Anyways, i can modell on wings 3d, and can texture, but I am new to texturing so im still not very good at it. If you post a pic of what sword you want me to modify, and what you want me to make it look like, ill do it.


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Apollon-04 said:
Ok, i understood that, i was jsut making a suggestion. Anyways, i can modell on wings 3d, and can texture, but I am new to texturing so im still not very good at it. If you post a pic of what sword you want me to modify, and what you want me to make it look like, ill do it.

Take a look at the first post, and pick one of the sections that you think you could do.... it says it quite clearly.

As for what it should look like, just try to make it look more realistic (which of course will use a higher poly count) and then find some nice photos for textures (making sure you use royalty free photos)


Ill take section 11 then, i cant texture though (unless you want the sword to look like crap) so i need a partner or something.


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heh. I was about to claim section 11 (and 13... scabbards aren't hard and you don't have to use Max) :razz: ah well.


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That sounds about right to me. I've got section 8 done, and will probably start on another one soon maybe section 2, but it depends on what others want to do.
PM me when a model is done, and I'll reply with an email address.

The Pope

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I really like the idea. You can use any of my stuff for it, but I doubt I'll get much chance to do anything specifically for it.


Ok, ive reworked 2 and almost 3 of my swords, but im leaving fro spring break vacation tomorrow, so ill be taking a little break. Is it ok if the models look a little fantasyish? because some of mine do. And, do you want me to go ahead and send you the swords?

Edit: Also, i accidentaly did the bastard sword, instead of bastard sword_B, so jsut cross that one out and ill send you all 6. scratch that, i did do the right one, i didnt notice the B, sorry


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Well, the point is for them to look more realistic than the native. But, send them all to the email in my personal info, and I'll see what I can use.


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I think this is a good idea, and it seems like it can benefit all mods.

I might be able to get around to making a few models, as well.
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