Standard Weapons Upgrade Project (v1.2 lite, pg36) Open Source read pg40

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Well, if theyre meant to be more realistic, you might not like my models... I kind of took the fantasy turn on mine, ill send them over once I finish them, im working on them right now.

Brave one

very very veryyy nice :smile:
good project :smile:
i would love to help, but i cant give weapons more brutal collors in wings 3D
i can only make the normal gray weapons

keep up the good work :grin:


I jsut though of something. You know how your making seperate people do scabbards and swords? wont this have problems, because the sword in your scabbard will look totally different than the sword you actually equip.  Ill make the scabbards for all of the swords i made, so whatever section that is, put it down for me, also heres a screenshot of some of them, i do have a problem though. The viking sword you asked me to do, since i found out i wasnt supposed to make them look fantasyish, i decicded to make the viking sword at least look realistic, but i googled many pictures of viking swords, and that sword is actuaylly very realistic.

Heres some screenshots:

I redid the redone version of the longsword, but didnt add very many changes. Too many spikes? :grin:

And heres another

the bastard sword, broadsword, and old version of longsword. Yet to do is the viking sword, where if you read above, im kind of confused on.


If you looked at my posts, that has been mentioned many times. After i made the swords, i asked weither if fantasy swords were ok, he said the point was to make it look mroe realistic, but to show him the swords and hed decide. Anyways, what should i do about the viking sword problem?

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I wouldn't want something like that in a graphic upgrader. They look like different items - this mod should have the same items with more polygons and higher resolution textures. They would look quite nice in a fantasy mod though.


Ok then, sorry to bail out on you guys, but take me off of my section. I dont know how to make them look more realistic, because i googled pictures, and they are very realistic. And my swords are going into a mod, its happening.... but not anytime soon.


As my first post on these boards: This...looks...sorry is...
Really looking good keep it goin! Yay!


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Looks cool :smile:

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Over 20,000. It's being used for normal mapping and texturing a lower poly model (which isn't done yet). In hindsight I probably should have done the low one first and then just added stuff to it to make the high poly one :oops:
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