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Smithing Orders Requested by the player himself.

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i like the new smithing order , before it was introduced i never played smithing because it was broken don't get me wrong it still is but since i dont make and sell throught trade it kinda balance it a little as my own restriction , few notes doe on very expensive weapons like two handed sword even if u meet required specs if u use low tier parts in handles pomels ..ect u still don't get full payment and custom will be disatisfied and cut 50+% off i like it but would be cool if it tell you u cheap bastard in notif u get ,althought ik it calculate maybe the weapon value for the order anyways second note is cheap knifes brought from empire towns (pugio=255gold >give when smelted per 1 knife > 1 fine steel + 1 steel + 1 iron + 2 wrought iron ) so it defeat point of making materiels yourself skills and am sure there are more weapons that have the same problems seeing lances are incredibly cheap and twohanders , javs are viseversa ,

to the suggestions
-would be nice to be able to make orders and pay for them instead of investing points and time into smithing
-ability to see stamina meter when waiting in town without need to enter smithy as it would help to know when its full or not / alternatively and prolly the harder to implement is to be able to wait from smithy directly
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