Standard Weapons Upgrade Project (v1.2 lite, pg36) Open Source read pg40

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Ok. working on it.

old weapon meshes that are still in Warband (?):
throwing axes
hammers and picks
forks and trident
practice swords
heavy lances
butcher knife

What else?

Also I started this project when there where only two weapons brfs, and the name no longer applies as well. So, a name change is due, any suggestions


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Sorry guys, this stuff is really low on my priority list right now. My second daughter was recently born, so I have a four month old and a two year old, and a honey-do list that takes up most of my time at home, plus working 10 hours a day. I think about working on some models  a lot but the reality of it is that I have too much other stuff to do. I don't even play M&B anymore, and haven't bothered to purchase WB, though I do download most version to check out what has changed in weapon model land. And it looks like most of the models that SWUP covers have been updated, with varying quality. I would still like to do these but I cannot see when, or even now particularly why.

Consider anything that I have made here (or anywhere) for m&b Open Source. So anyone can use anything as they will, continuing the project, breaking it up for other purposes, modifying models in any way, etc...
With only a very few exceptions in the current version: staves credited to stoned-dude still belong to him, and maybe one or two more I but I'm not sure.
I might even find the time to compile the OBJ files if someone is really interested in using them, but I can hardly see where that would be necessary.

Despite all this I'm loathe to call SWUP dead, just indefinitely on hold.


im interested in helping with the texturing (my skills at 3d are well gibberish at its finest.) since i have quite good experience with photoshop/editing programs and i just learned how to retexture models. :grin: Soo add me to the list of the willing i guess. . . :grin:

EDIT: Just read the last post TT.TT No the project is not dead as long as there is new blood to fill the ranks *raises hand*
Modding still doesnt make sense to me  :oops: i would greatly appreciate it if someone made a step by step walthrough and then i will post the mod i create :mrgreen:


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You can start here:,171.0.html
Check the stickied topics., like 'Modopedia 2'


So is SWUP downloads dead? because the link is deleted or something. anyone who has a copy of swup please contact me?
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