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OSP Oriental 3D Art SacredStoneHead's samurai armour set

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Hi there!

I never thought I'd spend time modeling oriental stuff.

Then, I was asked to do some Japanese armour, and accepted the challenge.

Well, it turned out being a great experience, and the results can be dowloaded HERE.

Now with LOD support, done by xenoargh. Thanks to him!


You can add this armour to your mod without contacting me first, but you need to credit me.

For modifications on the armour, be it a retexture or even a remodeling, again, always note that it's modified and credit my work.


Full set of samurai armour: chest piece, gauntlets, greaves and helmet.

The katanas on the screenies are the vanilla's 'strange swords'. If you have no idea on how to obtain them, f*ck you use Google.

Installation istructions:

In the Readme.txt, with everything else.





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It's unbelievable. It's a great job. We really did not have enough high-quality shoes for the samurai. This is a remarkable writer, I hope you make many more on this topic models.


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itm_suneate ..    In "Native" have their shoes samurai (  suneate ) who has the same name and with the introduction of the new model is a combination. It is advisable to rename the file shoes, , to avoid bugs.
Heya buddies, thanks for the feedback  :grin:

I'm glad you liked!

Now I've good news: our friend xenoargh done LODs for everything on the pack, check it out.


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Pretty freaking impressive, really shows the hard work and hours you've poured into it. This is some top notch stuff.  :grin:


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I added a cape  jimbaori  for elite cavalry. It would be perfectly combined. ) 

FALX said:
I added a cape jimbaori for elite cavalry. It would be perfectly combined. ) 

Looks good!

I'm worried you'll have a bad time rigging the cape in a way that the armour don't clip too much through it :razz:

But if you can pass that, it will be amazing  :grin:



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Sacredstonehead, just to verify. You mention to credit you if one edits the armor piece. Would that I was working on a Sengoku Jidai or Boshin War mod as it would be a centerpiece. I am interested in isolating the shoulder piece you've done and copy both the model and especially the rigging to see if it would apply on armors further afield from Japan which did use similar upper arm guards (though not quite the same). I assume that's okay if I credit you accordingly?
Sahran said:
I assume that's okay if I credit you accordingly?

Of course, just note what you did. "Pauldrons were taken from SSH samurai armour and modified", whatever.

This armour is a resource, use well  :grin:
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