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Hello everyone,

this is a little sound modification for Mount & Blade : Warband Napoleonic Wars.
I made this mod because I love playing as musician and not many songs I like haven't got good quality (especcially the bagpipe songs).
This remakes the songs musicians can play on bagpipes,drums ,fifes and pianos.
Also this is just the alpha,so don't excpect too much.


Piano Songs :

Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland ? ,Ernst Moritz Arndt(Replacing laendler ,translation : What's the fatherland of a german?)
Rondo alla Turca ,Mozart (Replacing Prelude)
Moonlight Sonata ,Beethoven (Replacing Gymnopedie)

United Kingdom

Fifes and Drums :
British Grenadiers
Lilliburlero March

Bagpipe :

Black Bear
Cock o' the North
79th's Farewell to Gibraltar (replaces Highland Cathedral)
My Home
Scotland the Brave
Skye Boat Song

Königreich Preußen :

Drums :

Parademarsch der Langen Kerls (Replaces Parademarsch der Spielleute)

Empire Francais

Fifes and Drums :

La victoire est à nous ! (replacing la pas cadence)

If you want a march to be added,you have to find a YT video of it playing the song with fifes & drums or just give me a sound file of the song.
Same with the piano / organ.

Installation :

Just put it into your Modules folder.

NOTE : Sometimes it takes some seconds untill the music starts.

For those who need a training map,here's mine : My Training Map

~ Fabio


You don't need play together. Most songs sound like you would play with another guy. :wink:


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I will test this and put a video up for all to see soon, into I post again good day!

Below is my little demo, personally I have un-installed this mod, needs more work instead of copying and pasting from youtube


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Hi there - I did the original recordings for the bagpipes (they are very old) however due to a lack of proper recording material I hadn't been able to replace my old files.  However I am now going to be re-working these tunes to a higher standard that will be applicable for the mod.