OSP Oriental 3D Art SacredStoneHead's samurai armour set

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I hate walking in front of this guy.
I cant really put it in words. how much the talent there is on this site, this is absolutely awesome.

I hope all you pro-modelers make your way in this world with those skillz :smile: , with riches and good jobs etc.


hey SacredStoneHead
incredible work. i'd love to have it in my mod. in freetime i'm doing some kind of variation to native, and i was going to add a japanese'ish faction, quite similar to that samurai scene in sucker punch. your set fits it perfectly, but... server's dead

is there any chance of re-upload?

and i can't wait to get your huscarl set :wink: this stuff is stunning. keep it up
Well thanks.

About the servers, Nexus is highly unstable, keep trying that most certainly it will get back soon.

And my Nord pack...well, I suck, it's halted until the end of february.


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actually they do have that list and these items are not in it, so I guess it's a different strange armor set:
http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,148140.msg3589074.html#msg3589074 (it's on the third msg, "sources")


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I'll use this for a skin mod I'm going to make for NW. I will give u full credit on the thread.  :smile:
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