Siege Mode: Make preceding points actually matter

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With nearly every Siege game I play, there's always a group of griefers in a private discord group who will have "Defenders" feeding instructions to their attacking friends on how to completely bypass the defending team in order to go straight to point G. Because if this, I think there needs to be systems in place to lock control points so that players CANNOT just go straight to G, but instead have to play the game in the following order:

Capture A/B/C to unlock D/E/F
Capture D/E/F to unlock G

With things currently as they are, there really is no excuse for Siege Mode to be designed the way that it's designed. I get that we have some intentional imbalances put in the game, but can we at least keep those imbalances restricted to the class system, rather than also have it apply to gamemode design?

EDIT: I think a good way to compensate for such changes would be to also do this:

Morale loss over time: If the attackers have one or more flags, their morale loss is slowed, or completely halted at 3 flags.
Morale gain on flag removal: Increase from 3 stars to 5.
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lol we told this to devs long ago, they said many times that they aren't planning on doing this


Agreed that the current flag system is extremely cheesable and there are a few players in each region that abuse it to the fullest extent possible. That being said, I'm not sure the clans feeding info thing is accurate - at least with my clan. We often find ourselves on opposite teams and we definitely don't try to help each other. If anything we'll go out of our way to target each other for a bit of friendly competition.
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